I love it. Very unusual and powerful.
This name makes me think of home economics class. Aka, stifling anti-feminism.
Literally the most underrated child of Kronos and Rhea.
Reminds me of the name Hester, but it's an okay name.
●Hiest is Belarusian
●Khestiya is Bulgarian
●Estía is Modern Greek
●Hestija is Lithuanian
●Gestiya is Russian
●Hestiya is Ukrainian.
To be a little bit more specific about its meaning: the name is derived from Greek 'histiē' (ἱστίη) meaning "hearth". This is also spelled 'histia' (ἱστία) sometimes.

It seems the original Greek form of Hestia was Histia; Hestia is said to be an Ionic Greek form. Although there are sources who state the opposite and say that Hestia is the original Greek form while Histia is the Ionic Greek form.
This name is so pretty and elegant, and a breath of fresh air compared to much more common names like "Madison" or "Emma".
Hestia (the goddess) was also thought to be the fire at core of the earth (and since the Greeks were geocentric, that made her the center of the universe). She was also typically immobile and very resistant to change.
Hestia Jones was a character in the Harry Potter series.
The Harry Potter character Hestia Jones is well-named, because Hestia was laughing at various domestic appliances in the Dursley's home in Harry Potter!
I am really starting to like this name. I saw it recently in a book and I've quickly fallen in love with it. It's classic and unique while not being weird.
Pronounced HES-tee-ah.

Also, Hestia was one of the only three virgin goddesses. Her Roman counterpart was Vesta.
Literally, Hestia is the Greek Mother Goddess of home magic and the care of the family.
This is such a pretty name! If I grow up and decide to have children, I might name her Hestia. Either that or it'll be her middle name. Hestia also sounds like wysteria, in a way.

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