I have mixed feelings about Harley. It sounds too feminine for a boy and too masculine for a girl. I feel the same about Marley. I guess it’s more feminine, and it is a nice name for a girl. I know someone who named their baby “Harleigh” with this spelling which I think is a terrible spelling. The only other spelling of this name I like is Harlee.
This name is a pretty name! Would use it for a girl!
Harley is a super cute feminine name. I'd definitely recommend this. Super sweet!
My name is Harley (I'm a girl) and I don't love it. I probably wouldn't mind it so much if I didn't get 'my/my neighbor/my friend's dog name is Harley!" half the time someone learns my name. Hardly have ever met someone else with my name, but I assume as the suicide Squad/Harley Quinn movies keep going it may become more common.
This is my name and I am personally in the middle about it. I like how it is unique-ish but the only other person I know who has it is a girl.
This is the name of my male dog, I honestly like it and I think it could fit male or female.
Tacky tacky tacky tacky. Just awful.
I have this name and only knew 2 other Harley’s growing up (one male and one female) but no one even to this day believes my middle name is David. My name wasn’t picked because of the motorcycle company like many people think, it was actually chosen because of a song called “Harley” by Kathy Mattea. My dad did own a Harley with a sidecar (in song) before I was born and it’s scary at how much of the song is stuff that corresponds with my life. I do ride (not a Harley though) but I do believe I’m one of the only or very few sport bike riders who is a lifetime member of HOG (Harley Owners Group). I rarely go by my actual name except to family but everyone else I meet I end up introducing myself as Zombee. A nickname given to me through disc golfing where the zombee disc was the main disc I ever used. It especially stuck after a motorcycle wreck that I almost lost my foot and had to relearn how to walk. When my son was born I had always wanted a Jr and ended up making him a Jr as well. Don’t get me wrong I love having a unique name but it sucks a lot of people don’t believe my name is real. When I became 21 and gave my ID to buy a drink I had a hard time proving it wasn’t a fake ID because the whole staff including the owner didn’t believe me, luckily my dad was with me to tell them it’s what they named me end of story.
No! Awful!
I think it's cute as a boy or girl's name, I've always loved unisex names. And my friend Harley's really kind and understanding :)
Harley is my name, and I honestly don't hate or love it. I like the fact I've never met anyone else with my name, and my friends love my name for some reason. I'm named after the legendary motorcycle company Harley Davidson. And frankly, nobody with a different or unique name should care about what people think. Having a name that stands out is an amazing thing.
Oof, I think I'm the minority here. I prefer Harley on girls by a long shot. I can’t imagine this name on a boy, sorry.
Somewhat unpopular opinion I think, but I personally like this name better for boys.
It's one of the better so called trendy names, for boys it's acceptable but not a girl.
Weird. It also sounds like Hardly.
Diminutive of Charlotte or Harleen.
Yuck. This name only suited Harley Quinn, in my personal opinion.
Harley Keener was the Ty Simpkins character from Iron Man 3.
I like this name. On a boy.
Disney Channel's Stuck in the middle character, played by Jenna Ortega, is Harley Diaz.
In 2018, 16 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Harley who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 1, 243rd most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
Reminds me of harlot.
My dog's name is Harley, and as with all the dogs I've had the honor to name I didn't choose it until, at least in my mind & the minds of my neighbors he had earned it. And it did have everything to do with Harley Davidson Motorcycles, they are as is he very masculine & yes I'd say the word rough could be used as a descriptor for the name, certainly not low class or common. Do you have any idea how much a new or classic bike costs? They were used by the military in WW2 & even before that they were used to deliver the mail & many of those bikes have survived & been restored & are often featured in Classic Car & Bike Magazines, again you'd have to have a lot of extra dough to purchase & restore one of those or any other collectable bike. $100, 000 if you do it right. My dad was a well respected and loved business man known by nearly everyone for a hundred miles in every direction & he always had a couple of bikes since before I was born & when he died he owned 3, a new one, a restored classic, and another classic that had been modified that he was always going to get to and when he's remembered today by friends, relatives & business acquaintances one word that I often think of & hear spoken is CLASS, he was admired and more than anything else he was respected by everyone & everyone who knew him couldn't help but associate his memory with those bikes. One of my favorite memories was of a trip just he & I took on a bike from Illinois to the coast of Florida when I was 5. I've only mentioned these things about my dad because they had everything to do with how Harley got his name. He was one of the last things my dad ever gave me & he was the last dog we got to enjoy together. He was as much of an animal lover as I am. It was less than 6 months after he gave him to me that I lost him. All that said I've also known a handful of human Harley's as well & it always seemed to me that each of them had earned what I feel to be a very exclusive name reserved for real men. I've never known any women with the name never even heard of using it for a woman but now that I have I like it, again she'd have to be pretty special for it to fit. It took too many words to say it I know, but I know now that that was the point I wanted to make, male or female, man or beast, if you have the strength and character to wear it, it works.
