I initially thought this name was a little odd when I first came across it years ago but now I love it and think it's so cool! Also love the Queen of the Amazons association!

FYI Hippo means horse and hippopotamus means "water horse" or "river horse".
Don’t like it at all.
Cool name. I love Shakespeare :)
I think this name is cool. I know it has the word “hippo” in it. It makes me think of Princess Diana’s wise, powerful mother. I couldn’t see this on a real person. I could see this on a fictional character. Like Wonder Woman’s mom!
It doesn't sound very pretty, and it has the word hippo in it.
Hippolyta is a character in the play A Midsummer Night's Dream. She is an Amazonian warrior, but when she is defeated by Theseus, she marries him and becomes a Duchess.
I've heard this name pronounced "ee-po-LEE-tah".
She was also queen of the Amazons.
I can't get over the fact that it starts with "hippo." I could never use this name on a person *or* a character.
This was the name of Wonder Woman's mother on Themyscira.
This name makes me think of a cross between a hippo and a Greek goddess. Very disturbing pictures. None the less, this name has grown on me.
Pronounced hi-PAHL-i-tah.

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