So adorable. It also gave a wonderful impression once... When I met a sweet and charming little boy called Harrison.
Harrison Johnson from Mixed-ish.
Not bad. Reminds me of George Harrison.
I named my son Harrison. People never called him Harry. Harrison is a good, strong name.
George Harrison is a good namesake.
Harrison Ford is a good namesake.
Retro old-school charm. I can appreciate it.
Reminds me of hairyson.
Ew, gross...
Let's not forget guys Harrison Houde, the adorable host of the educational kids' show 'Finding Stuff Out'!
This is my boyfriend’s name and I think it suits him well. At first I didn’t know what to think of this name since I’ve never met a Harrison before, but I’ve learned to really like it. The only problem with this name is the nickname “Harry” which I’ll never call him, lol.
“Harrison” is the middle name of Archie Windsor-Mountbatten. Son of Henry, Duke of Sussex and his wife Meghan Markle. Archie’s grandfather is Charles, Prince of Wales and his great grandmother is Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
I knew someone named Harrison, so I picture this name more as a first one than a last one. With that having been said, I know that this impression isn't the same for everyone.
My name is also Harrison but I did not know it was so popular because I am the only Harrison at my school!
In 2018, 10 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Harrison who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 898th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
Harrison is a surname that literally means Son of Harry. So unless you or your spouse is named Harry I recommend passing on this name. Plus Harry is not a good name... I mean it's the same as calling your child HAIRY. Seriously people, not good. I don't see the attraction at all. Go with Henry... a good strong masculine name.
More famous by association, but in Marvel Comics and adaptations Peggy Carter has at least one male relative named Harrison Carter; in the mainstream comics Peggy has a brother (Sharon Carter's father) who is named Harrison Carter, while in the MCU Peggy's father is named Harrison Carter.
According to, there are at present (5/17/2017) fifteen people in the US named Harrison Harrison! (There are surprising numbers of people with the same first and last name.)
I am very proud of my birth name Harrison. We have two son's, and they will carry on the Edmondson name. I wish we could have passed down the Harrison name, but that is the way it is. My great grandfather's name was Benjamin William Harrison, my grandfather's name was William Henry Harrison, and my Dad's name was William Henry Harrison Jr. My older brother was William Phillip Harrison. Our youngest son is William Michael Edmondson. I have always been proud of my name. I can't wait to learn more about my ancestors.
It's too bad this name will be shortened to Harry by friends and peers. My sister named her son Harrison with the intention of not calling him Harry and it did not work. Adults started shortening it and at school classmates teased him by calling him Hairyson.
I love this name. I first came across it when I was watching the tv show Dexter as he names his son Harrison. I plan to name my first son this or Lucifer, or Elijah.
Harrison is SUCH a handsome, classy, HOT name! :D I will always associate this name with actor Harrison Ford. ^w^
This is a strong, masculine name that fortunately hasn't become overused. A fictional famous bearer is Harrison Bergeron, the superhuman title hero of a short story by Kurt Vonnegut.
This has been my #1 name for a boy for ages. I just think it's so handsome.
My brother's name is Harrison, because he's 15 almost 16 he's kind of out grown the 'Hazzy', 'Harro' kind of names he still gets it but not as much, now he mainly gets 'H' and 'Harry'.
I love this name. It's so handsome and it sounds a lot better and less surname-y than other -son names like Addison or Anderson in my opinion. I don't think this one will go to the girls, but then again who knows... Anyway, Harrison is a nice, strong, noble name for a boy that can fit any age and will stand out from the crowd of Braydens and Brodys. Harry is a cute nickname too :)
This is a nice name, not too common (which is how it should stay! Hopefully it doesn't get too common like in the UK and Australia!) and it ages well. I find it interesting how its popularity skyrocketed in 1888 and 1889. Hopefully this name doesn't fall into the dreadful trend of giving names ending in -son to girls.
Harrison Ford (born 1942 in Chicago, Illinois) is an American actor.
This is what my name was going to be if I was a boy, because my parents liked Harrison Ford! It's a cool name.
Very handsome!
A famous fictional bearer would be Harrison Davies, younger brother of Tru Davies, from the sadly short-lived show Tru Calling.
I love this name. It sounds so masculine to me. I also love Harrison Ford.
Having Harrison as my last name, it means a lot to me. It's the name that links me to my Grandpa who taught me more than I will ever know. I plan on naming at least one child Harrison. Kind of a way to kill two birds with one stone since my other Grandpa is named Harold and called Harry the nickname works.
Famous actor Harrison Ford who was in Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Firewall, and Six Days and Seven Nights.
I'm expecting my second child in June (2006), it's a boy and we've settled on the name Harrison. I thought of it thinking of my favorite Beatle, George Harrison; however I just really LOVE the name. We will call him Harrison, but I also like the nickname Harry. I think it's cool!
William H. Harrison was President of the United States for one month in 1841. Benjamin Harrison was elected President in 1889.
My name is Harrison but I go by HAZ because it's heaps cool.
My name is Harrison. I kinda like it, but I use Harri for short. I've always liked Harrison Ford.
Harrison. Like.... GEORGE HARRISON!

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