Good name for a middle name.
Lovable and classic. Would also make for a good pet name.
This is the name of a 4th century bishop of Lyon who is venerated as a saint in the catholic and orthodox churches.
And, helium is named after him (well more the sun because that's where it was first found).
Alexander Helios was Cleopatra's son.
Helios is the original Sun god. NOT APOLLO!
Helios was also the name of a character on the popular anime series Sailor Moon. He was the priest of the dream world. He took the form of a winged unicorn since his real body was imprisoned.
The Greek god Helios had two sisters; Eos (EE-os), or dawn, and Selene (see-LEE-nee), or moon.
Pronunciation is HEE-lee-os. [noted -ed]
In the 'Odyssey' by Homer, Helios punishes Odysseus by killing his men because they ate his cattle, even though Tiresius warned them not to.

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