This is the name of my youngest niece. My brother in law picked the name. Naming her after a comic book character with the name Iria. My sister was fine with the name considering she picked out their last two kids' names. My niece is Iria Celeste and people have complimented her on the name countless times. I am surprised to see the name on this sight and had assumed it was a form of Iris or something.
I accidentally typed this. But I think this name is very pretty.
Galician pronunciation is /ˈi.ɾjɐ/. [noted -ed] -- consider Galician Iria to be derived from "Prerromano / Galaico: Pedra, vila (Iria foi unha guerreira celta). De iria Flavia."

The Galician form of Irene is Iría.
Portuguese Iria and Galician Iria are two different names.
This name was given to 6 girls in America in 2013. Also was strangely given to 5 boys in 1927!
Iria: Zeiram the Animation is a six episode original video animation anime series produced by Ashi Productions and directed by Tetsurō Amino.
Name Iria is of an Illyrian origin - a name given to Illyrian goddess which personifies the Roman goddess Venus.
Warning: Rortuguese Iria and Galician Iria are different names. Port. Iria (stressed in the second i: Iría) perhaps comes from gr. IRENE. But Gal. Iria (stressed in the first i: Íria) comes from the place-name Iria, with prerromane origine).
Iria was the 14th most popular name for girls born in Galicia in 2011. (Source: Instituto Galego de Estatística).
This name is so pretty! I like it better than Irene, which is much more common (in the English language).
Iria Flavia was the Roman name of the current town of Padron.

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