This name is SO cute! I love it!
I love the name and place Ireland. Place names have become so normal & modern type names & Ireland is the best one in my opinion! I also love the nickname Ira.
Why name your child after a country? Maybe for patriotism, but that seems a little too far. Regardless this name is okay. Not one I would use, but I don't have a problem with it.
Ireland is also sometimes used as a masculine given name in English. However it's more common for females. So, I think that the "Gender" of this name should be changed from "Feminine" to "Feminine & Masculine".Sources:,
Uh, this name is used? It's just a country!
It's nice, but it doesn't flow too well and I can't think of any good nicknames.
Nah just doesn't flow off the tongue properly.
I’m not a big fan of country themed names, naming a girl Ireland is like naming a child America, Canada, or India. I wouldn't make fun of whoever has this name, but I DEFINITELY wouldn’t give a child this name. Hopefully the child doesn’t get bullied.
To be honest, I kinda like the sound of Ireland. But I would never use it. It's kinda like India.
Still waiting for someone to name their child New Zealand.
Imagine calling out for your child in a public area, lmao.
Tacky and ridiculous name. Plus, a girl with this name will be teased constantly. If you're really that proud of your Irish heritage, then name the girl Erin; it means the exact same thing! Or give her an actual Irish name.
What's next, Yugoslavia? Even though that's not a country anymore.
I wonder if Ireland has sisters named Kenya, China and London.
I imagine Ireland's friends to be Norway, America, Russia and Canada.
I love the name Ireland! I think Ireland is one of the most beautiful places on earth & it makes me love the name Ireland. Nicknames are all the rage so, I would use the nickname Irie! I enjoy place names to an extent! But Ireland is by far my favourite!
Anyone with this name would be a complete laughing stock if her friends were called Romania, Germany, Norway, Pakistan, Brazil, Uganda, or any other country that happened to be randomly used as a name.
Okay, but what about Uganda's friend, Sierra Leone? Would she be teased?
My name is Ireland and I get so many comments on how beautiful and unique it is.
If you're really that proud of your Irish heritage it's simple, give your child an Irish name. Or Erin, which comes from Eireann (Irish for Ireland). Americans are crazy lmao, imagine naming your child '__land'.
...Just use Irene instead.
My maiden name was Ireland and I'm considering using this as a first name if I ever have another girl in the future. I think it's a beautiful first name and the name has a connection to me because it used to be my last name. Think what you want, I like it.
I named my daughter Ireland in 1999. A reason was she is half Irish and I wanted an Irish name but not your typical one. I chose Ireland. She also has a beautiful hyphenated middle name, to go with that strong first name: Janiece-Rhiannon. All of which were given to me with great thought and reasoning behind them. She's had nothing but extremely beautiful and positive comments about her name on a daily basis. I'd really be interested to know exactly how many Irelands there are in the world today? We call her Irie for short, which is a play on the original starting with an 'E'.
I love the name Ireland. Our daughter is named Ireland so obviously I like it. We didn't choose the name because of Irish heritage, although yes, we have Irish heritage. I was searching and searching for names for our daughter who was a big surprise. We have 3 teenage boys and we wanted something different. We went over every name possible, it felt like. I saw the name Ireland, and it just stuck. No matter what other names we considered we kept going back to Ireland. I think it is very ignorant to tell people they are stupid or that naming a child a certain name is stupid. You have no idea what went into choosing a name or the reasons behind it. Ireland is a beautiful place with a rich history. If someone named their child after a different country (and there are many named after countries, cities, etc.) I wouldn't laugh. I would assume it meant something to the parents... as does the child!
Using the name of a country is a common practice. The name "India" has been used as a feminine name for almost two centuries. Ireland is just as lovely. I am Irish and I like it very much.
