So over used and it sounds way too long and clunky. Doesn't roll off the tongue easily. I prefer Isabelle. But would only use as a middle name.
I’ve always thought this name sounded pretty. It’s also fun to say, plus the history of the name is interesting enough. The name does sound a bit young, however. And I have seen a lot of people saying that this name is overused, and I agree with that somewhat.
I love this name, so beautiful! Everyone keeps talking about how common it is but I don’t know one person/kid with this name.
It’s a nice name, but I wouldn’t use since it’s so overused.
One of the few super-popular names that I really love. I do agree that it can sound a bit über-girly but it also reminds me of medieval royalty, like Matilda and Eleanor.
Isabella your boyfriend's here! TIME FOR DINNER!
It’s very elegant but way too popular.
I even like Isabel. It's very beautiful, lovely and nice spelling. I like both Isabelle and Isabella and both are very beautiful. ❤❤.
Isabela is a character in Encanto.
Not bad, I guess.
Also Latin!
Beautiful name. Common, yes, but still beautiful. I particularly like the combo Isabella Faye. If you want a name that sounds similar but isn't as common, I would recommend Isadora or Mirabella.
Isabella (Billie) Marten is a singer.
Isabella sounds so soooooothing when you say it in a slow, low voice!
I only have positive feelings about the name. It is very beautiful and soft.
I named my teddy bear Isabella but I like the name it's a pretty one!
This name is absolutely stunning, but I agree that it seems difficult to live up to. I'm not sure how something can be too refined but this is what comes to mind when I think of it. The qualities thought of when seeing or hearing this name are qualities that I don't believe a normal human person can be. I think of someone that is impossibly perfect. Impossibly graceful, impossibly skilled, impossibly well-read and spoken, impossibly patient and kind, loveable and that of the sort. Someone who is practically untouchable and unattainable.
Yes, I think it's fancy and sophisticated and it is classical and makes me think of poetry, ballet and sonnets and someone who is aloof and privileged in life.
My stuffed animal bears name is Isabella! Ella and Isa Are pretty nicknames!
When I hear the name Isabella, I think of Italy, the queens, Measure for Measure, etc, but I never think of any of the modern references people always mention. This is such a beautiful name. I've heard that it is common, but I've never met anyone with this name. It actually seems like a name that would be difficult to pull off due to its history. Although it may be perceived as inaccessible, I do not believe it can be “ruined” by anything. I think of someone as the person described below when hearing this name. Beautiful and timeless.
My name is Isabella, but I always get called Isabelle and Elizabeth.
Isabella is a beautiful name! Izzy and Bella are cute nicknames.
This is my best friend’s name. She comes from a wealthy, reserved family. She is a ballet dancer, equestrian, violinist, pianist and fencer. She has two giant poodles that she loves more than life! She is the buttoned-up type. Sedate, studious, prim, and proper, if you will. Lovely girl with big dreams. She is sweet, kind, and gentle with a soft voice. She speaks many languages. She is very knowledgeable but never boasts. She has a calm confidence. She doesn't like the nickname BELLA. I am reminded of her when I hear this beautiful name. She is the greatest friend I have ever had and she has been so wonderful to me; we have been friends since we were babies. I have never met another Isabella and I don't think she has either. It is still one of the most beautiful names I’ve ever heard and I truly does fit my Bella.
I'm 21, and my name is Isabella. Within my heart, I love the name Isabella so much. But I’ve grown tired of hearing how common it is and “Bella like Twilight?!” I prefer the full Isabella to Bella. My parents are Italian and German and this is the name they agreed upon. I always feel the urge to change my name just to not have to continue to swim in the sea of Isabellas.
Whenever I think of this name I think of a girl with brown bright hair, freckles and glasses. I personally like this name but seems a little childish.
My husband and I have a great appreciation for this name and like it a lot. However, because of how popular this name is in our local area, we have looked at these alternatives to this beautiful name that are not overused:
MirabellaThose names might not be to everyone's taste, but those are the alternative suggestions we have received as I am in my sixth month of pregnancy and still waiting till I deliver our little precious angel.
OMG! This is my little sis's name! She is a great sister and loves to read a lot! Love the name and my sis. =-)
Isabella is a nice name and to the comment below that suggests that it is overused, I would say hardly. The name Isabella is actually quite rare these days. I suppose it might be dependent on regional popularity as opposed to wide spread use.
Isabella is a nice name, but it’s getting so popular. I know like five Isabella/Izabellas. Personally, I wouldn’t name a daughter that’s too popular, she will be among the 5 Emily’s or Olivia’s at her school. The name is nice sounding and sweet, even though the name is getting popular.
I think Isabella is a sweet sounding name that has a certain charm to it whenever I see it written or hear it, if at all. However, some comments suggest that it is currently overused. As far as my experience and analysis of data is concerned, nothing could be further from the truth. According to the Social Security data on Isabella, it starts as follows:"For 2020, the number of births with name Isabella is 12066, which represents 0.689 percent of total female births in 2020."
"The year when the name Isabella was most popular is 2010. In that year, the number of births is 22924, which represents 1.170 percent of total female births in 2010."Which means that of this year in 2021 it is far from being overused as others have alleged. Parents of today are less than likely to select the top baby names and from that account I would say that it is safer now to pick a name like Isabella than it would have been for parents choosing a name like Mary back in the year 1922 which accounted for 5.785% of baby girls born that year! Quite a contrast! :)
I must admit, Isabella has an undeniably beautiful and alluring ring to it. It's very soft and rolls smoothly off the tongue, which is nice. Its meaning: “Devoted to God” is lovely, as well.
