Pronounced Jee-uh.
Correction: JEE-ǝ.
Gia is a nickname. Nothing more, nothing less!
I actually love my name and I don't like too many things lol. Gia Nicole.
Gia is a strong feminine, fun name that works at any age, love it!
I had the biggest crush on this girl named Gia in primary school. She had this 'untouchable, cool person' aura and she had so so so much swag. Plus she was a game queen, like she beats everyone at video games AND she's so sporty, she was the best out of all the girls and boys on the track team, and she was a GODDESS at long jump. Gia was just her nickname that everyone called her by.

I think Gia is a Filipino name, seeing as she is half Filipino and half Greek. I love the name Gia so much but in my opinion, the name is more suited towards a 'cool person'.
Gia is not just a nickname... it's become a stand alone name. It's simple, beautiful and best of all, Italian. Oh, it's my daughters name too. Lol.
Gia is the jaguar in Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted.
My parents named me Gia in 1962, the year I was born. Love my name.
I love this name! Although it reminds me of Gia from Full House.
I love the name Gia. We named our daughter, born in 1979, Gia Marie. Our surname is of Italian origin and rather long, so Gia fits perfectly!
Gia Allemand was an American actress, model, and reality television contestant. She is known for appearing in Maxim and competing on two ABC reality shows, The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love and Bachelor Pad.
I knew a girl named Gia, she was named after the model.. I think it's a cool, unique name.
People know the names Gia, Gianna, Giavanna, Giovanna, and Giovanni. I don't know if people know this kind of spelling for it, but my family and I spell my full name Giavonna. So it's different but, that's the good thing.
A bit too short sounding on its own, but I think it's great as a nickname for Giovanna, Gianna, Ginevra, etc.
This is a nickname for Giavanna.
This name is usually used as a nickname for Gianna, Giovanna, or Regina but can also be a stand alone name like Mia.
A short yet beautiful name with a great meaning.
Perfect for Italian families, Christian families, and families looking for something sweet and modern.
This is a very feminine and pretty name. Short, strong yet beautiful. Universal as well. My husband is an English South African and I am a Portuguese South African, and this name works with both sides of our families...
Gia Pastorelli (born 2000 in Los Angeles, California) is an American child actress.
I like this name. It's very cute! It is much prettier than all those other overused -ia names.
Celebrity Mario Lopez's daughter is called Gia. Also, Gia Allemand is a swimsuit model and bachelor contestant. It's a stunning name that a child can grow up with and not worry that she's outgrown the name!
A famous bearer of this name was supermodel, Gia Carangi (1960-1986) who tragically died due to AIDS-related complications.
I like it. It's a simple and a wonderful nickname.
Matt Damon and his wife Luciana welcomed a daughter, Gia Zavala in 2008.
The name Gia can also be an Indian/Hindi name meaning life.
It's a bit minimalist for my taste, but it's a pretty cool name. I just can't get over the Gia Carangi association. I've seen the movie, and the way she died wasn't exactly pleasant.
In Full House, Stephanie had a friend named Gia, who smoked and was an all around bad influence for Stephanie.
I like it as a nickname for Giovanna.
Gia Farrell is a singer who recently recorded "Hit Me Up" for the movie Happy Feet.
I love the name Gia. I love how it derived from the name Gaia. I really like mythological type names. This is a personal favorite of mine.
Gia can also be Indian for life. In India it can also be Jiya.
It's an awesome name, it's on my list of names for girls if I have one.
Famous bearer was Supermodel Gia Marie Carangi (known as Gia Carangi or simply as Gia) who died of Aids in the 80´s.
There´s also the movie "Gia" about the supermodel, starring Angelina Jolie.

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