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Gender Feminine & Masculine
Scripts 向日葵, 向日花, 日向咲, 向夏花, 陽葵, 陽周, 葵, etc.(Japanese Kanji) ひまわり(Japanese Hiragana) ヒマワリ(Japanese Katakana)
Pronounced Pron. [çì.má.ɰᵝà.ɾʲì]  [key·simplify]

Meaning & History

From 向日葵 (himawari) which refers to the sunflower, originally deriving from 日 (hi) meaning "sun" combined with 回り (mawari) meaning "rotation, circulation," from the misconception that the sunflowers follow the direction of the sun, the behaviour only occuring in immature flower buds and not in fully grown sunflowers (which faces east).
Other ways to write this name include 向日花, 日向咲, 向夏花, 陽葵, 陽周 and 葵 with 花 meaning "flower," 咲 meaning "blossom," 夏 meaning "summer" and 周, related to 回.
Added 1/9/2007 by Marlene Sinclair
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