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Gender Masculine
Scripts Ισμαηλ(Ancient Greek)

Meaning & History

Spanish and Portuguese form of ISHMAEL. This is also the form used in the Greek Old Testament.
Other Languages & CulturesIsmail(Albanian) Esmail, Isma'il, Ismail(Arabic) Ishmael, Samuel(Biblical) Shemu'el, Yishma'el(Biblical Hebrew) Ismahel, Samuhel(Biblical Latin) Samuil(Bulgarian) Samuel(Czech) Samuel(Danish) Samuel(Dutch) Samuel(English) Ismo, Samuel, Samuli(Finnish) Ismaël, Samuel(French) Samuel(German) Shmuel(Hebrew) Sámuel(Hungarian) Samuele(Italian) Samuel(Jewish) Samoil(Macedonian) Ismail(Malay) Samuel(Norwegian) Esmail(Persian) Samuel(Polish) Samuil(Russian) Samuel(Slovak) Samuel(Swedish) İsmail(Turkish) Ismail(Uyghur) Sawyl(Welsh)
Same SpellingIsmaël


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