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Member since   April 6, 2007
Real name Gabrielle ( I go by Gabby)
Location Infront of my computer O_o...duh
Birthday September 8
Salutations! A little bit about me:
I LOVE 80's music, specifically Michael Jackson. He's seriously God's gift to music, I'm not even joking :D Best song ever is Billie Jean. Hands Down. If you see this, I love you, Mike :D

Now back to me:) As I mentioned earlier, I suffer from severe 80's nostalgia, so if you see me coming your way with teased hair and legwarmers, don't be surprised ;) I also love TV. My top shows are The Sopu, Dog Whisperer, The Cosby Show, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Family Matters and various reality shows. Feel free to talk to me:)

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