Personally, when I hear the name Isabella, I (using an analogy) compare it to biting into something extremely rich in sugar, almost too much so. In other words, my only hesitancy regarding the name is that, although I think it would suit a girly-girl perfectly, I'm not so sure it would be equally as “suited” for a tomboy. On the other hand, however, tomboys are still girls, of course, and are still feminine in their own beautiful and unique ways. Plus, there are always the cute nickname potentials, like Izzy and Bella.
If I were going to name my daughter Isabella, I would probably pair it with a more “boyish” (or at least gender-neutral) middle name, such as Isabella Ryan or Isabella Parker, just so that, in case she happened to be a tomboy, she could choose to go by a more tomboyish name, if she so desired.
Overall, I think Isabella is a pretty name.
Very harsh sounding.
I live in the US and although I loved this name, there are 10 Isabellas in my son's class!
I wanted to name my daughter Isabella but it's so overused here and she will be confused in future. We named her Morgana Isabelle (Fan of Arthurian Legends)
But it's your opinion and you can name your daughter Isabella, Isabelle or Isabel or Izabella. It's up to you ✩★✩.
I agree. Ever since I found out how horrible, hateful, antisemitic, and Islamophobic Isabella I was, I can't hear the name Isabella without thinking about her. Isabella I and Bella Swan (aka the worst main character in the history of literature) completely ruined this name for me. I know some Isabellas who are great but this name makes me feel sick.
I have never liked this name because of that harsh sounding B. It sounds like the name of a Spanish dictator's wife or an old Italian woman.
My name is Isabella :) very lovely name, and I’m glad to have it! Sweet, soft, and elegant!
I love the name Isabella because it is beautiful and because it is my name. Although the name Isabella is common that doesn't mean that it's not special. Each name tells a story. My mom named me Isabella because it was my great grandmother's name. Once you are named you make that name your own and because the name is so common it allows people to look past the name and see my true self. When they see my true self then that means from now on my name means that. It means what I am.
My name is Isabella and I think that the name is simple but beautiful. The name Isabella isn't as smooth on the tongue as Isabelle but every name has a story and just because it's popular doesn't mean that it's not special.
Quite a lovely name indeed. Don't ruin it by calling her Izzy or Bella.
Lmao I'm not the only one who thought of The Promised Neverland. Very pretty name! Isabella's lullaby is amazing too.
Very dated.
I like Isabella the most out of all the Isa- names.
My name is Isabella! I love the name so much, but I dislike that it is overused. I have had people tell me that it is boring and a stupid name. I have always loved my name. My parents are both Hispanic and pronounce it with an accent. My cousins, sister, brother, and some friends call me Bella. I have 1-3 friends that came up with a new nickname that they call me- Isla. They came up with it by using the first two letters and the last two letters. I think it sounds beautiful, regal, and elegant, but I hate that it is so common.
Latinate and Italian form of Isabel. From Old Occitan Elisabel, from Latin Elisabeth. The initial El- was lost probably because it was mistaken for an article. The spelling of Elizabeth used in the Authorized Version of the New Testament. Borrowed from Ancient Greek Ἐλισάβετ (Elisábet), a transliteration of the Hebrew Hebrew אלישבע‎ (Elishéva, “my God is an oath”). "God is an oath," from אל‎ (“god, deity”) + נשבע‎ (“to promise, swear”).
As for someone who is named Isabella... I kinda like it in a way. I'm not totally crazy about it, but I don't hate it either. My nicknames are typically Isa, Ella, Is etc. Never something like Belle, Bella and so on, cause it makes me feel like a dog. Mostly I just go by Isa since Isabella is a very long name to be called in a daily day.
Isabella is a main character in the anime, The Promised Neverland.
I prefer Isabel/Isabelle.
Antiquated name.
I don't really like this name because of Isabella Linton in the novel Wuthering Heights, but this is better than Isabel. However, I still like Isabelle better.
So tired of hearing this name. Every other 15-20 year old girl is Izzy. It's actually getting obnoxious. Blah.
It's a lot better then just Bella!
So pretty! It also has the word "Bella", meaning "beautiful". I want to name my first child this if it's a girl. I choose between Elisabeth and Isabella since no one in my country used the latter.
This name is overused IMAO (in my arrogant opinion) and it will be like the 'Mary & John' of last century.
I completely disagree with all the hate from this name! Love this sweet sounding name. I honestly prefer this to Isabelle, but I like Isabelle too:)
I changed my mind...I do prefer Isabelle, but this is cool as well!
I find it hilarious that so many people complain that Isabella is "overused" or "too common". Of COURSE it is often used, it is another version of ELIZABETH - one of the most popular names in the world!
Very dated!
Honestly, this is probably going to be unpopular, but I love Isobel or Isobelle.
I prefer Isabelle. I don't like the two "a" thing going on, isA-bellA. Makes it sound rough. Isabelle is more delicate. Many downvotes on comments with people expressing their opinion, which is ridiculous.
Sooooo overused. Some very bad personal associations with this name as well and the nickname Izzy is just bizarre!
This name is not bad, many people like it, that's why it is so popular, but somehow there is just something not sweet about that name. Well, maybe because often it has associations with princess types or something, becoming so overused and lost it's elegance. Not bad, but getting boring!
I prefer Isabelle.
I don’t see the appeal and not a fan of the nickname Izzy at all!
I liked this name 18-20 years ago. It seems dated and overused at this point.
I admit, I liked this name about 15 years ago. Despise it now!
Sorry, but I much prefer Isabelle. It has a sweeter sound.
Why are y'all sayin' 'ya don't like Isabella? I love Isabella, and I love names related to Elizabeth. I think Isabella and Elizabeth should be friends. It's good that it's so popular, because I like it a lot! Variants: Izabella, Isabela, Isabellah, Izabela, etc. Which I like.
