Name of several popes. Obviously, it won't be used on the average Joe, and it's kinda silly to think so.
noisynora  2/5/2021
Okay so HUH? I can not stand names like Innocent, Thankful, Precious etc. Don't do this to a child who could get a cute name like Ina!
Shadow and Revenge  2/5/2021
Silly as a name.
someone-  5/15/2020
Meet my son Innocent, and his brother, Guilty.
― Anonymous User  5/4/2020
Outdated, probably sounded nice back then.
nylonpanda  10/22/2019
Met my first Innocent today. He is from Zimbabwe and is a licensed physical therapist in New York. Very pleasant gentlemen. I told him that he was the very first Innocent human I had ever met.
Hammerit  2/8/2018
Innocent is also used in French, although at the moment it's considered very old-fashioned.
Acajou  4/23/2017
This name was given to 5 boys in 2013 in America.
cutenose  2/23/2016
"Innocent" as a name?! BARF! This is mean to name a poor child this!
― Anonymous User  7/19/2015
The triplets who tormented me through out my childhood: Blessing, Precious and Innocent.
Rosalba  6/6/2015
This name is listed as a masculine name. I think any little boy named this will no doubt be teased at school everyday. I do not recommend this name for any child, boy or girl. However, it would be funny if a celebrity named their child 'Innocent' just to see if the name would rise in popularity.
Ashleigh Gurlcat 123  2/20/2015
Dumbest name I have ever heard. The parents were either very troubled, crazy, or dopes to name their kid Innocent... Poor kid.
― Anonymous User  11/7/2010
This name is crazy and gives the impression that the parents want their daughter to be a virgin or else she's a slut. Barf.
bananarama  8/28/2008
You'd have to be insane to name your son this today. Now, since this is a masculine name, my humble guess is that this name was actually supposed to refer to the good nature and reliability and respectability of a man instead of his virginity, but maybe some modern religious kooks who believe in equal opportunity slut shaming would name their son this and then get him some type of male chastity belt to make sure he remains ''innocent'' until he marries, bwahahaha. At least, those are the type of people that come to mind when I try to imagine what type of loonies would use this pompous name that certainly sets up some interesting expectations.
slight night shiver  6/5/2008
Just imagine, "Hello there I'm Innocent!" That is SO funny. Especially if they were in court or something, and they weren't innocent.
smurphul  11/16/2007
BHWAAAAAAAA! That's just so weird it's funny.
spaz123  4/21/2007
No offense, but yeah right.
― Anonymous User  1/19/2007
Innocent would be a good name for a dog.
bibi66  1/7/2007
This would be an awkward name for a person in court.
Taydbug112  12/28/2006
It's a cute name for a newborn, but even for a child it wouldn't work. I guess maybe if it's a family name, but even then...
scarletquillraven  12/28/2006
"Hi I'm Innocent..."
That phrase alone cracks me up.
bobcat_explorer  12/21/2006
It's just a word!
― Anonymous User  7/22/2006
This name works very well as a feminine name. It is a great name for a girl.
nelirosala  6/22/2006

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