I just had my daughter on 11/22/15, and named her Ireland Aurora. I am all German with Cherokee Native American background on both sides of my family, and her dad is French Cajun with Blackfoot Tribe, so zero Irish blood. My siblings and I all got Irish names from our German dad: Jared, Kaitlin, Kiera, Gavin, Rigel. I just love unique Irish names thanks to him. My cat is Riley. My son's middle name is Rilyn. So, I went to Ireland for my 25th birthday, fell in love with the scenery, people, culture, even the hard knock life of survival during the potato famine. 2 years later, I was pregnant with my daughter. I had Jasmine Aurora picked out since I was a kid for my future daughter, but Ireland slipped into my head while pregnant, and Jasmine went out the window!
Ireland Aurora is so very beautiful to me, and we've gotten TONS of compliments on it. I know the new friends I made in Ireland would laugh at it, but that made it all the better to me, since it's a gay folk anyways! We call her "Irie" for short, which is a Jamaican term meaning everything's alright. "Irie. Respect." are often said together.
I cherish the name, but also get why people would scoff at it. Not everyone can like even one name. Someone will always dislike a name.
I am three-quarters Irish (the other quarter being German) and I find this name completely silly and ridiculous. No one in Ireland would be stupid enough to give their kid this as a name. If you're that proud of your Irish heritage, just use a real Irish name! It's that simple!
My name is "Ireland" and my nickname is "Irish". Funny right? :D
My sister's names are "Russia Amei" and "Kim Athens". People do love our names and we don't get bullied. In fact, they love our names because it's uncommon. My teachers always tease me if I was conceived in Ireland lol. I live in Philippines BTW. I'm planning to go to Ireland someday! :D I do really love my name!
A school teacher's daughter was named Ireland. They called her Landy. Twin of Isabella.
I am named Ireland and I get lots of complements. It's a nice name. Me and my friends joke about it a lot, but not in a mean way.
After eleven years together we got a HUGE surprise... we were expecting. We always thought that IF we were ever able to conceive it would be a boy considering there's only been one girl born in my husband's family in the last fifty years. Well we go for our sonogram and get our second surprise- no boy, we were having a girl. We came up with a few names but nothing fit, then I came across the name Ireland I thought it was unique, beautiful, and strong sounding I asked my husband (who is Irish & Italian) what he thought and instantly we knew we found it. On 10/14/2014 our precious Ireland Rose graced us with her presence. Her name is loved by all who know or meet her, her nicknames are 'Iley, Rose, or Rosie, they are uniquely, amazingly adorable just like her and I couldn't imagine her named anything else!
Erin means 'Ireland'. However, I probably wouldn't use Ireland as a name myself. Mainly because half my family lives there and it'd be a bit strange. I do have a daughter named Erin though.
This looks really stupid as a name.
It's a cool name :)
We named our beautiful daughter "Ireland" and call her "Irie" mostly; we didn't know a Baldwin named his daughter Ireland until after we decided. For those who use the words "hate, pathetic, ridiculous, etc" to describe your opinions about the name... You sound like mean teenage girls, who knows, maybe you are. And, I am sure you would not say those hurtful opinions to anyone's face, who named their children Ireland, because most cyber bullies are really cowards. And we researched the name extensively so nothing on this board is news to us. Please think about the young girls (and boys) named Ireland that will read these comments and see such hateful opinions by you few close-minded bullies.
My parents named me Ireland Elise (inspired by Alec baldwins daughter) and I have really mixed feelings about my name. I've always gotten a lot of attention because of it. When I first tell my name to people, at first they don't believe me. I remember sitting in class and learning about the potato famine in history, and the teacher not being able to say "Ireland" without the entire class turning to stare at me. It gets rather annoying, and sometimes I'm self conscious about it, but at the same time I also love it's rarity (I agree with the previous comments that it also sounds strong, sophisticated, and eloquent). Although sometimes I wish they had decided to name me just Elise instead.
That comment sounded more negative than I had intended :p I forgot to mention how many compliments I receive on my name. Most people tell me how beautiful of a name it is.
I love this name for a girl or a boy. Very poetic. I don't see why it would be regarded as a female name only.
I really wish people would understand that just because a word sounds pretty doesn't mean you can use it as a name! My god!