Also Finnish name. Finnish name day February 11. [noted -ed]
I love this name, the only downside is the popularity but honestly I think that just depends on the area you live in. I haven’t met one Isabella in my area and my friend owns a daycare! Will be using this name for my daughter, we’ll call her Belle as a nickname.
I like the name... yes the name is overused but the amount of negative comments I'm seeing on the name is irritating and you might make people who bear the name feel bad. The comments are just irritating.
WAY overused! So tired of the name Isabella and various spellings!
I like the Patti Smith song with this name in it. Also, that Spanish couple, Isabella & Ferdinand come to mind...
Beautiful name but way too popular. Everyone and their mother named their daughter this, she’ll be the 6th or 7th Isabella in her class alone.
Way too overused and so 10-15 years ago! Not a fan of the nickname Izzy at all. Just over this name!
I named my daughter Isabella (nn Issy) - she’s barely 1 and it saddens me to read such negative comments about a beautiful name. Not at all popular where I live. My only annoyance is people calling her “Is”.
What I hate more then Isabella, is those who don't even go by Izzy, Belle or Bella. It's a long name, too long, it's clunky.
Such a beautiful name. It’s a shame that it’s gotten so popular.
Beautiful, but overused. I know ten Isabellas and counting. You might like Isadora, its more stylish alternative.
Also Corsican:
You'll find numerous bearers on social media.
Also Finnish, Isabella is used alongside Elisabet in Finland. [noted -ed] The diminutive form of Isabella in Finnish is Iisa. Finnish Pronunciation: ee-sah-BEHL-la.
Isabella is a very beautiful name in every aspect, but way, WAY too common in the United States. If you want to name your child Isabella, I recommend going with a different name instead. Be aware that if you name your child Isabella, there probably will be another Isabella in her class, and she most likely will have to specify which Isabella she is. I prefer Isabela to this name. It isn't as long, isn't as common, and can easily be pronounced in Spanish, Portuguese, and Romanian. :)
While I don’t think Isabella is a bad name, it’s very common. If you want to name your child Isabella, I highly suggest you go with a different name instead. There are some similar sounding names likeAlessandra
Italian pronunciation in IPA form: /ˈbɛ [noted -ed]
Used to be one of my favorite names. I loved the name so much I named a stray dog who came to my house in 2013, Belle (NOT BELLA). She is currently 8 years old, and lives happily at my house. This dog has been there for me since I was 8 years old, and I love her.
Dutch and Danish Pronunciation: ee-sa-BEH-laSwedish and Norwegian Pronunciation: ee-sa-BEHL-laRomanian Pronunciation: ee-za-BEH-la.
It’s a great name, as all the names in the current top 10 or 20 are. That’s why they’re so popular!
Unfortunately, with so many people liking the same name, it just doesn’t really...mean anything anymore. I don’t know how to properly explain it, but names are partly for differentiating people. They help define you as well. Why would you want your kid to have to specify which Isabella/Izzy/Bella they are almost all of the time?
It's pretty but it's becoming way too over used. I prefer Isabelle.
I love it but it's too overused :((
Beautiful, classic name. One of my favorites. But sadly it has become the new "Jennifer".
I like it but it's way too common :(
This name is so beautiful but I know like 10 girls with this name- it’s getting overused.
Way too overused.
Isabella is an overrated name.
My name's Isabella and I use Isla as my nickname.
It’s a nice name! I wouldn’t personally use it, but I don’t mind it either. It’s pretty long syllable-wise, and I usually lean towards names with 3 syllables or less. This name does have great nickname potential! When I was in elementary & middle school, I knew about 5-6 Isabellas. Some went by Bella, Ella, Izzy, etc. But in high school, I moved to a different district, and as of right now, in the middle of my junior year, I still have not met any Isabellas here.
This leads me to the hypothesis that the name Isabella is more common among richer, higher-class and/or white families.
In the first district, I knew around a dozen POC, but In my current district there’s over 50 POC.
It’s also worth mentioning that the first district has around 3500 students attending the 3-grade high school and is known as an upper-middle-class district, whereas the second has about 1200 students in the 4-grade high school and the district is known as lower/lower-middle-class.
I could be very off the mark, but I believe that the name Isabella is primarily a white and upper-middle-/upper-class name.
It's not a bad name, but it became popular because of Twilight. I associate this name (in modern times) with shallow, uninventive, and childish mothers. Go kiss a vampire.
I do not like this name, just reminds me of somebody who would be extremely girly, prissy.
While it is a sweet name and a very safe choice, this has always sounded extremely flowery to me and I prefer the Scottish form Isobel. Isabella is still a classic enough name and fits in a lot of countries, so between Isabella being an extremely popular name and Malaysia being extremely popular in the country I live in, I would definitely choose Isabella.
I like this name, but I know 10 Isabellas. So a bit too common for me. But I still think it's lovely.
Isabella is my name and my parents named me not only because it sounded nice, but also after the kick-butt Queen Isabella of Castile.
This name may be overused, but I think it's beautiful. Bella makes such a beautiful nickname!
Isabella is a pretty name, and there are a couple of nicknames to choose from :]
It's common but it's such a beautiful name! Italian names are very elegant and romantic.
My name is Isabella. And yes, it is VERY used where I live, and sometimes that does bother me, but not so much anymore. I really love my name and how regal it sounds (I don't care if people say it sounds too prissy or girly or whatever, I LOVE IT), when I was younger I really wanted to be a princess just like most little girls do and my name made me feel like I was one, especially for the connection with Beauty and the Beast's Belle since in my country her name's Bela, not Belle. As for the connection with Twilight... I actually loved the book and movies growing up, and she was the first female character I'd encountered in a book with the name Isabella, not just Bella even though that's her nickname. I liked that it made me feel a bit more represented because I thought that name was only popular in my country. If you really want to name your little princess Isabella but find that name too overused where you live, try mixing it with unique middle names. I have one and it really makes me feel like my name is more unique.
