Hinata Tachibana is the name of an anime character in Tokyo Revengers.
Gold name! Adorable and timeless.
The pronunciation listed here is absolutely wrong. No one in Japan pronounces it KHEE-NA-TA. For one thing, there is no KH sound in Japanese! For another, it's clearly written in Hiragana with a Hi (ひ) sound. I wonder if this is just an April Fool's joke that has stayed around for too long. :P
Hajime Hinata.
Pretty name, although in Finnish this name literally is a verb for "to tow". Hinata auto = to tow a car.
I like it for a boy. It sounds kinda surname-y though.
I actually really like this name for a boy, it might sound girly but if I had a son I wouldn't hesitate to name him like this, and I like the meaning it has, "sunny place" / "toward the sun", it sounds really cute.
I really love this name for a girl.
I didn't know this was a unisex name. I definitely wouldn't name a boy this.
Hinata is the name of the protagonist of Super Danganronpa 2 Goodbye Despair.
The name Hinata is also the name of the wife of the main character, Naruto, from the popular Anime and Manga, Naruto.
Hinata was given to 23 girls in America in 2016.
Hinata, used as the kanji "日向" is currently 206th place in Japan among males and "向日葵" (though the kanji "向日葵" could be used as Himawari) is currently 495th place among females, in terms of kanji (source:,
Hinata is the name of a (male) character from Fire Emblem: Fates.
The name Hinata is the main character in Haikyuu.
I love Hinata from Naruto so I have no problems with this name. It's a cute and gentle name. ^_^
There is a girl in the amine show Naruto. She secretly likes Naruto but even though she blushes and faints every time he is near her he never gets it.
Hinata is the name of a young cat girl from the H-game, "Pure Pure".
Hinata is a character in Love Hina.
This is such a cute name.
Hinata is the name of one of the Leaf kunoichi in the Naruto manga/anima.

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