I personally love this as a name! It sounds so strong and beautiful, It really reminds me of Merida in the new film 'Brave', I know that Merida is Scottish and the film is set in Scotland but she is the sort of person I imagine when I think of this name, a beautiful firey red-head holding a bow and arrow!
Also, if the child was teased for having this name or they didn't like it, they could shorten it, come up with some kind of nickname or even use their middle name!
I'm from Ireland and this name would never be used! I advise you if you name your child this don't and I mean DON'T come to Ireland - the slagging she would get would be unbelievable! Just DON'T! Oh and I also think naming people after places isn't right! There is place names and then there is person names!
I actually picked Ireland as a name for my daughter long before I had ever even heard it had been used by the Baldwins. I picked it mainly because countries for names go back in my wife's heritage. Her Great Grandma's name was India, her middle name is Jamacia, and her great great grandma's middle name was also India. There is no trend here. I've actually been to Ireland, and I'm 1/4 Irish, although that didn't even matter when picking the name. I call her Eire for short though.
Hate, hate, hate this name! I've come across a lot of Americans using it because of some Irish heritage. What's wrong with an actual Irish name rather than... Ireland? Honestly, they would be laughed at if they lived here in Ireland. While Americans tend to say Eye-er-land, we say Ar-land. Big difference. Has to be one of the worst names I've ever come across. Using Éireann would even be better.
Simply horrible. It doesn't even mean anything, it's just a country name!
Would you name a child Canada? Norway? Azerbaijan? No? Then don't name them Ireland.
No, you probably wouldn't name your child Canada, Norway, or Azerbaijan, but there are country names people use normally. India, America (rarer). There are some it's just not so common. I think this name is beautiful.
Ireland Baldwin is the only famous Ireland thus far, and her parents call her "Addie". Ok, how do you go from Ireland to Addie? But it's their kid. So that's one cute nickname for Ireland.
Completely ridiculous as a person's name. It's rather amusing how all of these people on the current Irish name bandwagon tend to use names (or at least spellings of them) that are not actually Irish! If you're really so proud of your Irish heritage and aren't just using a faux Irish name because you're 1% Irish and Irish names are trendy now, you'd know enough to pick a real Irish name that is actually used in Ireland! (And of course, since Ireland was so dominated by Great Britain for so long, you would not have found a huge number of Irish people before the modern era with names like Aidan, Liam, Aoife, or Niamh, but that's another story.)
The problem I have with the name Ireland is that in Ireland you'd sound very silly and in nearly all other countries it is pronounced differently than we in Ireland pronounce it.
I think this name is ridiculous. Do you have Irish heritage? Why not use an Irish _name_, then? My family comes from Finland but I would never, ever name a daughter (or son?) that.
This name is actually an older coinage from the 1800s. It was used in America in cities in which the Irish population was growing rapidly. It was used as a nickname, and on males not females.
This name is pathetic. Nobody in Ireland would name their daughter Ireland. It's hilarious (and a lot of Irish prefer to call their country Éire anyway.) To American Hibernophiles: if you feel so attached to your Irish heritage, why don't you just give your daughter an Irish name, like Aoife or Morrigan?
Yuck. People choose this name because they are too proud of their "Irish" heritage. They don't even realize that people in Ireland do not use this as a given name. It's also unfortunately the name of Alec Baldwin's daughter.
I, personally, do not like this recent trend of naming children after countries and continents. Ireland is a bit tacky and getting too popular for my tastes.
Dainty but a mouthful! Laura Wattenberg, author of "The Baby Name Wizard", suggests that Ireland is "most promising as a middle name choice."
I'm usually not a fan of place names, but I got to admit this one sounds really pretty. I like it in theory, but I don't think I'd ever use it. Place names are trendy at the moment, so it's a bit of a turn off.
Well, one poster said we would laugh her off the island. That is certainly not true. We love these sorts of things. I like this as a name. I also like Erin, but prefer Eireann (The true Irish spelling of the word Ireland).
I'm usually not a fan of country names, but I gotta admit that this is a really cute name!
