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Gender Masculine
Scripts هارون(Arabic)
Pronounced Pron. ha-ROON(Arabic)
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Meaning & History

Arabic form of AARON. Harun al-Rashid was a 9th-century Abbasid caliph featured in the stories of The 1001 Nights.
Other Languages & CulturesAaron(Biblical) Aaron(Biblical Greek) Aharon(Biblical Hebrew) Aronne(Biblical Italian) Aaron(Biblical Latin) Aarón(Biblical Spanish) Aron(Croatian) Aron(Danish) Aaron, Aaren, Arin, Arron(English) Aaro(Finnish) Aaron(French) Aaron(German) Aharon(Hebrew) Áron(Hungarian) Aron(Icelandic) Aronne(Italian) Aaron(Jewish) Aronas(Lithuanian) Aron(Norwegian) Aron(Polish) Aarón(Spanish) Aron(Swedish) Haroon(Urdu) Harouna(Western African)
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