This has the coolest meaning I've ever seen! I am serious! Too bad the name's a bit ugly.
I think Idril is one of the most beautiful names I've ever heard, even though it's not a real name (unless you're from Middle-Earth). I suppose this might be a reflection of the fact that I'm really big on names from Lord of the Rings. It has a curiously leonine sound to it. It's very beautiful.
Idril is the Sindarin form of Idril's original Quenya name Itarillë/Itarildë.
I love the meaning of this! When I have kids, I want to call a girl Serenity Idril.
This should be pronounced ID-ril, not IG-ril with a "j" sound as in English drill.
That is such a cool name!
I love the name Idril since it is my own name! I have never met anyone else who was called Idril, it must be a very rare name. My parents both love The Lord of the Rings so they named me after one of their favourite characters in the Silmarillion. I love my name and it means "sparkel-brilliance" in Elvish. I think it is a beautiful name and more people should be called it.

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