To me Graciela is a more refreshing, and interesting choice than Grace. First and middle name. So beautiful, and soft. It’s a nice name I would be happy to consider.
It's okay, but not my favorite.
Really pretty! Sounds very Hispanic, or maybe Portuguese.
I think this is a very nice name. It's very feminine and pretty.
My mum is from Argentina and her name is Graciela. It's pronounced gra-siela (gra as un grand not grah as in grass (UK accent).
Also the Catalan form:
Graciela Belén González Mendoza, professionally known as Lali González, is a Paraguayan actress. Her breakout film role was playing Liz in the multi-awarded Paraguayan film 7 Boxes.
Graciela is a cognate of Gracia which means "grace". -ela in Portuguese means "she". Graciela would mean "her grace".
To be honest, many people mispronounce the name.
Grah-see-ella is one way to pronounce it, if you like.
The name Graciela was given to 155 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
I notice the ciel in Graciela. Ciel means sky in French. Ark-en-ciel means rainbow in French (literally "arc in the sky"). When I see Graciela I think "graceful rainbow." It also seems multicultural because it is a Spanish name with a French word in it (which I am fully aware is not actually related to this name.) Pretty!
This is my new Spanish name! Totally awesome, right? In Spanish it's pronounced as grahs-yel-lah. I think it is a fresh, beautiful name.
Much prettier and less common than Grace in my opinion.
This a cute and feminine name.
A common diminutive of Graciela is Chela.
Graciela is very used in Spanish America, and is very common in Argentina. I met two girls whose name is Graciela and they are Argentinian-born.
Graciela Beltrán is a popular Mexican singer.

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