I have a friend named Isabella. She's so awesome, but I wish that her name wasn't so overused. Otherwise, I would name my own kid that in the future.
Isabella= Italian variant
Isabelle= French variant
Isabel= Spanish and Portuguese variantI like all these three versions of this name.
I like this name, but it's waaaaaaay too overused now.Try some other culturesLilianna
My name is Isabella and I know 3 others. I don't mind though because we all have a variety of nicknames that we go by.
This name is beautiful, and so soft and graceful. It flows nicely. I have a cousin with this name. I wish it wasn’t so common though, as I hear Izzy’s and Bella’s everywhere! Besides its popularity, the name is absolutely gorgeous.
Isabella Barrett is a child millionaire and former “Toddlers and Tiaras” Star.
I feel this is a relatively decent name, nothing inherently wrong with it. However, it is not a name I would ever use myself as I prefer other names over it and the fact that a cousin of mine used to have a friend named this who was the absolute definition of a high-maintenance snob, let me tell you. She thought she was superior to pretty much everyone around her and likely still does. She was also very vain and disrespectful and was seen as one of the "popular" kids during school but for ALL the wrong reasons. I was thrilled when my cousin lost contact with her. In any case, I prefer "Isabelle" instead. I like the sound better.
My name is Isabella and I go by Bella. I don't really love my name but it sounds good on other people.
Last year (2018), 16 girls in Poland were named Isabella, the name was 258th in the ranking for girls.
Isabella is the name of one of the American English synthetic voices created by the Scottish company CereProc.
My name is Isabella. A few people call me Isa or Eliza for short. Not crazy about the name but I like some of the nicknames. I like Izzie, Lizzie, Isa, Eliza, Liza, etc. I do not like Bella, Ella, Belle or anything like that.
It’s a complex name (which I like) but it’s getting far too popular and its originality has dissolved.
It’s the 4th most popular girls name in the U.S.
Isabella is a beautiful name, however has become very common. It will be the new Emma, Jessica, Hannah kind of name.
My name is Isabella and honestly I think this name is pretty, it's really common for Hispanic girls like me. Search up Hispanic girl names on google and you'll see the name Isabella in 2nd. The people that don't like that name don't know what a "beautiful name" is cause they be stuck with those ugly simple names like "Molly, Sarah, Ella, Hope" like seriously. I am not trying to offend anybody with those names but you all that are hating on a freaking name? Now that's messed up.
I only know one Isabella, and she pronounces it "Is-ah-bell-ah".
This name means "pledged to God" in some language.
I was going to name my daughter either Elizabeth or Isabella. I liked Isabella more and went with it. Beautiful name. Only downside is it’s rather common where I live. There are 3 Isabellas in my daughter's class, including herself. But the kids don’t mind at all and she loves her name. That’s all that matters in the end.
In 2018, 3 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Isabella who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 314th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
I love this name. It is so sophisticated and elegant, delicate but also full of feminine strength and so very classy. I like that it is good on a child, teenager, and young/middle-aged woman. This name has such an interesting air of calm and tranquility around it. It's a pity though that it is so popular in English-speaking countries, it is so easy to get sick of it.
Iiris Ida Isabella Viljanen is a Finnish singer-songwriter and pianist. She sings mainly in Swedish and lives in Sweden.
In Poland, Isabella is pronounced ee-sah-BEL-lah.
Polish form of the name Isabella is Izabela, or Izabella, might also be Bella or Iza, however Isabella is also used more and more. I think it's becoming more popular thanks to the "Twilight" series. Last year (2017) there were 21 Isabellas born in Poland, and the name was on the 225th place in the girls' ranking.
My middle name is Isabella and I really think it is a beautiful & wonderful name!
Isabella is a lovely name, however I prefer Isabel. I like Isabella more than Elizabeth though. Izzy is an adorable nickname. I don't care about the Twilight association.
Too girly and reminds me of a spoiled junk food junkie. Not going on my name list.
I love this name. I have a very good friend named Isabella, and she is sweet and kind and clever with a colourful vocabulary and a red-hot temper. I always think of her when I hear Isabella, which is mainly a good association. Her middle name is Emily. Isabella Emily is nice, but extraordinarily popular. I bet there are about two thousand Isabella Emily's out there. Isabella Pearl would be better, or Isabella Skylark or Isabella Asha. They dilute some of Isabella's popularity.
Since someone mentioned Isabella County, Michigan, I might as well mention the Lake Isabella reservoir in California!
The musical artist who plays Rabbit in the band Steam Powered Giraffe is named Isabella.
Isabella Thorpe is a character in Jane Austen’s novel Northanger Abbey.
Model and television personality Tila Tequila named her daughter Isabella Monroe Nguyen. She was born in November 2014.
Isabelle has a very negative meaning, and also the woman in the bible who has that name was evil. Why do people name their daughters like this?!? I am a Hebrew speaker and the meaning of this is "the island of garbage". There is a claim that this name was vocalized as "e-zvul"-that probably was connected to the word "zvul" -means judge, or something royal. Probably the writer wrote her name wrong to imply her personality...
I still think it's a great name. It was used long before Twilight. It might have gotten way too popular in the US, but it has a long history of use, it's not a made up name or a creative spelling. The nickname Izzy is kinda awful, though (in my opinion!). I feel like it doesn't convey the "regalness" of the name. Isa seems like a better option.