'Ire' is an old-fashioned, rather poetic word for 'rage' or 'fury', so the connotations attached to this name go beyond all the nice little stuff about the country and its culture. Besides, this seems like the name people who have no connection to Ireland whatsoever pick because they think it sounds pretty, and it just shows that they probably don't know anything about the country. People with Irish roots, however, would not use this. The name sounds very bizarre outside the US, quite frankly. Europeans, and the Irish in particular, of course, would find the name amusing.
It's pronounced are-land around here. Dublin that is.I don't like naming people after place names (even if the place name was named after a person). It doesn't sound right. It's likely to get the child bullied as well. I know I personally would laugh at someone with this name.
I don't like the idea of naming a child after a country. Can you imagine little Ireland going to Ireland? People would probably laugh her off the island. It is sort of pretty, at least, better than naming your kid 'French Guiana' or something. Erin would make a better choice, except that it's sort of boring and tired these days.
I personally hate this name. Think about naming your kid Canada or Mexico. Really.
Why not call your daughter Erin? It means the exact same thing!
It is a little odd and I would never say that someone's name is invalid but I think I know a little too much history to name my child after any country. Almost anywhere I can find a bad omen. Ever read Johnathan Swift? His essays say a lot and, yes I do realize that he is being sarcastic about the children. I just would probably want to avoid any omens like that, in jest or not.
I see it as a name that can easily be teased. Especially is the child is over average weight - "LAND". I say - pick Erin instead.
Ireland is a beautiful name, and anyone who says otherwise is a very narrow-minded person.
It's a nice sounding word. But I don't think I would use it myself, though. It doesn't sound much like a name to me. Maybe that's just because I've never met someone with this name, and it's pretty new and uncommon.
Ireland?! What sick person would name their daughter that?
The thought of Ireland as a first name hadn't occured to me before - though, as one poster remarked, most places are named for people in the first place, not visa versa. Though, I see it as more of a middle name than a first name.
From a European perspective, this really is hilarious as a given name. I can't understand why anyone would want 'LAND' as part of a name. Could you get anymore place-namey?! And, in response to an old comment above, most places certainly aren't named after people!
I love this name because it is classic. My daughter is named IRELYN. I think it is beautiful but without the "d" at the end of it it does not sound as harsh. A beautiful name for a beautiful girl.
I have been recently attracted to this name as well, but I do have one teeny tiny question. What would anyone use as a nickname for this because I know that personally I would not want to have everyone calling me "Ireland" all of the time.
Ireland is a very pretty name, for myself I don't know if I would use it or not, maybe a middle name. I have Irish in my background and would love to see Ireland one day so maybe that is what draws me to this name.
This is a very beautiful name. Probably the only name of a country that I actually like being used on a person. When I hear this name, I picture a young girl with long red hair, brown or green eyes, and a very friendly personality.
We named our daughter Ireland 8 1/2 years ago when it was virtually unheard of. I've never heard more compliments on a name, EVER. It's insane how many positive compliments she receives daily. She loves her name! Unfortunately it's gaining popularity faster than I had hoped. As for a previous poster commenting on it being silly to name your child after a country. Maybe that person should do some research on how the country GOT IT'S NAME in the first place! It was named AFTER a person, just as almost all other place names are. Ireland. People are so shallow sometimes. They don't look at the entire picture. That person probably has a "place" named after her too. Just something to think about.
In the recent spate of place names, this one is actually very pretty. Lovely sound.
I love this name! And, personally, I would seriously consider using it for a little girl. It also reflects my strong Irish heritage.
I think this is a lovely name. I love names of countries, such as India and China and Ireland. It suggests a certain elegance and sophistication.
Kathy Ireland is an actress.
This name has never entered my head for a child, but thinking about it, I can see why people like it. I think it's a beautiful name.
My daughter's name is Ireland Celeste and I have received more compliments about how unique and beautiful her name is than I have ever heard given about any other name!
I think Ireland is a rather silly name. You would never name a child Sweden or Russia, would you?
Alec Baldwin and Kim Bassinger have a daughter named Ireland Eliesse.

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