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I like this name but I'm not of Indian descent, so I can't use it on a child.
Hekate Rose  7/23/2019
Everyone calls me Indie and my name, although spelt Indira is pronounced Indra.
― Anonymous User  6/14/2019
Lovely name, lovely meaning.
kayisforkeen  9/15/2018
The name also seems to be used in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and among some other Turkic minorities in Russia (such as the Bashkirs). In the Kazakh Cyrillic and Kyrgyz alphabets, it is written as "Индира" while it is "ىيندىيرا" in Kazakh Arabic.

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- -- bearers in Kazakhstan
-Индира_Жағыпарқызы_Бабатаева (in Kazakh)
-Индира_Миллатқызы_Омарова (in Kazakh)
-Индира_Жолдубаева (in Kyrgyz).
highexpectasians  8/29/2018
The name Indira was given to 21 girls born in the US in 2016.
― Anonymous User  2/28/2018
Indira Jgerenaia is a Georgian singer.
― Anonymous User  2/11/2018
I can't wait to use the name Indira for my future daughter after reading the lovely comments especially its etymological meaning of the name. Though not common in Ghana, I hope to promote its adoption after naming my lovely daughter with this great name. Indira is an answered prayer to my request for a baby girls name. Francis from Ghana.
Okocha  12/26/2017
Indira Gandhi was an Indian politician and central figure of the Indian National Congress party, and to date the only female Prime Minister of India. Indira Gandhi was the daughter of India's first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru. She served as Prime Minister from 1966 to 1977 and then again from 1980 until her assassination in 1984, making her the second-longest-serving Prime Minister of India after her father.
lilolaf  2/11/2017
Indira Radić is a Serbian pop-folk singer. Born in Bosnia, she left for Belgrade, Serbia during the Yugoslav wars and the release of her first album. She has established herself on the music scene of the former Yugoslavia and Bulgaria.
lilolaf  2/11/2017
My mother had another name in mind for me but then my dad decided my name should be INDIRA, no way around it. He also told me it was In-dira (in Spanish emphasis on the first "i"). I've been using INDY due to most people finding my given name hard to pronounce or follow, even after spelling it out. But after reading these comments, I'm proud of my full name and going back to INDIRA. I thought it meant SPLENDID (looked it up once) but I also love that it means BEAUTY. It truly is a beautiful, one of a kind name and I will be proud to say it aloud from now on to everyone when they ask me what my name is.
indiralineth  11/28/2016
Some nicknames for Indira could be Indi or Dira. I have a friend named Indi.
Sania01  7/23/2016
I am 50 years old and my name is Indira. I read all of the comments and they made me very very happy to see how many people really like the name. I love it and I live daily representing the meaning of INDIRA.
Indisecrets  6/26/2016
It is actually pronounced in-dee-ra and sounds beautiful when pronounced properly.
Love my name.
Indeeera  2/19/2016
I love all the comments! My name is Indira Violeta, I'm from Mexico. After reading and learning more about my name, I'm happy!
indira777  1/6/2015
Indira is the first name of the actress who provided the voice of Daphne Blake for the first 17 episodes of the animated cartoon series "Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!" before being replaced by Heather North for the last eight episodes (Indira Stephanianna Christopherson is her full name).
Mario500  2/11/2014
What an absolutely beautiful name! And very rare. I love the combo Indira Josephine.
tsarinaoftheplains  11/21/2013
The name Indira was given to 53 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
Oohvintage  7/19/2013
What a stunning name. This name is perfect for its meaning of "beauty" - it's gorgeous! I love it.
sunshinechild67  12/11/2012
Beautiful name, beautiful meaning. My favorite I name for a girl.
italiannames  11/4/2009
I think that my-name-is-more-unusual-than-yours is better then I-have-the-same-common-name-as-a-hundred-other-girls.
Alaric  4/3/2009
Indira Vladić-Mujkić is singer in the Croatian band Colonia.
enchy  3/9/2009
I find the name, when pronounced in English and not in the correct way, absolutely terrible. It's not exactly ugly, but it sounds so like the name of a snobby, I-am-better-than-the-rest kind of girl.
LoQuiero  2/11/2009
Indira "Indie" Konkipuddi is the main character in the book Indie Girl by Kavita Daswani.
bibi66  10/13/2008
Indira Naidoo is an Australian TV presenter and journalist of Tamil descent. She pronounces her name IN-DEE-RAH.
somethingorother  6/4/2008
I absoutly LOVE this name. It's stunning, beautiful, regal and I can't wait to use this name. The correct pronunciation of this name can be both In-Dee-Rah or In-Di-Rah; but it sounds great either way.
Kalanitakashi  3/20/2008
Just for all of you who think it is pronounced "in-deer-a", it is actually pronounced "IN-thra". Sorry to crush the moment. :P
I think it sounds strong and nice even pronounced correctly, but not quite beautiful.
― Anonymous User  8/18/2007
A famous bearer is Indira Varma - the English actress best known for playing Niobe in "Rome" and Susie in "Torchwood".
WCSAngel  7/23/2007
Personally, I think this name is absolutely beautiful. Normally I don't particularly like 'I' names, but this one is just indescribable.
an0nymous  12/13/2006
This is a beautiful regal name. Love the way it sounds and the meaning. I would use Indy as a nickname when young, and the full name in adulthood.
kookiemonster71  7/21/2006
The meaning of the name doesn't suprise me. It is such an elegant name.
ladyknight  7/9/2006
I think Indira is such a stunning name and I love the meaning.
Mommy2B  5/3/2006

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