My girl is Isabella. I don't care who loves it or not, we can't love all the names in the world and people have different opinions. I am from Bulgaria. Here this name is very rare and not typical, and that's why I like it.
I want to ask you- can I call her Betty? I don't like Izzy and Bella, I don't like any short form of this name at all, only Betty and Lizzie. I think I can use Beth or Betty, as Elizabeth and Isabella are almost the same names.
I prefer Isabelle, Isabella seems too girly. But there are worse names.
Isabella Levina Lueen, better known mononymously as Levina, is a German singer-songwriter. She will represent Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kiev with the song "Perfect Life".
Princess Isabella of Denmark, Countess of Monpezat, is the second child and elder daughter of Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary. She is the fourth grandchild and oldest granddaughter of Queen Margrethe II and her husband, Prince Henrik. She was the first girl born into the Danish royal family since the birth of her grandaughter, Queen Anne-Marie of Greece, in 1946. She is third in the line of succession to the Danish throne, after her father and her older brother, Prince Christian.
I hate this name! I like Isabelle, but in my opinion Isabella is much too childish for a lifelong name. Sorry!
Isabella Khair "Bella" Hadid is an American fashion model, signed to IMG Models in 2014. In December 2016, the Industry voted her "Model of the Year" for's Model of the Year 2016 Awards.
I never liked that name. It's too girly and pompous for my taste.
Isabella Castillo Díaz, best known by her stage name Isabella Castillo, is a singer and actress born in Havana, Cuba. Her best known role is that of Graciela "Grachi" Alonso, main character of the Nickelodeon Latin America's series Grachi, for which she has released several songs.
I love the name Isabella! It is one of my favourite girl names. It's so elegant and timeless and classy. There's a reason this name is so popular, it's because it's so flipping gorgeous. A child named Isabella might not necessarily have three others in her school year with the same name. The name Isabella is really popular where I live, Isabelle not so much, however I have met loads of Isabelle's but not one Isabella. I have an unusual name myself and I've always wanted to meet someone with the same name as me, so maybe that's why I don't see the problem with popular names. But if you like a name, go for it. Name your child something you love, forget what everyone else thinks, because if you choose a name you don't really love because of someone else's opinion, you might regret it in the long run. This is how I feel about the name Isabella, which is why I would definitely consider it for a future daughter (if that ever happens) regardless of how popular it is, because this name is beautiful, stunning and perfect.
My darling two year old is named Isabella! Isabella Elise is her full name, but we mainly call her Izzy. I am in love with the name, it has a timeless class and it will always be around. I highly recommend this name if you want your little girl to have such timeless elegance her whole life. It's perfect!
Too common and won't age well. Isabelle is slightly less common.
Isabella d'Este (19 May 1474 – 13 February 1539) was Marchesa of Mantua and one of the leading women of the Italian Renaissance as a major cultural and political figure.
Too many people with this name. I wouldn't name my daughter this.
Very pretty, but by becoming so popular it has lost a lot, and I mean a LOT of the charm and originality it used to have. Now that so many little girls are being called Isabella, it doesn't have any sense of uniqueness anymore. Plus, it seems a lot of people only started using this name after the Twilight books got popular, and I hate that series with a passion.
I really loved this name when I was a kid after reading a book about a princess called Isabella. Then there was the character from Fried Green Tomatoes. Everyone else must have read the same book and seen Fried Green Tomatoes too, because it's so very common now in Australia. Hate the nickname Bella. Especially when used by an Italian Isabella - like, love yourself much or what? Izzy is okay though. At least it's a bit more down to earth than calling yourself "Beautiful" - urgh.
Everyone, I believe, is entitled to an opinion. I think it's more than the name... it's beyond the name. I love that name, "ISABELLA". It's unique, it stands out, distinctive, exceptional, bold, lovely, nice, wonderful. It's celestial, it's Godlike, it's beautiful! This site is really helpful.
This name, right along with "Sophia", will be the next generation's "Ashley" and "Jennifer". I wouldn't use it.
My name is Isabella and I quite like it, I do not think it sounds old at all. I have never actually come across another person named Isabella, but I know that it is more popular in other countries.
I do not actually have anything against Twilight or Stephanie Myer, but now every time I introduce myself as 'Bella' they say something like "Like the girl from Twilight?" and that is INCREDIBLY annoying.
My 2 year old daughter is called Isabella. There is only one person that I think of when I look at her and when I hear someone call her name and that is my late grandmother of the same name. A beautiful, strong woman with a fantastic heart and I am forever grateful to have my little Isabella to remind me of her everyday.
I don't care how popular it has become or what meanings it has because it was always going to be my first choice if I had a daughter and I love it!
I don't like this name. At all. I do, however, like Bella and Isabelle. My logic is strange.
This name is getting a bit popular; I'd suggest letting it's popularity die out a little bit before using it. Trust me, kids like feeling unique, so having a super popular name isn't always fun.
Every third girl I meet seems to be named Isabella. It's alright in terms of attractiveness, but I couldn't choose this for my child because, well, I'm just tired of it. Isabel is slightly better to me, but not by much. Honestly, I don't see the appeal of either, but maybe I'm a bit biased because I hate the popularity. Of course I have negative associations with it, but when there are so many Isabella's, it's impossible not to. I have a few good connotations too, but it doesn't make me like it any more or less.
A dreadful, dreadful name in my opinion. Please don't get worked up, but this name is nothing special. No clue as to why it's so awfully popular at this moment. I don't like 'Bella' the end, it seems frilly and overused.
I like this name! It just seems to be getting obnoxiously popular!