As a male bearer of the name I've come to like and dislike my name for various reasons. I enjoy the name as I feel it is a little different than the usual boring fare but I have been told a few times it is a girl's name. I was a bit surprised at the time, but understand it is now a lot more popular and growing in use for girls. I expect it to boom with more Suicide Squad movies and the growing Harley Quinn fandom. My parents named me after their favourite sitcom character, good reasoning mom & dad! I was almost named one of Dylan, Ryan or Jake so take it as you may.

A lot of people come up with nicknames - Harlza, Harls, Harlsberg, Hazza, Harlo very annoying being called a different thing by every person. Very common when on the phone to be mistaken for saying Charlie, Hayley, Ali or some other frustrating thing. A lot of people go with the ol' 'is your second name Davidson, haw haw haw...' lame joke. My surname is also one of those old have a joke names, everyone going do you have an uncle 'Mike'.
Harley is the name of a famous DC Comic Books character: Harley Quinn! Personally, I really love the character and the name. Harley just sounds so cute and fun and mischievous!
I really dislike this name. It doesn't look attractive at all (sounds bad on both genders) and reminds me of the obnoxious Harley Quinn.
Good name for a male dog.
Harley is a silly name. Maybe for a pet, but not a person.
My name is Harley. I got it from my uncle Harley, who got his from his uncle Harley. Generational thing. I always assumed it was a male name. I HATED my name while growing up in school (my 6th grade teacher couldn't even remember it at the end of the school year; boy, that hurt!). I was the only Harley I knew for a long time (aside from my uncle). I also got the associated teasing from the association with the motorcycle growing up too. So, after military service, I met a few people who really liked my name. Hence, I started to like it too (FINALLY), and realized its uniqueness was pretty cool. I got stuck with a lousy middle name (not Davidson!) too, which made it worse. But then I found a 3 star general named Harley, a news person (female) on TV named Harley (light bulb on: females had my name too!). So it took decades but I finally settled down in emotions and like my first name well now. I've even started liking my middle name too. Ha ha. I've even had people name dogs I sold them with my name. It's a real honor!
I'll just always think of Harley-Davidson.
The name Harley is a great name. My name is Harley and I love my name.
Reminds me of an awesome girl, who loves motorcycles and pizza. I love the way Harley looks and sounds. I question that I would ever use this name but feel it's an excellent choice, and would hate if it gets too mainstream popular like Emma.
So being as my name is Harley and I am a man, I can't say I ever had anyone really pick on me for bearing the name. Yes I do hear comments about motorcycles especially when they find out my middle name is David. My father was a biker and he always wanted a Harley and he finally got one the day I was born. I've only met 3 other males with the name Harley but I have seen females quite frequently. I personally feel it's a boys name, but I guess I'm a little bit biased on that subject.
If I was a boy I would have been called Harley (literally after Harley Davidson motorbikes). My parents thought it was just a boy's name at the time (now they say it would have been my middle name if they knew it was for girls). I can only see this as a girl's name because of Harley Quinn from the Batman universe, plus I know a girl named Harley. I quite like the name and don't think it's trashy at all, it's kind of girly but has a bit of attitude to it.
I love this name because it reminds me of my favorite character of all time, Harley Quinn. I personally would name my child Harley.
I love this name! I'm a HUGE fan of Harley Quinn, so that helps. I'd totally name one of my kids this (if I eventually have any).
Harley is a boy's name, all you parents naming your children Harley need to understand this is going to make life difficult for them.
My friend just named her daughter this. The worst part is, her maiden name is Davidson, and they're obsessed with cosplay, and already have costumes picked out. I'm shaking my head for the future teenager already!
I really like this name for a boy; it is sad to me that all these "-ley" names are only allowed to be used for girls now.
All I think of is Harley Davidson. I like it as a last name, not a first name.
My dogs' name is Harley and he's a toy poodle. So I can't imagine this name as a very "tough-guy" name. And I know a girl named Harley, she has to be about 12 or 13 now. I don't like it. But again, with my comment about Cooper, I could never name my child after my dog.
