Iesha is a good god given name. Most people with this name are kind, gentle, hardworking people. They are full of life, hope and are always giving towards other human beings except the ones that disgrace their name and use it to justify themselves of being evil and abandoned. Iesha also comes from many backgrounds besides African descendants. They are a mix of many backgrounds including Native American. Everyone outside of their bloodline craves for it.
Fuckutoo  11/22/2019
"Another bad creation" indeed!
TyrannosaurusRegina  2/1/2016
I love the name Aisha and a nice, appropriate variant is Ayesha. "Iesha" looks horrible and bastardized.
― Anonymous User  7/5/2014
I think Iesha is a beautiful name! One of my good friends bears this name (yet she spells it IESHIA) and she is a very nice person. She is proud of this name, despite the fact that she is white and she gets a lot of comments about it having a "ghetto sound" to it.
Ryry1996  5/6/2011
Obviously, the most correct way to spell Aisha is the Arabic. However, that's not a spelling that I would recommend for a country that uses the Latin alphabet. This site lists Aisha, 'Aisha, Ayesha and Ayishah as legitimate transcripts. I've also seen Aiesha, A'ishah, A'isha and Aiasha. (Why do we get so many spellings? Because there is no standardised way to transcribe Arabic into the Latin alphabet. That’s why we see so many different spellings of Colonel Gaddafi’s name and the word “mujahideen” in the West. Aisha is only ever spelt one way in Arabic, but there are so many different spellings in English.) And, there’s also the French transliteration Aïcha, the Turkish form Ayþe, the Swahili forms Asha and Esha, and the Croatian (?) forms Aiša and Ajša. Oh, and I almost forgot the Turkish name Ayþegül, which is a combination of Ayþe (Aisha) and gül (Turkish for “rose“). With so many beautiful legitimate spellings and forms of this name, you’d think they’d be at least one that would that would make this name easy to pronounce for Anglophones.

Personally, I don’t see why so many people are so dead set against this name just because of the spelling. I don’t dislike Iesha “because it looks ugly”, or anything like that. I dislike it since it doesn’t reflect the (beautiful) Arabic pronunciation of Aisha. Instead, it’s based on a (rather ugly) English mispronunciation of it. All the transcripts I listed above are correct because they show the Arabic pronunciation. Iesha doesn’t. Please, if you want to give your daughter a beautiful Arabic name (like Aisha), find out how it’s said beforehand. The Arabic pronunciation is far more beautiful than any English one.
― Anonymous User  10/11/2009
I've just seen that the Arabic and Turkish letters didn't show up correctly on my earlier comment. I apologise for that.
― Anonymous User  10/11/2009
This is certainly "another bad creation", as it is a bastardization of Aisha. It sounds quite ugly with this spelling.
bananarama  7/30/2009
What, the original spellings and variations of Aisha weren't good enough so someone had to come up with this ugly spelling? It looks uneducated. The band that created this is fitting - Another Bad Creation - because it certainly is. Please stick to the originals: Aisha, Asha, Ayishah and Ayse are all perfectly acceptable versions. OK the ranting is over now. :}
Arieanne  3/27/2009
If my parents hadn't decided on my present disgusting name, I would've been named this. I find it light, pretty, and the image of simplicity. The ideal name for a girl. Maybe I'll change my name to this.
IronTears  6/9/2008
I don't get this need to bastadize Arabic and African names. If you have actual ties to the countries or cultures they come from, you use them without bastardization. Otherwise you just make it seem like you can't quite spell.
― Anonymous User  6/4/2008
... this is a joke, right? Because naming your daughter "Anna" or "Charlotte" makes her more American, yes? Even though those are English and French names.

You wanna hear real American names? Pocahontas. Nanuq. Y'know, names that originated in America.

The fact that anyone would think that someone's name validates their American-ness is laughable to me. There was so much ignorance in that comment that I'm fighting the urge to throw up.
Icycoldhot  5/12/2015

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