A classic Scandinavian name that is easy to pronounce. Handsome and timeless too.
With 62 715 bearers, Henrik is the 5th most common masculine given name in Denmark (2014 Data).

Nice and strong.
Add Usage: Finnish, Estonian, Slovak

Pronounced: HEHN-rik (Swedish, Norwegian, German), HEHN-rehg (Danish), HEHN-reek (Finnish, Hungarian), HEHN-reeg (Slovak)

Famous bearers of this name are Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen (1828-1906), Swedish goaltender Henrik Lundqvist (1982-pres.) of the New York Rangers, and Swedish golfer Henrik Stenson (1976-pres.).
I'm from Norway where the name Henrik is very common. I had two of them in my class in high school.
Also used in Estonia.
The name Henrik was given to 269 boys born in the US in 2016.
Hungarian pronunciation is also HEN-rik.
Famous athlete [Gold Medalist, NY Ranger All-Star] Henrik Lundqvist.
Henrik Rummel is an American rower.
I love the name Henrik! I am Hungarian and when I was looking over Hungarian name days in high school, many years ago, I said out loud that I like the name Henrik! Sadly, it's not in top 100 in Hungary.
Henrik is also the Armenian form of Henry; in Armenia, the name is written as: Հենրիկ . [noted -ed]

There is also a variant Armenian transliteration, namely Henrikh, which is written as: Հենրիխ .
In Slovenia and Croatia, Hinko is a short form of Henrik.
Also Croatian. [noted -ed]
His Highness Prince Henrik Carl Joachim Alain of Denmark, Count of Montpezat, son of TRH Prince Joachim and Princess Marie of Denmark, bears this name, named after his paternal grandfather, HRH Prince Henrik, Queen Margrethe's husband.
Two famous bearers of this name are:

Henrik "Henkka" Klingenberg, keyboardist of Finnish power metal band Sonata Arctica.

Henrik "Henkka" Blacksmith, bassist of Finnish black metal band Children Of Bodom.
My favourite bearer: Vancouver Canucks forward Henrik Sedin. :)
Listen to the German pronunciation of Henrik here:
Trying too hard!
Henke (HEN-keh) is the common Swedish nickname. The famous footballer Henrik Larsson is called Henke.
The Swedish international Henrik Larsson the king of kings.
Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen was a famous bearer.

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