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Gender Feminine & Masculine
Usage Japanese
Scripts 葉月, 晴月, 羽月, 波月, 覇月, 波津希, 羽津紀, 葉津樹(Japanese Kanji) はづき(Japanese Hiragana) ハヅキ(Japanese Katakana)
Pronounced Pron. HAH-ZUU-KEE, HAH-DZUU-KEE  [key]
Other Forms FormsHazuki

Meaning & History

As a unisex name, this name combines 葉 (you, ha) meaning "blade, leaf, needle" or 晴 (sei,, haru) meaning "clear weather, fair, fine" with 月 (gatsu, getsu, tsuki) meaning "moon, month."
As a feminine name, this name combines 羽 (u, ha, hane, wa) meaning "feather," 波 (ha, nami) meaning "billow, wave, ripple" or 覇 (ha, haku, hatagashira) meaning "hegemony, supremacy" with 月. Rarer examples with 3 kanji for females include 波津希, 羽津紀 and 葉津樹 with 津 (shin, tsu, zu) meaning "harbour, port," 希 (ki, ke, mare) meaning "few, hope, wish, rare," 紀 (ki) meaning "account, chronicle, history, narrative" and 樹 (ju, ki) meaning "timber, wood, tree."

Hadzuki/Hazuki (葉月) is the traditional name for August, meaning "month of leaves", with the older form of it being 葉落ち月 (haochidzuki/haochizuki, はおちづき) which means "month of falling leaves."
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