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Two Welsh princess bore this name. Gwenllian ferch Gruffydd ( c. 1100-1136 ) and Gwenllian ferch LLywelyn ( June 1282 – 7th of June 1337 ).
viva8  10/5/2019
Reminds me of Gwendolyn and Lillian, which isn't a bad thing and the association with royalty is cool. Very nice name.
― Anonymous User  4/20/2018
My name is Gwenllian and although it's nice to have a unique name, I want a name that's easy to pronounce. I can't tell you how many times I've had to spell out my name in Starbucks and to end up with a name like 'grunphin' written across my drink! I have yet to come across a non-welsh speaker who can pronounce my name correctly. I think you have to be a welsh speaker because we have a different alphabet with letters like dd, ch, ll, ph which are hard to pronounce.

If you really are desperate to pronounce the 'll' correctly then I would go on Youtube.
Gwenllian_pt  4/13/2016
This name is beautiful, but it's impossible to pronounce just by looking at it. I can't even pronounce it, as I'm not Welsh, although from what I've heard I think the ll makes a kind of sh sound with a little bit of an l sound on the end of the sh sound. It's nice, but not a good name to use outside of Wales/by people who aren't Welsh because no one will be able to say it.
kvpp88  10/20/2014
Gwenlli and Llio are the most usual diminutives, both also in use as names in their own right.
Pie  8/17/2014
I like this name very much. Sometimes I wish I lived in a country, where it is not so weird to be named like that. There are so many beautiful names in the world and Czech names are too boring for me. Most of them.
Rivallien  2/6/2012
Looks like a combination of Gwen and Lillian, and I dislike the latter because it is so stuffy and dated. Oh well. Cool name. :D.
Christina Rose  3/7/2011
Its definitely not pronounced as described above, sorry. 'Ll' is a single letter, which is very hard to explain the pronunciation of, but it does not sound like the letter 'L'. I know a couple of Gwenllians, and I don't know a single English speaker who can pronounce the name properly!
SioniWinwns  12/10/2007
I'm pretty sure this is pronounced Gwen-HLEE-an.
1crzychick  8/12/2007
Gwen Stefani bears a similar name but not the same name. :(
― Anonymous User  4/20/2007
I like Gwen but I cannot figure out how to pronounce and that would mean troubles for a kid.
YMPvt  3/25/2007
Absolutely beautiful.
bellaboo  11/22/2006

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