This name sounds absolutely sexist, not gonna lie.
Most overused name ever.
Cute, but I wouldn’t use it.
Also a Maranao and Tausug name.
This name is cute! I like the nicknames it can have and the meaning behind it. I also like Ishmael.
Spanish pronunciation is [eez - ma - EHL]. [noted -ed]
It's the best name in the world and none of the other names are above it.
Ismael Quílez is an Argentine football defender who plays for Aldosivi of the Argentine Primera División in Argentina.
Not very flattering or much appealing but over in the States, which is my home country, this name is said as: Is\iz-mail.
This name is pronounced Iz-ma-él.
I think Ismael is the SEXIEST name any man could have. And it sounds almost just like it's spelled ( IZ may el ). Also, if you like uncommon names, Ismael is the perfect name. Well, as long as you don't live in Mexico or Spain or many other Spanish speaking places, Ismael is very uncommon (and sexy).

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