This is a Gilda, Mildred, or Gertrude name for me, a name that I respect even though it doesn't meet my preferences. Hilda sounds more gentle than the others I mentioned, so it's my favorite. It's a dignified name, regardless of modern tastes.
Hilda Pertinax is an INTERPOL agent in the mobile game Layton Brothers: Mystery Room. It is implied in game that she and Inspector Alfendi Layton were once a couple.
Hilda Hippo is a character from Richard Scarry’s books. I always think of her when I hear this name. She was very cute.
Hideous name, Romilda is a superior name, at least with Romilda you have the nicknames Rommy or Milly. But with Hilda, you have zero or worst 'Hilly' sounds like hillbilly.
Hilda Valentine Goneril is a character in the video game Fire Emblem: Three Houses. She is very friendly and girly, albeit lazy, but also an incredibly strong fighter.
I actually like this name. It has a sort of vintage charm, and it seems like a strong name without sounding overly masculine. Of course, that might be the exact reason why some people dislike it, but I think it's lovely and should definitely make a comeback.
I'm sorry but it's just so old.
Usages: Hungarian [noted -ed]Source: from name #348236 originally submitted by user epresvanilia)
One of the most beautiful names.
Also Finnish name. Finnish name day February 22. [noted -ed]
Also Slovene:
I think this is very ugly.
Also (albeit rarely) used in Romania:
Also Estonian:
I suppose it's better than Helga.
Reminds me of a very strong and elegant women, just like Valkyrie soldiers.
Also Polish:
"Hilda" is the fourth studio album by Australian singer Jessica Mauboy, released on 18 October 2019. For the first time, she co-wrote every track on the album. The album is named after her middle name.
This name just sounds so ugly, and completely outdated. Most people must not like it (thankfully) because I've never met one single Hilda ever.
My first name is Hilda and my middle name is Sally. If you put the meaning of the names together they mean Warrior Princess. I love my name! I had to fight a lot of battles in my life time and I have been told that I am very pretty. So I really am a Warrior Princess. I have heard your parents who named you are inspired from above to give you your name. It doesn't get any better than this! Love, love, love the name Hilda.
Not really pretty.
Hilda is the name that was vibrant with intelligence, pride, and curiosity, the name Hilda reminded people of creativity in style and talent. However, together Hilda is a name that brings together happiness and sadness. Hilda was a name that was strong talented, happiness, joyful, together with tears! Hilda and creativity went hand-in-hand together with hope and sadness.
It's a real shame this name fell out of favor in the US. It's quite beautiful, strong, and underrated in my personal opinion, and it reminds me of a adventurous, cool, and strong girl. Would definitely recommend!
Also used in Czech:
Also Slovak: -- offer sources
You'll find various bearers on social media.
My name is Hilda. I'm not very happy with my name. I feel like my name doesn't work very well and sounds kind of ugly in English.
My name is Hilda, I am a Kenyan and I love the name because it's not common here. The true meaning of the name is a heroine which has a direct impact in my life. I fight hard in life both academically and in real life to overcome challenges. At all educational levels I have been awarded top seats and leadership because I am a heroine. I am at the university and a leader.
Funnily enough, my mum got the name from a magazine and decided it was the most appropriate since a few people knew of it. She told me it was an English Missionary lady who bore the name.
It's not very pretty in English, but very cute in Swedish, Norwegian and Danish. I think it's a wonderful and strong name for a girl in a Scandinavian country.
There is a show on Netflix called Hilda.
Sounds extremely frumpy.
In 2018, 84 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Hilda who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 938th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
Horrible, ugly witch name.
Hilda was my great grandmother's name. She was born in England. I was told she was a refined genteel graceful person. Her name was Hilda Iris. I always thought it sounded very nice and harmonious together. Classical English names are pretty and elegant and in my opinion, it's not dated at all. With a middle name such as Iris it still sounds lovely. I think all names can be timeless. If the name is given to the right person, it can sound wonderful at any age or time. When I look at past actresses' names I don't ever think they would sound better with more modern sounding ones. Often it is the person who gives meaning to a name.
