Sounds more like a nickname, rather than a proper first name. I can't hear either "John" nor "Henry" in this name.

It may not seem a big deal when you're with your friends, but seems quite awkward when filling out personal forms.
Very unattractive.
If anyone wants to name their kid Hank, go right ahead. Just know that some people might not like it. When I hear this name, I think of someone in a western movie.
Hank is also the name of the titular murderous bounty hunter character from the early 2000's filler internet animation "Madness Combat".
Sounds redneck-ish to me.
Hank Yarbo is a character in the Canadian sitcom Corner Gas.
The name is very manly and cool, and sounds like a man who is focused, tough, and charming.

Yes Hank is an awesome name and not too common, the fact that everyone on here hates it makes me want it even more.
Makes me think of Tom Hanks!
Hank sounds like a piece of meat. What an average Joe name.
I absolutely love the name Hank! I will someday name my son Hank. Nickname him H. Lol. I love the name Hank, I love the classically old feel of the name. I find it a strong yet cute name for a little boy.
Hank is one of the doctors in the game Trauma Team.
This is an ugly name. Anyone that tells you they love this name when you say you are naming your child Hank, is lying to your face and laughing behind your back. It's hideous.
The fact that this hideous name is currently trending just boggles my mind. Hank is dated as well and does not suit a modern-day child. Henry is far better and that's stating the obvious.
It was a nickname for Hannah, a classmate of my mother-in-law.
Everyone else is saying it and I must agree adamantly with them. Hank is a dated and ugly name that gives off strong redneck or hillbilly vibes. It doesn't at all work for a modern child and will make people think of "Hanky-panky"

Just stick with Henry!
I'm sorry but I find Hank to be a bland name, it sounds so redneck and it's too old fashioned for a baby boy. I absolutely loathe this name.
Hank Snow is a famous singer.
Hank is a character on Breaking Bad.
Hank Jennings was the sociopathic henchman for town bigwig Ben Horne, and later for drug kingpin Jean Renault, on the cult classic TV show "Twin Peaks."
Hank is an extremely dated name, for me. As in, more dated than Gary. I can't imagine a young kid going by Hank today - he'd much more likely just be called Henry.
Henry "Hank" Aaron! Love Hank. Great guy name!
I can't believe no one has mentioned Hank The Cowdog of the humorous book series as a famous bearer!
Dr. Henry "Hank" Lawson is a leading character of USA Network's hit television series "Royal Pains."
American actor Mark Feuerstein brilliantly portrays the concierge doctor through all of his trials and triumphs.
I do not like this name for the following reasons: 1. It just doesn't sound nice; 2. The phrase "hanky-panky," like Slight Night Shiver said; 3. Hankies, or as some would say, tissues. Altogether, no thanks!
The poet Charles Bukowski (1920-1994) was only called Hank, never Charles. (His full name was Henry Charles Bukowski.)
There's also Hank Venture from the show 'The Venture Brothers'. Other than that, I find Hank to be a bland name. It would be suitable for a boy scout. If, you know, you somehow could tell your son was going to be a boy scout.
Hank [short for Henry] Cunningham is a character in Elizabeth Berg's novel "Dream When You're Feeling Blue". In the story Hank says that he prefers being called 'Hank' to 'Henry' because 'Henry' is just to formal.
Hank Green, the "younger half" of the wildly popular (and endlessly awesome) internet project, Vlogbrothers.
Let's not be forgetting Hank Williams Jr. or Hank Lochlin, both great singers in their own right (if you haven't heard of Please Help Me, I'm Falling, you have issues).
One of the most hideous names ever. It makes me picture a fat, balding redneck. Plus, it makes me think about the annoying expression 'hanky-panky'.
Henry "Hank" McCoy, better known as "Beast" is a Marvel comics superhero best known as a member of the X-Men.
I would not name my kid Hank. It just sounds like hillbilly trash to me. I'm sorry, but that's what it just reminds me of.
A famous bearer of this name would be Hank Williams Sr. He is a very notable singer and song writer in country music history.
Actor Hank Azaria and character Hank Hill on "King of the Hill."

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