This is my name and I really like it. I know for a FACT that most of the bad stuff you have been saying about this name is NOT TRUE because I did some thorough research into the matter and know that it is not true. As for people who call this name too cutesy and girly, I say they haven't met ME. I was named after my great-grandmother and she was a strong and passionate woman. Then there's the famous Spanish Queen Isabella who, though she often gets a bad wrap, was a strong, fighting woman who wasn't afraid to pursue what she believed in. I do have to agree with a lot of other comments though, it is a shame that the name is becoming increasingly common.
Yeah, I know what you're thinking - L-O-N-G M-E-S-S-A-G-E.
Ugh.. I loathe this name. It sounds way too cutesy and girly! Sort of like giving your child a life sentence of a tutu and ballet slippers. Way over used, overrated and just.. no. If you can't let it go at least use isobel.
Isabella is a stunning, beautiful, AMAZING, gorgeous name. :D.
I love this name! It's just so beautiful and feminine. I also like how you can shorten it to Bella or Belle. The name in my mind is just associated with beauty.
My daughter's name is Isabella Rose. People get really fired up about the Twilight thing, but you know what? Nothing else was pretty enough for my little girl. I wasn't going to name her something weird just so other people would think I was creative & original.. SHE's the one who has to live with the name. I notice everyone here who's actually named Isabella loves their name!
I prefer Isabel and Isabela better than Isabella. It just looks better and it doesn't have the 'Twilight' association. I hate the nickname Bella.
My name is Isabella and where I live it is not a common name at all. I only know one other Isabella and she is a little baby. The only reason she is even called that is because her mother met me and liked my name so much. Anyway, not to sound too arrogant, I love my name! :D.
In my opinion, "Isabella" looks kind of ugly on paper or looking at it. I think it sounds pretty-ish, but it brings to mind a fat queen with a ten-story wig on her head (also, the character from Phineas and Ferb) so I don't really like it...
I do like the name Isabella, I think it's a pretty name. My sister's god daughter's name is Isabella Rose (beautiful little girl) and my mother is very fond of it, so I'd name my daughter that for her. Even though the Twilight series has made the name popular ( I didn't read the books and I only saw the last movie) that doesn't take away from the fact that the name is beautiful.
The first time I ever heard the name Isabella was on Days of our lives, and I have a cousin who named her daughter Isabella, and I have another cousin who named her daughter Isabel, but me I don't care for either name or the nickname Bella, and the fact I hate Twilight made me dislike the name even more. But I do like the name Belle.
Isabella Cannuscio (born 1990 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is an American ice dancer. Her sister, Anastasia, is also a professional ice dancer.
Too bad this beautiful name is ruined by Twilight. Maybe in another forty or fifty years it will become fresh again to use. It is a pretty name, but probably too frilly for my tastes.
Isabella (1627-1627) was the daughter of King Philip IV of Spain and his wife Elisabeth.
Isabella Clara Eugenia (1566-1633) was the oldest daughter of King Philip II of Spain & Portugal and his second wife Elisabeth of Valois. She was married to Prince Albert of Austria and together with her husband she was the joined sovereign of the Spanish Netherlands.
Isabella was the name of the oldest daughter of King Edward III of England and his wife Philippa of Hainaut.
Isabella of England (1214-1241) was the daughter of King John "Lackland" and his wife Isabelle. She was married to King Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor.
Isabella Boylston (born 1987 in Sun Valley, Idaho) is an American ballet dancer. She performs as a soloist with the American Ballet Theater.
Everybody and their brother is naming their daughter Isabella these days. The funny thing is, they think they are being original by nicknaming her Izzy instead of Bella: "Oh, Bella has become too popular because of 'Twilight'! We'll be different and call our daughter Izzy. No one else will EVER think of that!"Now just wait another five years and see the kindergartens crawling with Izzys, not Bellas. Hilarious.
I think Isabella is a very elegant sounding name. I was almost named Isabella but my parents decided against it because of Queen Isabella, who was responsible for the Inquisition.
An okay name but seems overused because it is number 1 in lots of countries.
Isabella is one of the most overused and overrated names in recent years. I hate this name. I can say this with all the truth in the world, because I was given this name. My spelling is not used often, but it is still just as bad. I believe this name is well, one of the worst to be had. I think I would rather be named Mildra, than Isabela (Isabella).
I was given this name because of the meaning 'God's promise'. I use Bela, mostly because Izzie is rather ugly and prissy. I strongly oppose parents naming their daughters this name. Let it stop at Twilight. Enough said.
My daughter's name is Isabella. I have never watched Twilight, I have never read the books. I genuinely liked the name before the popularity craze, and it was one of two names my husband and I agreed upon. We are both from Italian families, so it was the perfect name to compliment our family name. I was even more adamant about using it when a bad friend of mine threw a fit because SHE wanted to name her first daughter Isabella (although she is not married and has no children) and I STOLE the name, and she LOVES Twilight (gag). I am annoyed with all the Twilight hype, but I was not going to let it stop me from naming my daughter something I love. To me, it is the most beautiful name in the world because it is my daughter's name. She loves her name too. Enough said.
Years ago, I associated this name with the Spanish queen who gave Columbus his three ships. Now I associate this name with the pretentious whore (pardon my bad language) from the Twilight novels.It's an overall bad name. I can't believe it became that popular.
I think that this name is beautiful, but I wouldn't name my child it. It's way too overused and Twilight completely ruined this name (I'm not saying Twilight's bad, because I used to love it). But I really don't like Bella in the book or the film, she's quiet and plain and more than anything boring! She just stands around watching everyone risk their lives to keep her safe and string guys along.
I LOVE the name Isabella. It's one of my favorite girl's names. Even though it's popular, I just met my first little Isabella yesterday.
