This name has Gaelic roots, meaning “noble” or “renowned.” It peaked in 1911 at #180 for boys.
I know a little girl named Grady and she fits her name so well. Now I can only imagine the name on a girl. But I do love the name on any gender and think it's just so strong and adorable at the same time.
Atrocious. Sounds like greedy.
I think this name goes to someone who likes reptiles like a turtle and is very into mythology. I see this name as for a kid who is a nerd (no hard feelings Gradys) It sounds like all this person cares about is books and brags how much they read that day.
My dad and my brother both have the name Graden and are called Grady for short. And I can't find their names on here. Always thought Grady was short for Graden and to find Graden not even on here. Hmmmm...
Ugly sounding.
Sounds like a cheese grater.
Nice name for a boy.
Grady Ruewen is a character in the Keeper of The Lost Cities series.
I first considered the name after hearing it in the Shining. It sounded strong and manly, even though Mr. Grady was a creepy ghost-villain. I still like it.
My name is Grady and I like it a lot.
I sort of like this name... I wouldn't use it as a full name though and none of the longer names for Grady sound good (like Graden?) Though I prefer Grady to Brady as a nickname, I much prefer Braylen to Graden.
Grady Fletcher was the name of Jessica Fletcher's nephew in the series 'Murder, She Wrote'.
I've never actually met anyone named Grady, but I have a bad impression of it due to two fictional characters. One is a racist bus driver in a story in the book "The Dark-Thirty" (Grady is his first name) and one is the butler in "The Shining" (Grady is his last name) - who, incidentally, is also a racist. I think "The Dark-Thirty" was the first time I ever came across this name, so that contributed a lot to my impression of it.
I absolutely hate the name Brady, but for some reason I really like Grady. Yes, it does sound like gravy, but so what? Haha. I think this would be a refreshing choice and it seems like its becoming more popular. It's one of those Irish names that has been used in America for awhile and doesn't sound strange or like the parents are "trying too hard" to sound Irish, like a lot of anglicized names in use today.
I know someone named Grady. He's Irish, so it suits him well.
Grady Sizemore is an American baseball player.
Grady Wilson was a character on Sanford and Son played by actor Whitman Mayo.
TV presenter Paul O'Grady. He had a drag act, his alter-ego was named Lily Savage.
John Grady Cole is the protagonist of Cormac McCarthy's book All the Pretty Horses.
I think it makes a better middle name than a first name.
This is my son's name, and we have gotten only positive feedback from people when they've heard his name. Most seem to like it a great deal.
Just like Brady, this is an ugly, annoying name that makes me think of irritating dimwits.
Grady is a hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. I've never been, but people say it's understaffed.
Grady is a nice name for a boy, strong sounding.

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