Like many, I just can't get past the Harley-Davidson association. This is what I imagine biker dudes/chicks would name their kid.
I knew a friend growing up and his mum's name was Harley. It suited her well! She was the first person I ever met with this name and I like it. She is an artist (VERY good, too) and freestyle painter. The only thing about HER, NOT her name, was that she wanted me and her son, Sebastian, to get married. LOL. (We never married. Haha.)
Harley is not a name that I would use for a person. It sounds really trendy and annoying. It looks really cute on a pet- a male pet.
Harley Cross (born 1978 in New York City) is an American actor. He has a brother and sister, named Eli and Flora, who are also actors.
Nice name. For a character. I can't imagine any real person taken seriously with this name, boy or girl. It could possibly work as a middle name, if it's a family name or something, but this is one of those names to me that's reserved for fictional characters and pets only.
I've always found it to be a very masculine name, and I have trouble picturing it on a female (unless she's butch). It's always made me think of one of those super he-man type guys. I almost literally see a wrestler or a biker when I think about this name.
In some ways I love this, in others I hate it. I really don't know. Better on a female anyway.
Harley Davidson Cooper is a character on 'Guiding Light,' named after her father's favorite motorcycle.
A (kind of) famous bearer would be Harley Goldman from the webcomic Boy Meets Boy. He uses Harley as a nickname for his full name, Harlequinn. This name shall always be associated with Harley and Mik in my mind. And that isn't a necessarily bad thing.
I hate this name. It's trashy, juvenile, and unfeminine.
Harley is a fictional coordinator in the Pokémon anime series. He is quite flamboyant and effeminate, but also extremely arrogant and bad-tempered.
I like the name. At first, it makes me think of the motorcycle, which really makes little to no sense, in the meaning of the name, but I also know somebody (male) named Harley, and he's pretty much a rabbit. In terms of shyness/affectionate. Ness?
I once met a girl named this, but she spelt it Harleigh. I believe this is a good feminine way to spell it, since I doubt you'll see a guy name spelt with -leigh at the end.
Harley the harlot. That's all I have to say. (Kids, if you don't know what that means, search it.)
Mr. Harley Quin is Agatha Christie's favourite character, a mysterious, brilliant young man, connected with lovers or death. He is almost magical, dark, tall, and slender. I love this character (Arlecchino, as I dubbed him).
I really like this name for a girl. I have chosen this name for my bunny and I spell it Harlea. To me it means "bunny sanctuary". The name fits her.
Ugh, this name is so boggy. I know a boy with the name Harley and his parents are pretty rough 'round the edges (say no more).
First and foremost, I think this name will be forever linked to the motorcycle chain, Harley Davidson. Also, since I have only known dogs with this name, I can not imagine a person with it.
Just the other day, I was at a recital, and a guitarist on the program was named Harley. I was expecting a man, but a woman got up to play. I was shocked! I would never, ever name a child this, boy or girl.
Sounds like a good name for a large dog.
I can't get over the Harley Davidson association, and I doubt most people can. This name sounds trashy, and I can't imagine it on any self-respecting woman, or man, for that matter.
When you say Harley, it sounds like you're saying holly with an American accent.
Hushpuppy: You must have never heard an American speak.
I like the name. I actually know a Harley, whose name really does not suit him at first impression, but as you get to know him it makes sense. I do think I prefer it as a name for a girl though.
On the Soap opera Guiding Light there is a character named Harley Davidson Cooper played by Beth Elders.
Not a particularly attractive name, male or female.
Harley is a good name, but I would never use it for a person, as my turtle's name was Harley.
She isn't really famous, but on Extreme Makeover Home Edition one family's little girl was named Harley and she was one of the cutest little kids I've ever seen.
Harley-Davidson is a brand of motorcycle.
Sort of a famous bearer, though I guess you wouldn't say "famous". Harley was the name of The Joker's assistant in one of the recent Batman cartoons (not the very new ones, but not the original, either, I don't know if she's around in all the versions or not).
As mentioned previously, Harley Quinn, the Joker's assistant in the Batman franchise. Harley originally appeared in the animated series, but she became so popular that DC gave her a place in the comics. Harley's "real name" was (Dr.) Harleen Quinzel.
It's a good name! My father, born in 1917, in southeast Ohio was named Harley. His father's name was Albert and was mostly English or Scots-Irish descent.

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