If I was Icelandic I would use it. I will use it for a story. I like this name.
The English spelling and pronuncation of "Raven" was derived from the Old Norse "Hrafn." In modern Icelandic "Hr" is an unvoiced R, meaning it is spoken slightly aspirated without moving the vocal cords. "F" is pronounced as a V or B in this language (in this case, V). So, despite the spelling, the name is essentially "Raven" with a funny sounding R, the "A" sounded as in "Car," and a clipped second syllable. RAH-vn, I guess?
Not really.
The H is pronounced, although not as overtly as in English.
F followed by N is pronounced as a P.
And the A is like a short U in English, like in the word "cut."
So the pronunciation is Hrupn, with the N barely heard.
I adore this name. I had never heard of it before I joined this site, and I think it would be a lovely name for a little boy.
Hei! I would just like to add that the female version of "Hrafn" is "Hrefna", it's quite a common name in Iceland and I think it's a beautiful name that deserves to be on the list here!

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