Harmony Tan is a French professional tennis player of Chinese Cambodian and Vietnamese descent.
Harmony McAdams is the main character in the Brat TV series "Chicken Girls".
I think this name is beautiful! Mony is a cute nickname if it's like "moan-ee".
Pretty! Good twin matches would be Harmony and Melody!
My name is Harmony and I'm changing it. One, you have the nickname Harm/Harms/money. Not good. Two, it doesn't suit my personality. Harmony is often associated with being innocent, harmonious and sweet. Nothing wrong with that, just doesn't suit me. So it's not a great baby name unless your kid fits the stereotype when they're older. Three, people will make jokes about it. They'll sing your name and call you Harmonium and other various annoying nicknames. If you absolutely need to name your kid after something musical, stick to Melody.
Lovely and unique name. It flows well off the tongue too.
My name is Harmony and I’m 18 years old. I think that my name sounds pretty innocent and lovey, but the only thing I hate is when people try to sing my name! Ugh! So annoying...
Yeah not a good name. Hippie-dippy in the worst way.
My only complaint is that it starts with ‘harm’, other than that I like it because I love music names!
The one thing about this name is that it sounds very similar to the Korean word for 'grandma'... however I still think it's a very cute name.
Sounds very graceful.
Well my name is Harmony and well, everyone used to call me harmonious and stuff like that. It was annoying and embarrassing.
Not meaning to cause any harm, but I prefer Melody over Harmony. (Get it? Bad dum ching!)
Harmony and Melody are beautiful music names.
I agree with others who have said it sounds ditzy, immature, and ugly.
My boyfriend of 5 years and I have had the name Harmony Skye picked out for our daughter-to-be for probably the last two-and-a-half years of our relationship. We plan to call her Mona for short. While we aren't expecting parents yet, we plan to be within about a year. Once we saw the new toy story movie, I said, "watch, there will at least be one more Harmony in her grade." Seems to always happen whenever a nice name is used in a show or movie. We picked it because it was unique in terms of popularity, but not unheard of like my name, and kinda like his name - Todd. Not completely unheard of but you hear it less and less these days. I'm hoping that the name doesn't increase in popularity by the time we get to bestow it on our lovely baby girl, but no matter what- that's the name. Music brought us together and we work beautifully together - the exact definition of a Harmony.
I think Harmony was the name of the girl Gabby Gabby wanted as an owner in Toy Story 4.
I really appreciate all these positive comments, considering I’m a Harmony lol.
I love the name Harmony for a girl! So sweet and elegant! This can totally suit a female as a first or middle name. Females are typically in delicate culture so that’s why Harmony is mostly a girl's name. I’m not sure if Harmony can suit a male. It kinda sounds way too feminine for a boy, but I’m sure Harmony is gender neutral, but I think it’s better for a female. Harmony would definitely suit the personality of a girly girl who loves being nothing more than a sweet little princess! She would live in Harmony.
Harmony is such a melodious and graceful name. It sounds like the name of a sweet girl who brings people together.
Harmony is the angel hamster from Hamtaro. She is prominent in the Game Boy Advance game Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak, where she helps Hamtaro and Bijou repair relationships broken by the devil hamster Spat.
I really like this name. Sounds pretty and innocent.
My birth name is Harmony and growing up with this name is enjoyable. I get a lot of compliments on my name and I agree that it is a beautiful name. I adore my name because I don’t know anyone else by the name Harmony and I feel like it’s different.
Again, growing up with this name can be fun and no one can make any rude comments on it or turn it into some sort of joke, however people do try to sing your name (more embarrassing for them). I don’t feel like my name has prevented me from doing anything in society. I have a job and no one sees me as a young girl or incapable of doing certain things because my name sounds too young for my age. It doesn’t affect anything negatively, but it is incredibly hard to find your name on a key ring!
My real name is Harmony and I think sometimes it is hard to deal with my name but at least no one can make fun of it or make rude nicknames and they remember my name. I also sing and play viola so I think it is PERFECT.
I think the name Harmony is beautiful, lovely and cute! ^^ I've always thought this name would work well as a sister name to Melody. :D.
I am a musician so I love all names that originate from music. I don't find names like Harmony, Cadence, or Allegra tacky at all, because they have musical roots.
Harmony sounds young and ditsy. Sure it may be cute on a baby but what happens when your baby grows up and wants to get a job and become a member of society? She'll probably go for a name change if she knows what's good for her.
"Harmony" comes from the Greek "harmonia". Harmonia was the first Olympian goddess who married a mortal, Cadmos, king of Thebes. The other gods attended the wedding but decided to punish her for this misalliance. Thus Athena gave her as a present an ill-fated necklace forged by Hephaistos and because of it all her descent was cursed. The most famous victims of the curse of the Necklace of Harmonia are Oedipus and Antigone.
The Spanish form Armonía is used in Spain, though it is quite uncommon.
The aforementioned director Harmony Korine is a notable male bearer of this name.
I LOVE this name! It is very sweet sounding and lovely. I imagine a very graceful and darling girl :)
It's surprising how much positive feedback there is, and what little is negative everyone says it's "uppity". This happens to be my father's new girlfriend's name, and she's a stripper/aspiring self-help guru. But whenever my dad talks about her people always say "What's her real name?" or "She's a stripper?" What's more surprising is that she actually, legally changed her name to her stripper name. Classy.
Harmony Kendall, who was played by Mercedes McNab, was a fictional character from the TV shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. She was a snobby, vapid girl, and she was surprisingly a better person as a vampire.
Harmony Korine, born January 4, 1973 is an American film director, producer, screenwriter, and author who wrote the screenplay Kids and directed the movies Gummo and Julien Donkey-Boy.
I'm really not sure about this name. On the one hand it's really beautiful and sweet and everything, but on the other hand it sounds really snobby and pretentious! Also, it's pretty hard to get a nickname for. So if you call your kid Harmony, it's stuck with that name, even if it hates it.
Oh God, not another one of these. It sounds nice but I can't help thinking it sounds pretentious as a name.
I must admit that I like this name a little bit, although I can picture a sappy family with two daughters, Melody and Harmony, in which all the members dress in an old-fashioned way and look like some cult members, and the daughters always sing über-happy sounds over the piano, which one of the parents plays. The name is much better than the soap opera-like name Melody, though.
The HMS Harmony is a part of the Harry Potter fanverse. People who support the 'ship' (short for relationship) between main characters Harry and Hermione are said to "sail the HMS Harmony." The 'ship' got its name by combining the names Harry and Hermione, and also supports the "Harmony" that flows between them in the books.
A very pretty name.
I think a good nickname for Harmony is Monet. Like, if you were to draw the name out in a sing-song voice or something, it would sound like "Har-Mon-Nay".

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