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Gender Masculine
Scripts Горан(Serbian, Macedonian, Bulgarian)
Pronounced Pron. GO-ran(Croatian, Serbian)
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Meaning & History

Means "mountain man", derived from South Slavic gora meaning "mountain". It was popularized by the Croatian poet Ivan Goran Kovačić (1913-1943), who got his middle name because of the mountain town where he was born.
Feminine FormsGoranka(Croatian) Goranka(Serbian) Gorica(Macedonian)
Surname DescendantGoranov(Bulgarian)
Same SpellingGöran, Gøran

People think this name is

formal   natural   wholesome   strong   rough   strange   serious  
Croatia: February 5
Croatia: February 24
Croatia: March 26
Croatia: July 7
Sweden: April 23 (as Göran)


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