Hyacinth is the name of the youngest Bridgerton child in the book series Bridgerton by Julia Quinn and in the Netflix series.
Not feminine at all, and odd sounding. It looks cool, but saying it sounds pretty bad.
So beautiful ❤️.
I love it! It’s so beautiful and cool and unique without being made-up. I might name my daughter this. I like how it isn’t so girly and feminine-sounding like Arabella, Delilah, or Isabella.
The name for the flower comes from a Greek myth. Hyacinthus was Apollo's lover, and one day, whilst they were practicing discus throwing, the jealous west wind, Zephyros, who also loved Hyacinthus, blew the discus off course and into the youth's skull, killing him. As his way of immortalising his love, Apollo transformed the blood that ran from Hyacinthus' head into the flowers that still bear his name.
Although it's a sad story, I think it's still beautiful and shows the enduring nature of love. I understand the reluctance to name a boy Hyacinth today, but Hyacinthus was, before his death, a famed spartan warrior who had two gods and a prince in love with him, so a pretty good namesake for anyone, I'd say.
Doesn't sound very feminine for a girl's name.
Pretty and unique, but still quite pompous. I would shorten it to Cindy.
Hyacinth is a quirky name, but it has a lot of flowery vintage charm which I love. Great name!
I think this name is beautiful! :)
This is a big guilty pleasure name for me! Hyacinths are my favorite flowers, and purple is my favorite color. I love the look and unusual sound of this name, I think it just sounds so unconventionally beautiful. But it is more unusual of a name than I prefer, and I'd imagine a daughter named Hyacinth would have a difficult time spelling it and having to explain the origins of her name all the time. Maybe as a middle name, someday.
Queen Elizabeth II had a great-aunt named Hyacinth (1864-1916) and a short-lived aunt named Violet Hyacinth (1882-1893) who died from diphtheria aged 11.
This name is very pretty and cute. I like the Spanish version, Jacinta, a lot as well.
I think Hyacinth is gorgeous for a little girl! I love it.
King Hyacint I is a fictional character from the TV series "Arabela". He is played by Vlastimil Brodský.
I quite like the name Hyacinth. I know it's usually a girl's name, but the first time I saw it used as a name, it was a boy's name, so I always think of it as more of a boy's name than a girl's name, though it's beautiful for a girl as well. Really beautiful name! Where I first saw it was in the fairy tale "Prince Hyacinth and the Dear Little Princess", obviously Prince Hyacinth was a man.
A cool offbeat choice for a girl - makes a nice alternative to all the Daisies and Violets around right now. For a boy, however, mmm, trying to imagine the scene when a boy walks into a typical American kindergarten classroom and announces his name is Hyacinth. It ain't pretty.
Ah, so that's where it came from! I've changed my mind about this name. So it started out as a masculine name and turned up being feminine? Eh, what's the point? Crazy Greek myth names! :-P
Like the flower reference and pronunciation (though I don't think there would be a good nickname for it), but I wouldn't really like it for a name. Naming a child this would be like the equivalent to Ganymede, due to its association with homosexuality and other 'touchy' subjects.
Kinda hard to name a girl this especially with its sadly romantic and 'queer' association lol. It's really queer because its origin is really odd (yes and not really straight as I can tell, I just checked the whole information out. I'm surprised Apollo was involved in all of this and a lot of people have no idea but never mind) and having to be a flower makes it even more hard and confusing.
Well, it doesn't make a difference anyway whether it's based on some myth or not. After all it's just a myth but still like I said, it's kinda hard and confusing first because of it being related to a myth (even if it's not real, obviously)--and one should know how some people can be, knowing about everything in classical mythology and all that stuff--then I don't really catch on the "flowery" part and origin, it just gets more for some reason. Just uncanny.
What does the origin and myth have to do with naming a child this? True, yes Hyakinthos (Hyacinth) and Apollo were lovers. He was youth *loved* by Apollon, as it is read in many sources. So what? How can this affect the name itself? I think it'd make a beautiful name or middle-name for a girl, or boy. It is soft and the flower itself can be good reason for a name.
Pronounced as "Hiya-ceent" (short -ee-).
Hyacint´s pet forms are Hyacintek, Jacek ("Yuh-tsak"), Jacintek, Jacinta.
Hyacinth Clare Kirkpatrick is a character in Elizabeth Gaskell's novel "Wives and Daughters."
Hyacinth is the name of the crazy (but funny) lady on Keeping up Appearances. All of her sisters have flower names too like Daisy, Rose, and Violet. I love the show, but that's not why I like the name. I think of a Hyacinth as someone very happy and pleasent. Plus it is very uncommon.
I like this name, particularly because of the lovely, deep violet-indigo of the flowers. For girls, it seems extremely feminine and demure, but because of the dark colour, not too dainty, and finally, slightly androgynous because of its origin as Apollo's slain lover (and yes, don't argue; anyone who knows myths well enough could tell you they were lovers). For a boy, I would suggest it for anyone who does not want his/her son to be a rugged, macho, typically male boy. Hyacinth was athletic and strong, like a mother would want her son to be, but again, there is a slightly androgynous element to the name.
Hiya Cinth! That's what we say to my gran whose name is Cynthia.
Hyacinth is a terribly funny character on the British comedy "Keeping up Appearances." She's played by Patricia Routledge.

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