Ina is very interesting. I don't see the appeal. I like Ida a LOT better.
Ina May Gaskin is a famous midwife and author. She has a marvelous book out called Spiritual Midwifery.
Little bit better than boring looking Ana, but similar looking Ida sounds more stronger and mature. Ina is simple name, no good and no bad, just alright.
Very pretty! Also my friend's name.
Variant of the German number Eins.
I'd like this name if it was pronounced IE-na. I still like this name when pronounced EE-na in an American accent, but when you pronounce it that way in a Filipino accent, Ina reminds me too much of the Tagalog word for "mother", hence why I *probably* wouldn't use this name. But if I named my little girl Ina she probably wouldn't be bullied, I had a classmate whose surname started with Porn-and no one ever bullied him, I also saw a contestant on a Filipino Show named "Ynah" which is pronounced as EE-na.
Kinda cool.
It looks very German to me.
Ina Benita (1 March 1912 – 9 September 1984) was a popular Polish actress of the interwar period. She was born Inna Florow-Bulhak in Kiev, then part of the Russian Empire. Her father was Mikołaj Gerwazy Bułhak and her mother was Helena Jeszczenko. Both of Benita's parents considered themselves Poles and were going to move to Cracow, but when World War I broke out their plans were delayed.
Ina Lu (Chinese name: 呂怡慧), born 1982 in Taiwan, is a South African Chinese beauty from Johannesburg. She was Miss Chinese International 2006. Instead of taking an offer to join the Hong Kong entertainment industry right away by signing with TVB, Ina returned to Johannesburg to continue her studies.
Ina Claire (born Ina Fagan, October 15, 1893 – February 21, 1985) was an American stage and film actress. She made her film debut in Cecil B. DeMille's "The Wild Goose Chase" (1915). She is best remembered today for her role as the Grand Duchess Swana in the romantic comedy "Ninotchka" (1939), directed by Ernst Lubitsch and starring Greta Garbo.
Ina Césaire (born in 1942 in Martinique) is a Martinican playwright and ethnographer. In her 1981 article "Littérature orale et contes," she discusses how Caribbean story tales are true "révélateur" of that [Caribbean] spirit and affirms that the role of Caribbean folktale is to represent the culture.
Ina Rama (born 21 November 1972 in Durrës) was the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Albania from 2007 to 2012. She was appointed in 2007, to replace Theodhori Sollaku, who had been removed from office through a procedure later ruled unconstitutional by the Constitutional Court of Albania. Nevertheless, Rama was not removed from office in order to restore Sollaku.
Ina Donna Coolbrith (March 10, 1841 – February 29, 1928) was an American poet, writer, librarian, and a prominent figure in the San Francisco Bay Area literary community. Called the "Sweet Singer of California", she was the first California Poet Laureate and the first poet laureate of any American state.
Dr. Ina Chan (born 1 March 1953), also known as Ina Chan Un Chan, is a businesswoman and philanthropist in Hong Kong. She is the Chairman of UNIR (HK) Management Limited which manages a diverse investment portfolio consisting mainly of hospitality, realty, leisure, retail and transportation businesses.
Gender: Feminine

Usages: Latvian

Meaning: Latvian short form of Inese as well as a short form of names ending in -Ina.

(Information from name #210715 originally submitted by user m4yb3_daijirou)
My real name is Angelina but literally everyone I know refers me to as Ina (EE-na). I love my name because it's simple and unique. Like how many people have you met named Ina? Probably not more than one. One of the only annoying things about it is that people constantly pronounce it "I-na" with the long I. No offense, but I don't really like Ina with the long I because it sounds unnatural and too serious. I know I'm pretty late compared to other comments but I just wanted to see what other people think of it and put out my opinion. Happy New Years btw! :)
Worst diminutive ever. Like a fractured piece of a real nickname.
Ina means "mother" in Filipino.
Ina (EEE'-nuh) Gittings, a University of Arizona faculty member & homesteader had a road & a University building named after her. Tucson natives, newspaper readers, & other educated people do pronounce it "EEE'-nuh", but there are so many new residents who hear the mispronunciation by ignorant reporters on TV that it's more common now, except around the University or among longtime Tucson families. We can tell a native or educated reader by his or her pronunciation of Ina (EEE'-nuh) Road. By the way, an easy way for visitors & newcomers to remember the correct pronunciation: Ina Road runs along the foothills of the Catalina Mountains.
This name reminds me of the lovely film, television and stage actress Ina Balin. Ina pronounced with the long I: eye•na.
In 2018, 78 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Ina who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 1, 556th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
The origin is from Sanskrit. The meaning of this name is independence or freedom.
Too short for my liking as a full name.
Ina should be short for Catharina, Emelina, and names like that. Not a big fan of those names, but at least they have a meaning unlike Ina.
I've always heard that Ina meant pure.
There is a road in Tucson named Ina Road that most Tucsonans pronounce as EYE-na, although the correct pronunciation is EE-na.
Singer Anita Carter went by her middle name; her first name was actually Ina (pronounced with a long "i.")
The name Ina was given to 56 girls born in the US in 2015.
My name is Ina, pronounced I-NA. I was named after my grandmother, who lived in Southeastern Kentucky. As a child I did not like the name (I could not locate a key chain with my name on it, Lol!) But I learned to appreciate the name as I got older. I love my name! I get all types of pronunciations like, E-NA, Tina, Nina, Ida, Anna... I don't mind. I answer to them all!
My name is Ina and it's like E-na but most people call me I-na. :3 It doesn't matter because I'm used to it. There's this guy named Ivan and he says it like Enya. There's only about 4 people who have said my name right the first time. My art teacher said "I-na" then I corrected her and she said "that's what I was thinking" while other teachers asked "is it I-na or E-na?" And then my classmates would say loudly "it's E-na!" I used to answer but now I let my classmates say it for me. I've been to quite a lot of schools for my age and there's always at least 2 people who say it wrong. By the way, I like this name because it's unique.
One of my friends uses this name as a nickname for Catherine. She pronounces it as EE-NAH.
In Urdu آئینہ (pronounced IE-nə) means "mirror".
I think this is one of the few short names that can stand alone and be beautiful. Ina Garden is one of my favorite chefs on food network!
A variant also is Catherine, using 'Ine' and adding an 'a'.
Ina (pronounced I-na) was my great grandmother's name. She did not like it, but I do because I associate it with her. Their family did not like nicknames, so they gave their children names that were already short. It didn't always work of course. My grandmother Rae got called Pinky by friends because of her red hair.
Ina Garten: Chef/Host of Food Network show Barefoot Contessa.
In the USA, most people pronounce it I-nah instead of EE-nah.
I think, because the name is so short, that you need a fairly strong personality to carry it.
Ina is also Croatian.
This name is also used in Limburgish, where it is pronounced as EE-nah (the same as the Dutch pronunciation). [noted -ed]
The Dutch pronunciation is EE-nah:
Too minimalist for my taste. It's not utterly silly or infantile, but people will assume it's short for something.
I think it's really pretty when pronounced "Ee-na", and of course there is the cute little girl from "The Tunnel".
Also a feminine name in Slovenia.
It is also very common in Romania, even as a name.
The pronunciation of my name is "I NA". The I is a long "I" instead of sounding like "E NA".

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