I read Twilight. I liked the name Isabella and I liked the book, but I didn't like Bella the character. Sorry, Twilight fans, but she treats Jacob so cruelly!
I think Twilight may have something to do with Isabella hitting number one as far as names go.
This is OK. Not my favorite though. The main thing is it's REALLY popular--I know two Isabella's, one Isabel, and one Isabelle.
It is a really pretty name, and I can see why it's so popular. It's feminine and sweet and delicate. But that's sort of the problem with it: it's a bit TOO delicate. Like it should belong to one of those princesses that's waiting to be rescued.
It's become wince-inducingly overused... Every other girl seems to either be Isabella or Ava these days.
Are you all for real? Like seriously? It's just a character in a book, get over it.
I think this is a very pretty name. :) Actually, one of my first babydolls was named Bella, so I always liked it.
Am I the only one who thinks this sounds like a homely, grandmotherly name? I picture an old gray-haired lady wrapped up in a shawl and sitting in a rocking chair. If not for "Twilight," I have to think this name wouldn't be nearly as popular as it is.
Isabella Garcia-Shapiro is the spunky, fearless leader of the Fireside Girls in Disney's Phineas and Ferb. She has a crush on Phineas and often helps the titular characters with their fantastic daily activities. Her catchphrase is "Watcha doin'?", and she is always looking to add patches to her Fireside Girl sash, such as the 'Discovering Something that Doesn't Exist Patch' or the 'Wrestling an Alligator in a Sewer Patch'. She is likely to marry either Phineas or Ferb, as revealed in an episode where Phineas and Ferb's nephew from the future refers to her as "Aunt Isabella".
I like this name, I really do, but Twilight put it on the map a bit too much.
Nice name, but I prefer Isabel because it's less ornate. Plus, I have a feeling everybody started using this because of Twilight. Just look at the popularity charts.
I love this name. Unfortunately the Twilight series has ruined it with Bella Swan.
My name is Isabella, but I was born in a time when it wasn't that popular, so I don't know anybody my age with my name. I do like my name, but only because of the many cultural and historical roots it originated from, and the more classical feel to it. However, I'm not a huge fan of Twilight and was a bit... so to say annoyed when I realized that the main character shared a name with me. It is starting to sound more snobby with the rising popularity. My friends usually call me Izzy, because of the more tomboyish feel to it, but I prefer it when people call me Isabella more.
This name had been ruined by the Twilight series. :(
Isabella is an otherwise pretty name, except of course it is grossly overused in not just one country. I would have to say certain books have ruined the name for any future use, personally.
My parents confessed they considered this name for me, however, ultimately decided upon 'Francesca'. At the time, I thought Isabella would have been a nice name, though now I am very thankful I was given something quite different. Regardless, I once owned a dog named 'Bella', and I wouldn't have changed her name for the world.
I used to like this name. Then I read Twilight. Enough said.
I think Isabella is a beautiful name, but I would never use it now because of Twilight.
The name itself is pretty, despite having a ridiculous number of syllables. The tragedy is people still think they are being so inventive by naming their daughter Isabella. If only they would check Internet, my friends.
The beauty of this name is long gone to pretension and stale connotations. Isabel, even Isabela, are maybe still fresh and certainly better visually.
This name was redeemed from Meyer's (mis)use of it by Isabella Angelfield, the mother of the main character in Diane Sutterfield's "The Thirteenth Tale".
Isabella Stewart Gardner (1840-1924) was an American socialite, art collector and philanthropist who founded an art museum. She was descended from the ancient kings of Scotland, and was known for her unconventional and eccentric behaviour.
While it is trendy, it's timeless. So I think it works better than the made up names.
I don't like the two A's for some reason. Isabelle sounds better but Isabella almost sounds like it should be separated like Isa-Bella.
I understand that in a vacuum Isabella may sound nice. Also, before it was so very common the name possessed strong royal connotations.Now the name has trickled down to the lower classes and there are five children with this name in every kindergarten class, and every Mother of an Isabella is desperate to convince you that they adored the name long before it was popular, and aren't just following a trend.
Bella is the Latin word for war.
This is the name of an Enya song, spelt Isobella.
I used to like this name, but now I don't care for it because it's grossly overused. It's like the next Madison. I can't stand using Ella as a nickname for Isabella. Bella is a little better, but people will think it was used because of those hideous overrated Twilight books.
Isabella will become the Melissa, Lisa and Cindy of the 1970's. Way too overused in this decade. There are a TON of them and I can't stand the nickname Belle or Bella. Isela or even Isadora would be better alternatives.
A stupid name that is only popular because of an equally stupid book, Twilight.I know in ten or twenty years I'll be rolling my eyes at the parents who named their kids "Isabella" in the early 2000s. And I'm sure the Isabellas will be pissed having five other kids with their name in their grade.
I really hate this name. It's super common and I hate the nicknames Izzy and Bella they are gross.
I fell in love with this name when I discovered the haunting memoirs of the Holocaust survivor Isabella (Katz) Leitner, the most unforgettable and haunting book I've ever read. This was in 1995, before the name skyrocketed in popularity. Even though I still love this name and find personal meaning in it, it's just way too popular these days. The nicknames Ella and Bella (particularly after the popularity of that hideous Twilight series) are also all over the place, as are -ella names in general.
I cannot stand this name. It is tragically overused where I live, and if it took on a physical appearance, it would be covered in lace, sequins and glitter glue.
This name really is overused and it isn't very pretty. Isabelle is a much better name and you know it. And, I don't like the nickname for it either, Bella? The name's stupid.Also, Twilight just stabbed this name to death and set it on fire. And, I'm a Twilight hater, so that makes the name eve worse.
