Hyapatia Lee is the stage name of a former American pornographic actress. Hyapatia is a variation of Hypatia:
Name of the day 5/13/2021.
Such a beautiful name in my opinion. It gives off an ancient yet mythical vibe that I think is great. Plus it always makes me think of the notable bearer, who was a mathematician and philosopher, which I think is cool!
It’s very beautiful. I love the meaning.
Doesn't sound right.
I don't like this name at all. It was the name of the day for May 13, 2020, and I really don't like it.
Sounds like a term for a medical condition.
Dr Hypatia Kovalevsky is one of the professors in the series STAR Academy. She specializes in astrophysics.
If I ever get to be a mom to a little girl, Hypatia Anne is one of the 2 names I currently have on my list of possibilities, AND it's currently the one on the top of the list.
I feel like this name is pretty. I feel sorry for the original Hypatia but love the name.
It sounds princessy, but that might be how I'm reading it in my head, looking at the correct pronunciation makes me think of food or a town known for something like cheese.
In English this name is pronounced hy-PAY-sha.
Sounds like "Hi, Patty!"
Pretty stuck-up sounding if you ask me.
They left out that Hypatia was skinned alive by monks for being a female intellectual. Christian monks, that is.
Just to clarify the notes on the lady Hypatia: she lived in the 5th century AD and was, I think, in charge of the Library in Alexandria when it was destroyed; leading to the suspicion that its destruction might have been for reasons of antifeminism as well as anti-intellectualism.
Sounds like a hymen related disorder. It's also extremely pretentious.
First off, you cannot have a disorder of a hymen. It's nothing but a piece of tissue. Second, the term "hymen" comes from an ancient Greek god of marriage. The letters "hy" appear throughout Greek given names. Third, I don't find this name pretentious at all. It stands out from the crowd and shows that a parent actually put some thought into naming their child. Hypatia was an ancient Greek mathematician and philosopher. She was also considered a woman of virtue.
Naming your child "highest, supreme" might well be a bit pretentious - and a little ironic if she turns out to be a non-intellectual. Aside from that, this is indeed not a run-of-the-mill name, although I'd scrap the "-ia" ending and replace it with the (French-derived and definitely more classy) ending "-ine" before using it.

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