I remember my dad used to tell me this story about a bird who he and his schoolmates named Hezekiah. He gave permanent scars to at least 1 guy, so I can’t use this name. Cool name nonetheless, it reminds me of a bird themed supervillain lmao.
Nicknames= Hez, Hezzy, HezIkea, Hezzo, Kai.
It is wayy tooooooo long and doesn't look right.
My partner's great great grandfather was named Esikiah. It's now every other male member of his family's middle name. Not sure if I like it spelled like this though.
Really handsome.
Hezekiah Griggs, III was an American entrepreneur, philanthropist, and investor. He was the founder and managing partner of H360Capital, an early-stage venture capital firm, making him the youngest African-American venture capitalist.
I love this name! It's unique without being too crazy/unpronounceable, and it has a very strong, yet fun sound to it. I'd use it with the nickname Kai.
Hezekiah Sturdy, mechanic played by Keenan Wynn in "The Great Race" (1965).
Hezekiah is not related to Ezekiel. It is transliterated to Hizkiyyahu and sometimes Ezekias, but not Ezekiel. Ezekiel comes from Y'hez'qel.
Nicknames: Hez, Hezzy.
Related name: Ezekiel.
The root word that is usually translated as "strength" can, more specifically, be translated as "tenacity."
My relative in Israel pronounces it hez-ə-KIE-yoo.
Actually, I'm pretty sure that it's pronounced he-ze-KEYE-uh.
Actually, you do not seem to have read the key to pronunciation. When -IE- is used, it is pronounced the same as -eye-.
I realized that a while later. Thanks!

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