Oooh, this one is pretty!
Looks weird and you will never know how to pronounce it.
Much better than Honour.
This is my name, and one woman in each generation has borne the name for over 200 years. Our family is from Ireland, and I can categorically state that the "H" is indeed pronounced and that the emphasis is on the second syllable.
In Avatar: The Last Airbender, Zuko was always concerned with "regaining his honor," so it became a running joke in the fandom that he named his daughter Honora (until her real name was revealed).

I think it's a pretty name.
Honora is a family name, on my father's side. My aunt (and Godmother, now 98) holds it, as did my grandmother and now a cousin. My daughter intends to keep the tradition going.
This is a beautiful, rare name. It's pronounced like Ah-NOR-ah, and is a gorgeous alternative to Nora.
I think this is a beautiful name. It's rare but not bizarre, and it has a feeling of class and sophistication to it. I first came across it when researching on Titanic victim Honora Fleming.
Pronounced ON-er-ah? Yech. Sounds very tacky and pseudo-fantasy like to me.
This is amazing! I like it much better than Honor. I like Honor too, but Honora just seems more name-y to me, and the nickname Nora is stunning.
It's best pronounced with a silent H. It sounds much prettier that way. I first encountered this name while doing genealogy research on my Irish ancestry. It's a very old name. I found reference to the name Honora as far back as 1346.
This sounds almost Maori!
Wow. It's the word 'honor' with an 'a' stuck on the end. It's entitled, and not even pretty.
When you read it, it's very obvious and slightly cheesy, but said aloud it's absolutely gorgeous. On-or-uh.
This is my name. I was named after my great grandmother, and my family has always pronounced the name "Huh-nor-ah". I've also heard it pronounced "On-nor-ah", with the "H" silent, more like the word "honor".
A beautiful name, rare but not strange. I love it.

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