Very old-fashioned. Good.
I'm kinda okay with this name, although it's a cool name, it's harsh to use this on your baby, so I will use this on my cat.
Baby Gerald Samson is the name of the “one-eyebrowed baby” in The Simpsons. He is considered the archenemy of Maggie Simpson.
Gerald "Jerry" Lewis is a character in the animated spy series Totally Spies!. He is the founder of WOOHP and the spies' boss.
Quite unattractive.
Gerald Randolph Opsima Anderson Jr. (born March 7, 1989) is a Filipino-American actor.
Ew! Despise! I think of a stupid, girly boy who is always OBSESSED with jewelry.
Old man name! Linked to Gerald Ford forever from now on. Despise! See my comment for Geraldine.
I honestly just looked up this name because it's iconic and also: Stakid's Black Friday. "You know you're not allowed within a thousand feet of a Cinnabon, Gerald!" - Linda Monroe.
Two famous Geralds in smooth jazz - saxophonist Gerald Albright and bass guitarist Gerald Veasley.
I have always asking myself, what's the meaning of my name GERALD? But after going through all these comments I have liked my name a lot and I really love my name.
Also Polish:
I'm a female named Jerri. Everyone asks, 'Is it short for Geraldene?' It's not! "Je" is my short name/nick name, Je same as in Jerri, Je without the rri, named after my father Gareld. No one ever spelt my name right except my parents and siblings, even my closest family spelled it Gerry, Gerri, or Jeri. I've never heard my father's name used in full always Jerry,.. I like Jerry better for Gerald and Je best and think Jerri in general is cute. I don't like it set up as Geraldene, it's just what I'm used to, like anybody who prefers anything based on their experience with it... I've met I think one Gerri female, also just Gerri, except with the G instead of J in my life, and that's about it no one else besides my father and I.
I actually like this name because of the sea lion from Finding Dory.
Say Gerald in a baby voice to child to teen, young adult, man, middle age and elderly man out loud right now. It’s called the age test that you should use for every name. So I guess Gerald is okay.
Pretty dated.
In 2018, 63 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Gerald who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 147th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
Gerald is the full name of Jerry from Totally Spies! He is the founder of WOOHP and the spies'(Sam, Alex, and Clover) boss.
Gerald Broflovski is the name of Kyle's dad from the show South Park.
The name Gerald was given to 283 boys born in the US in 2016.
99.68 percent of people with the first name Gerald are male.
Gerald Eaton is a Canadian R&B singer-songwriter and music producer. He is the lead singer for the R&B-pop group The Philosopher Kings, which reached its peak popularity in the 1990s. During the group's 10-year hiatus, Eaton began a solo career, releasing the album Shake it Off in 2002 under the stage name Jarvis Church, derived from two parallel streets in Toronto, Ontario. The Philosopher Kings subsequently reunited and released a new album in February 2006. In 2008 he released his second solo album called "The Long way Home". In 2012 he released his 3rd solo album The Soul Station Vol 1: The songs of Sam Cooke, A Tribute, and in 2015 continued with his second in a series of albums spotlighting the music of soul singers called The Soul Station Vol 2: The Songs of Curtis Mayfield, A Tribute.
Gerald Martin Johanssen is the titular character's best friend from the cartoon, Hey Arnold!
I like the name. I think of a kind, gentle man when I hear it. I also think of President Ford. I hope it makes a comeback. I also named the father of one of the main characters on a Comic I'm writing, Gerald.
This is not such a bad-sounding name, and I think it's timeless and very usable. That said, I have a personal dislike for it since I just found out it's the given name of someone I dearly love. I have always known him by a nickname, and I was shocked to find out. If you name your son Gerald, he'll be deceptive (and probably a great singer)! ;)
My paternal Grandfather's name and my older brother's middle name. It's very masculine, mature, and strong, however, I prefer Ronald, which is my maternal Grandfather's name. Gerald is still a great name, though!
Name of late singer Gerald Levert. Also the name of Arnold's best friend from the Nickelodeon show Hey Arnold.
This name is quite common in Ireland among the older generations. My granda is called Gerald but he mostly goes by Gerry. I think Gerald is a lovely name.
Gerald Leslie Brockhurst (1890-1978) was a British-born painter and etcher.
A famous bearer of this name is Gerald in "Geralds Game" by Stephen King.
Pronounced GE-rahlt in German. [noted -ed]
This is my uncle's name, and its intended pronunciation is GARE-ald ("gare" rhyming with "ware" or "bare"). He gets called by the more common JARE-ald so often, though, that I think he's given up on correcting people.
Gerald Robotnik is Dr. Eggman's grandfather.
Old-fashioned, but not a bad name, as long as you don't call the boy Jerry. I hate that name with a passion! So, it's Gerald or nothing.
A bit old-fashioned, but makes for an excellent middle name.
What a romantic sounding name.
Gerad Durrell, anyone? Naturalist and writer, he founded the Jersey Zoo.
Gerald Buttler is the "phantom" in The Phantom of the Opera. He has a good singing voice! Good movie too!
The name of the actor who potrays the Phantom is actually 'Gerard' pronounced Jer-Ard.
Famous bearer is Gerald Ford, the 38th President of the United States.
Gerald Crabb is a songwriter. His grown children make up the Southern Gospel group called The Crabb Family.
Gerald Tarrant is a central character in CS Friedman's Coldfire trilogy.
In 'Gone with the Wind,' Gerald was Scarlett's father.

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