Harriet Harlow would be a lovely name if Harriet was your surname.
I prefer it on a girl but you can use it on a boy if you want. I think it’s a very trendy name though so there could be multiples.
Kind of like it, for a baby boy.
Awful! Do not do this to a poor child!
Its a good name, I'd give it 40%, possibly maybe 75 even.
A bit trendy, but it’s honestly not bad.
Jean Harlow (born Harlean Harlow Carpenter in 1911) was an actress in the early days of Hollywood. She died at age 26 of kidney failure. She accomplished a lot during her short life, she appeared in over forty films and was divorced three times. She was suspected of killing her second husband, but the death was ruled as a suicide. She was known for her bleached, blonde hair and penciled (shaved off) eyebrows. A precursor to Marilyn Monroe, she represented the ideal of femininity in America at the time: Large breasted, highly sexualized, wispy, decadent, wore revealing clothing at all times. She maintained status as a sex symbol by telling the press that she slept nude, she iced her nipples before filming a scene to make them protrude, and asked her colleagues to refer to her as "The Baby".
Lovely name. :) In response to one of the comments below, there's a wealth of longstanding girls' names referring to armies and weapons, celebrating physical might, power and war victories. So while the meaning is debatable and doesn't necessarily hold much relevance in modern English, please don't let it put you off if you love this name for a girl.
One of my favorite modern-day names! While it sounds good on both genders, I prefer it on a girl.
To me, this is a male name. It was my father's name, my great uncle's name, and it is the middle name of one of my nephews.I do not understand how this became a girl's name. The very meaning of the name means "army hill". Is that something you want to give to your daughter?
I want to like this name because it sounds like one of my favorite names, Harley, but it reminds me of the word harlot combined with hollow far too much. I wouldn't name a child Harlow.
Harlow is a sweet, elegant sounding name. I love the name Harlow for a girl! I dislike it for a boy though! I feel like Harlow associates flowers and feminism, that’s why I like it more as a feminine name.
The name Harlow was given to 38 boys in the U.S. in 2017.
I like Harlow for a girl, but not a nickname. I think it's only used in the UK for girls.
I don't love the last names as first name trend. It's not a bad name but it does sound masculine to me and has the word low in it. It's getting popular for girls in the US but it sounds better for a boy in my opinion.
Such an odd sounding name to me. I don't like it.
I don't personally know anyone named this but I think it's a lovely name for a girl. Cute for a little girl but ages well too.
Oh so cute! Love this for a girl!
Pretty pretty girl name! Love it.
I do not understand how this is in any way a feminine name. Would you name a girl Arlo or Carlo? No? Then don't name a girl something that sounds like Arlo with an H.
This is definitely a female name, very pretty on a girl! Not nice for a boy at all.
I love this name! It's so pretty for a girl of course!
Definitely feminine!
My first impression of this name is definitely masculine, but if you like it on a girl, go for it. I feel like I always have to clarify that, because I don't see names as for one specific gender. Why can't we all just agree that all names are unisex and move on?
I love the name Harlow. It is very pretty and growing in popularity for girls. I could not picture it on a boy. I love the surnames as first names trend. I am so tired of all the boring overused names from the past few decades. I also do not like names that require a pronunciation key.
Harlow is a new town in England. It's not a very nice town and it's heavily industrialized. Whenever I hear the name Harlow it just makes me think of a horrible town.
I love this name, but for a boy. I don't think it's very commonly used as a girl's name, so I could probably still use it as a boy's name one day. I hope so, anyway! Maybe a better middle name option, though.
Wtf? I'm SO tired of people using surnames as feminine first names. There is absolutely nothing feminine about the name Harlow. I don't know if that's the worst part, or if the fact that its only used as a feminine name because of some dumb celebrity is. On a boy, this is pretty cool. Unique, quirky, but not at all childish. On a girl, you may as well name her Peter. Even that sounds more feminine.
I love this name, I babysit a little girl with this name and I know an adult with this name, so it ages pretty well I think.
Evokes old Hollywood charm.
Harlow Winter Kate Richie Madden (b. 2008) is the daughter of actress/singer Nicole Richie and singer Joel Madden.

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