So lovely. I like Giselle too ❤❤.
Lady Gisela is an antagonist in Keeper of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger.
Beautiful and elegant.
Hi! My name is actually Gisela and when I introduce myself to people they say it's a beautiful name. Yes, it’s pronounced “jiz-ela” and YES is does have jiz in it. I'm tired of how people always point it out and it's always those idiotic teenage boys! I don't like how people in these comments are talking about a goose in the name? I find it offensive.
A character on the television program The Last Kingdom, Gisela of Cumbraland is the second wife of the main character Uhtred of Bebbanburg and the love of his life. She is introduced as the smart and strong-willed sister of the inept King Guthred of Northumbria.
Princess Gisela is a character in the TV show "Vikings". She is a French princess who marries a Viking. She is very strong-willed and tough, and has a fighting spirit.
I don't like the meaning, "hostage". And the German and English pronunciation sound too much like the English word "Geese". When I first heard the name as a teenager in my German class, I immediately thought of a goose :p I'm sorry Giselas. I don't mean to offend you.
Also Estonian:
I am not crazy about the sound of this name, but it's pretty on paper. It sounds somewhat like gizzard when pronounced. Sorry.
Also Catalan:
Gisela is an elegant and refined name, I really like how it sounds and I like Giselle too. However the meaning "hostage" is pretty creepy.
Gisela Dulko is a retired professional tennis player from Argentina. Although she enjoyed modest success in singles, reaching world no. 26 and winning four WTA Tour titles, her specialty was doubles, where she achieved a world no. 1 ranking. Partnering with Flavia Pennetta, Dulko won the 2010 WTA Tour Championships and the 2011 Australian Open in doubles. Dulko also reached the mixed doubles final at the 2011 US Open, with Edward Schwank. She is remembered for her ability to upset the big names on the tour, such as Maria Sharapova in the second round of Wimbledon in 2009; and Samantha Stosur in the third round of Roland Garros in 2011. She also beat Martina Navratilova in the second round of Wimbledon in 2004 in Navratilova's final Grand Slam singles match. Dulko retired from professional tennis on 18 November 2012, aged 27.
Gisela Fischdick is a German chess Woman Grandmaster. In July 2011 her FIDE rating was 2236, making her the 21st ranked active female player in Germany. She won several West German women's championships in fast chess or "Blitzschach." She earned the Woman International Master title in 1980 and the Woman Grandmaster title in 2006.
It's pronounced "He-seh-la".
Source: It's my name.
I believe the Spanish pronunciation is: [hee-SAY-lah]"hee" rhymes with the word "see"
"say" is like the word "say" and rhymes with "day"
"ah" is like the "o" in "lot".
Pronounced GEEZ-ə-lə.
This is my favourite Aunt's name, but she generally goes by her nickname Zella. I'd definitely consider it for my own child, it's such a pretty name.
Gisela (857-874) was the daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Charles II ("the Bald") and his first wife Ermentrude.
Gisela (880-910) was the daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Berengar I and his wife Bertila.
Gisela (1168-1184) was the daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Frederick I (Barbarossa) and his wife Beatrix.
Gisela (1047-1053) was the daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Henry III and his second wife Agnes.
Gisela (852-868) was the daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Louis II and his wife Engelberga.
Gisela was the daughter of Louis the Pious and his second wife Judith.
Gisela was the daughter of Charlemagne and his wife Hildegard.
Gisela was the daughter of Lothair I (Holy Roman Emperor) and his wife Ermengarde of Tours. She was a nun.
Archduchess Gisela of Austria (1856-1932), daughter of Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria and his wife Elisabeth "Sissi".
To the person who said it reminded them of a gazelle: jiz-ELL-ah. NOT Gazelle-ah or however it seems. Pshh, if you want to be entirely rude make sure it seems at least slightly relevant.
Why would someone give a little girl a name meaning "hostage"? What an awful meaning! And the pronunciation (geese-ah-lah) and spelling remind me of two rather dumb animals- the goose and the gazelle. Geese are loud and dirty, and gazelles always get eaten by lions. Also sounds like something African Americans would give a kid to try and sound like the African animal, which would be typically stupid. Therefore, the name to me says "dirty loud bird/dumb lion chow deer/hostage". No go!
What a ridiculous racist comment directly above mine!
Gisela is elegant and lovely.
I love this name! It's very sensual and refined. So pretty.
When I hear this name the following come to mind: Beautiful, sexy/exotic, unique, feminine yet strong; It has both a formal yet casual quality. Gisela is simply a great name for any girl/woman.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Gisela here:
Pronounced GEES-eh-la.
Gisela May was a famous German singer and actress, especially famous for interpreting Berthold Brecht's songs.
I'm glad to say that Gisela May is still alive (and singing).
I think Gisela is such a beautiful name.

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