Beautiful. The meaning is even better. I have no idea who Hila Klein is.
I really love the name Hila - it's so pretty and elegant, yet also quite professional. Heela is a good alternate spelling, but I prefer Hila. I think Hila and Arya would make great twin girl names.
Hila Klein.
I was told that "Hila", meaning halo basically means God. Because God has a halo/is a halo. So my question is, does Hila mean God as well?
Pronounced ״hee-la". Stress in Hebrew would typically be the second syllable, but it can be pronounced with the stress on the first syllable.
Hila was ranked the #17 most popular name in Israel for Jewish babies born in 2012, mainly among the secular or less religious communities. This name follows the trend of short names.

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