An amazing name that fits both men and women as long as they are younger than 50 and have a friendly vibe.
― Anonymous User  1/28/2021
Hikaru is the main character in the online animated comic series "Maker's Game".
wh0sbad  8/8/2019
Hikaru Deguchi is a Japanese psychologist and businessman.
lilolaf  7/5/2017
Hikaru Nishida is a Japanese pop singer and actress. She was born in Fujisawa, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, and made her singing debut with the release of the single Fifteen on April 6, 1988, named after her age at the time.
cutenose  6/16/2017
Hikaru Ito is a Japanese professional baseball catcher for the Orix Buffaloes in Japan's Nippon Professional Baseball.
lilolaf  2/28/2017
Hikaru, used as the kanji "光" is currently 28th place among males in Japan, in terms of kanji (source:
cutenose  2/20/2017
Hikaru Yaotome is a Japanese idol, singer, songwriter, rapper, actor, dancer, tarento and a member of Hey! Say! JUMP. He is under the management of Johnny & Associates. He was born in Miyagi Prefecture.
cutenose  2/18/2017
Hikaru Sawai is a Japanese koto player and composer. He is the son of the Kazue Sawai and late Tadao Sawai, both of whom are also renowned as koto players and composers.
cutenose  2/4/2017
Hikaru KotoPlatinum Tiffany label. In her first year as an AV actress, Koto had sales of more than a million volumes. At the end of 2012, Amazon. Co. jp listed 89 DVDs of her performances, as well as several books.
cutenose  1/15/2017
Utada Hikaru, who also goes by the mononym Utada, is a Japanese American singer and songwriter. She was born in Manhattan.
cutenose  2/23/2016
This is my name, given to me by my father. He meant for me to shine and live up to that meaning. Hikaru means to shine. Therefore since I am a half Japanese and Russian, and I am a Christian Samurai, I will live to shine like my name.
KatanaHikaru88  2/9/2015
Hikaru Nakamura (b. 1987) is a Japanese-American chess grandmaster. As of 2013, he is ranked No. 5 in the world by the World Chess Federation (FIDE).
GoodNightingale  9/17/2013
Hikaru Hitachiin is from Ouran High School Host Club. I still can't believe no one has commented on that yet.
― Anonymous User  7/18/2009
This is in the manga "Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta" and in the anime for "Monochrome Factor." Both are males. I like this name a lot XD.
VampireTears  3/22/2009
The meaning they have isn't actually correct. The name Hikaru comes from Λ⎠which is the Japanese verb that translates to "to shine".
tsukinokage  2/1/2009
I love Japanese names and this is a pretty name; the way it sounds, the way it looks and the meaning is so pretty. And yes the singer's given name is Hikaru, but here in America she decided to use her surname Utado to avoid being given the nickname "Hikki". Goodness would you want to avoid that, too? Anyway, it's a cheerful name and definitely not heard of. At least not outside of Japan.
_0TophasNails_1  11/20/2008
In the manga With the Light (which is about a family raising their autistic child), the boy with autism is named Hikaru. The name is translated as meaning "light" in the story, and the manga's title refers somewhat to his name.
Pippin  3/29/2008
The name is unisex! See famous singer Hikaru Utada. [noted -ed]
minikui  1/31/2008
Hikaru is not a masculine name. All of the Hikarus I have ever known or heard about are girls!
Rama  6/15/2007
I can't believe no one got this yet! In Ouran High School Host Club, there are two twins in the Host Club who are famous for their 'brotherly love'. Their names are Kaoru and Hikaru.
LaLaKisekiChan  1/31/2007
There is a manga book called "Hikaru no Go" or "Hikaru's Go" though this time, Hikaru is the boy's first name. It's rather popular in Japan and is coming soon through episodes to Canada & USA.
JungKyungSoon  6/2/2006
Hikaru Sulu was the helmsman of the USS Enterprise under Captain Kirk in Star Trek: The Original Series. He later was promoted to Captain of the USS Excelsior. His character was played by Mr. George Takei.
krysis  12/27/2005
Whether it's "light" or "shining" depends on which kanji you use. And yes, it is both masculine and feminine. [noted -ed]
abbasdaughter  12/26/2005
Midorikawa Hikaru is a well-known Japanese seiyuu (voice actor).
Belus  9/17/2005
There is a female manga (Japanese comicbook) character by the name of Hikaru, in the series Magic Knight Rayearth. As far as i know, it is a rather popular series. There is also a female J-pop (Japanese pop music) artist named Utada Hikaru, although Hikaru is her last name.
Sumomo  1/26/2005
Also about Utada Hikaru; Hikaru has the kanji and meaning for 'light'.
snuffpot  6/6/2008
Utada Hikaru is in the Eastern way of writing names. In America or other places besides Japan, she is called Hikaru Utada. First name: Hikaru, last name: Utada (pronounced as u-ta-da, not yu-ta-da, that's just seriously disturbing).
― Anonymous User  3/23/2007
To Sumomo, who mentioned the singer Utada Hikaru, keep in mind that the Japanese name structure is family name first, given name second. I think Hikaru is the singer's given name.
Phoenix Flower  10/1/2005
You said that both Hikari and Hikaru mean light. Hikaru is more accurately "shining", and Hikari is light. :)
― Anonymous User  1/14/2005

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