My name is Hilda. I was born in 1944. When I was young I loved my name, because a dictionary gave the meaning of Hilda: a female warrior. The name fits my personality in that as a child I had to fight my boy cousins and uncles (who were my age) because they were very aggressive and were always picking on me. So I stood my ground and made them keep their distance. Hence why the name fits me. Right now I am 73 years old. I do walk with a cane, because of a knee injury. A German friend says that I should have been born German, because of my personality, in that I am opinionated and argumentative. By the way, I am a black woman. In my opinion and the opinion of others, I was a beautiful child, girl, and woman. Now I am a beautiful old lady.
Wow hkbritt0920! That is a very new and different way of thinking. My name is Mathilda so I have had issues with how it is spelled. It has really given me a new insight, thank you.
Hilda Trujillo gave birth to a girl named María del Rosario, who was over 6 lb (2.7 kg), at a hospital in Lima. Contrary to what was reported in Time on December 16, 1957 and many other sources, she was not 9 years old, but rather one year younger. The rapist was a 22-year-old cousin who had been staying in her family's one-room residence. He was later arrested.
This name is not pretty in the American sense. But as a Germanic name, I view it as delicate, feminine, soft, and serene. I had a great-great-aunt Hilda, who was a strong pioneer woman but was also cultured and faithful. I love this name.
An iconic fictional bearer was Hilda Ogden, a major character in the long running British soap Coronation Street. She was played by the late Jean Alexander.
A laughably bad name. Though it is better than "Helga" *shivers*
This name is so unbelievably dated and unnattractive.
Hilda. Yup, fail to see this one ever making a huge comeback.
The name Hilda was given to 49 girls born in the US in 2015.
The name is also used in Iceland.
Hilda was my Nana's name. She was an inspiring lady, but her name sounds a bit 'viking-y'.
The name Hilda was given to 65 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
This name reminds me of an old lady who is really weird and walks around selling muffins to little children outside churches.
Hilda is the heroine's name from Pokemon Black and White.
I don't find it an old lady name. If anything, I think of a teenage feminist when I hear it, which is a positive thing in my head. I personally might use it as a middle name.
This is the name of Caroline Rhea's character in Sabrina the Teenage Witch.
I just find this hopelessly "old stick-y".
I bet I'm the only person in the US that knows two people named Hilda ;)
My mom is named Hilda but she hates it and goes by her middle name instead. My good friend is named Hildie and she doesn't mind the name.
I think "Hildie" is cute and more modern-sounding than Hilda. But either way it's a pretty unique name!
Hilda, the name, derived from Hildr, meaning "battle", was one of the valkyrie maiden goddesses in Norse mythology. Hildr is attested in the Prose Edda as Högni's daughter and Hedin's wife in the legend of Hedin and Högni. She had the power to revive the dead in battlefields and used it to maintain the everlasting battle between Hedin and Högni.Hildr is also mentioned along with other valkyries in Völuspá, Darraðarljóð and other Old Norse poems. The Old Norse word hildr is a common noun meaning "battle" and it is not always clear when the poets had the valkyrie in mind, as a personification of battle. Also, I'd like to say this is a really nice name and it is a shame it is not used more often. :)
Sounds like the name of a Viking lady.
It's hopelessly old-fashioned, and it rather makes me think of very old women who are either in a wheelchair or walk very slowly, in a bad position, with a stick, and need a hearing aid. Also, it makes me think of morbidly obese and ugly women with hideous perms.
I always thought it was short for "Mathilda". I guess it could be used for a variety of things.
Also a feminine name in Slovenia.
I don't like this name at all. It makes me think of old ladies who are regulars of English church halls and cake-making experts.It's also associated with the fictional gossip queen Hilda Ogden in the Sixties, Seventies, and Eighties episodes of the northern English soap 'Coronation Street'.
This is a pretty good name, the nickname Hildie is cute.
Hilda Conkling, the child poet, is another bearer of the name.
It's also used in Spanish. It's pronounced EE-lda, and spelled Ilda.
Hilda is Margaret Thatcher's middle name.
Writer Hilda Doolittle was a bearer of this name.
Though Hilda comes from the Germanic world "hild" (battle), a cognate is the Old Norse "hildr", with the same meaning.
Saint Hilda was a 7th-century abbess in Whitby, England. Her feast is November 17.

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