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Gender Masculine
Usage Japanese
Scripts 墾真, 治馬, 春日, 春馬, 春舞, 晴麻, 晴眞, 青馬, 大真, 裕摩, 悠真, etc.(Japanese Kanji)
Pronounced Pron. HAH-ṘUU-MAH  [key]

Meaning & History

From Japanese 墾 (haru) meaning "ground-breaking, open up farmland", 治 (haru) meaning "reign, be at peace, calm down, subdue, quell, govt, cure, heal, rule, conserve", 春 (haru) meaning "spring", 晴 (haru) meaning "clear up", 青 (haru) meaning "blue, green", 大 (haru) meaning "big, large", 裕 (haru) meaning "abundant, rich" or 悠 (haru) meaning "permanence, distant, long time, leisure" combined with 真 (ma) meaning "true, reality", 馬 (ma) meaning "horse", 日 (ma) meaning "sun, day", 舞 (ma) meaning "dance", 麻 (ma) meaning "hemp, flax, linen" or 摩 (ma) meaning "chafe, rub, polish, grind, scrape". Other kanji combinations are possible.

A famous bearer is Haruma Miura, is a Japanese actor and singer. He is part of the Amuse, Inc., and debuted as one of the members of Brash Brats, a J-pop group. However, they are currently on hiatus, while Haruma is still active as an actor. He gained popularity in 'Gokusen 3' and the 2007 film 'Koizora'. He starred for the first time with a leading role in a drama based on the manga, 'Bloody Monday'.
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