Grainne was a famous person who once lived in Aberdeen. She was famous for having slappy feet.
Not the worst I ever heard.
Name of the day January 9, 2021.
Ooh, harvest goddesses are cool!
Sorry but this name is just disgusting absolutely, as if the groan wasn’t enough it just sounds like an ugly old lady name.
Sounds like groin to me. Or groan. Whatever, you get the point.
Gráinne is the Irish version of the name, Grace.
The name sounds a lot like the Irish word "gránna" (pronounced "GRAWN-a"), which means "ugly." (I do not think it is, incidentally.)
Gráinne Seoige, Irish television personality and former news anchor of TG4 (Irish language television channel), TV3 and Sky News Ireland.
Gráinne has grown on me. It's feminine and yet strong (probably the association with Gráinne Mhaol) and it's pretty without any excessive frills.
So ugly. =(
Ceres reminds me of cereal and Grainne reminds me of grain, but I still love those names. The song "Diarmuid and Grainne" by Celtic metal band Cruachan tells their story.
I think this name is hideous!
Grainne Hambly, a professional harpist from Ireland. She's also really nice, so I think that this pretty name suits her.
Gráinne is the modern Irish word for 'Grace' as in Grace O'Malley. 'Tá gráinne aici' means 'she has grace'.
Grainne was the name of a Celtic sun-goddess, as well as the 16th-century Irish pirate queen, Grainne O'Malley (also called Granny Malley and Grace O'Malley), a contemporary of Elizabeth I of England.
One of my good friends is named this. She spells it Grania which I dislike as she changed it herself. Grainne is very pretty.
Oh, and let's not forget the valiant Gráinne Mhaol (or Gráinne ní Mhaille, or her Anglicized name, Grace O'Malley), famed pirate queen of Connacht, who lived at the time of Elizabeth I.
A musical has been made about the adventures of Grainne (Grace) O'Malley. It's called The Pirate Queen and premiered in Chicago in 2006. It is now on Broadway if you want to see it!

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