I like this name. It sounds classic but modern, and I don't know anyone with this name. It can also be shortened easily, to Izzie, Bella, Belle, or Ella.
There are so many little Isabelle and Isabella toddlers running around nowadays, and whenever I hear one of them being called Izzy, I want to puke. That nickname just sucks the beauty right out of this name. It's a gross and ignorant nickname. I can deal with Belle and Bella, but I prefer no nickname for this name at all.
I hate this name. It seems so girly and overused and ugly that it makes me puke. No offense to any Isabellas out there.
Actor Sean Astin's youngest daughter is named Isabella. Also, in the 1996 Hallmark miniseries "Titanic," there was a character named Isabella "Bella" Paradine.
I personally love this name (it was actually supposed to be my name), and for years I've wanted to name my daughter Isabella. But now that Twilight (and I am a fan of the series) has made this name extremely popular I have second thoughts about using this name.
I really used to love this name. In middle school, I went through that phase where I was choosing all my baby names and this was number one. Then I read Twilight, which I love, don't get me wrong, but now, Isabella is far too popular, and I really don't want people to think the only reason I like it is because of the book. WAY TO GO STEPHENIE MEYER! You stole my favorite name and exploited it to the world.
I always thought this was a great name, and I'd like to name my kid this. But then I read Twilight which (I'm sorry, but) I hate, and I decided I couldn't name my kid this, and especially not call her Bella. Then people will say, "Oh! Like Bella Swan?" "No." *sigh* Oh well. I still kinda like it, though. I like the nickname Izzy.
I think that Isabella is beautiful in that it contains the regality of the name Elizabeth, from which it was ultimately derived, but it adds a playful little modern twist to what would otherwise be an overly formal name. It would perhaps be likened to taking a floor-length dress that belonged to one's mother, tinkering with it for a bit, and ending up with a stylish little black dress.
The Italian pronunciation is ee-zah-BELL-lah. [noted -ed]
I'm not a fan of the Twilight series, but I like this name, anyway. To me it sounds sophesticated and mature. ^_^
This Ascension has a song called "Isabella". I personally prefer Isabelle.
I think the only reason Isabella is so popular is because of the girl Bella in the "Twilight" series.
I don't get at all why people love this name or why it is so popular. All I can think of when I hear it is a middle-aged, overweight, dark-haired woman with a mustache. Yuk.
My name is Anna Isabella and I love it. I was born in 1989 and it wasn't this popular back then. I still love it but I wish there weren't soo many little girls with my name.
I'm Spanish so I like the historical connection this name has to Spain, but totally dislike how popular this name is. It's really, really overused. I know A LOT of women who've named their daughters 'Isabella' and that alone is a big negative for me. Also, here in the U.S., they refer to her as 'Isabella of Castile' but in Spain and Latin America, she has always been referred to as Queen 'Isabel' or 'The Catholic Queen'. 'Isabella' is not what Spanish speakers call her. Maybe the Italians call her that, but it would be like someone calling the America President George Washington, 'Giorgio Washington'. It sounds sort of silly to native speakers. Also, the name Isabel/Isabella has always been VERY popular. I knew tons of Marias, Juanas and Isabels growing up (and most were old ladies). In fact, my father has an aunt named Isabel and the nickname for this name in Spanish is 'Chavela' which I totally dislike. Isabel/Isabella has a great historical connection to Spain if you have an interest in that sort of thing, but there are too many other things I don't like about this name that makes it totally out of the question for me. I'd never name my daughter this.
Sounds fancy and sophisticated, yet kind and sweet.
Too common these days. A pretty name, but I've met so many baby girls with it, it's kind of lost its charm for me.
It's a beautiful name, but a bit über-feminine for my taste. It also sounds a bit youthful to me, like the cutesy name of a pretty little girl, rather than the name of an adult. Isabel and Isabelle have a more mature sound to them. I do like the name, but the nicknames Izzie and Bella aren't good; I like Isa. I wouldn't name my daughter this, as the name is too popular.
Isabella is a lovely name, but I prefer Isabelle. I love the nickname Izzie, and if my name were Isabella, that's what I would go by.
I vastly prefer the simpler, prettier name Isabel. The longer and "fancier" the name, the more it makes me think of the fake names chosen by strippers and escorts.
Ick, ick, ICK! I just simply don't like this name. Even before it was so popular, I hated it! The name is too pompous and prissy. Not so bad all the time, because, personally, I love some names like Evangeline and Adelaide (which scream prissy in a sense) because of their unlimited nicknames. The only nicknames for this name? Issy and Bella. Issy is okay, but it's too cute for an teenager even, and Bella is the most terrible short form of a name I've EVER seen. (Then again, I was introduced to this name in "Twilight", a book I hate with a passion)So, to wrap this comment up, I just never really liked this name. Find something different, because there is MUCH better.
This was my grandmother's name and also my daughter's middle name, very classic but also used a lot at the moment.
Didn't pay much attention to this name, before I read Twilight and fell in love with the feel of it. I don't think it's incredibly popular yet, and even if it was as popular as, like, "Emma" I would still love this name. But I only like the nickname, Bella, because that's what the main character of Twilight was called.
I like the name Isabella, but along with Emily, Emma, Madison, and Sophia, I think it's a little overused.
I love this name and used to consider it for my daughter, but I fear it has become much too common. Though I don't know anyone named Isabella statistics say that it is one of the most popular names and Bella is the most popular name for dogs. Anyone who mentions Stephenie Meyer's Bella mentions her in contempt, but all that did was raise my esteem for the name.
Isabella Andreini (1562-1604) was a famous Italian actress and writer and the wife of Francesco Andreini. She was a member of her husband's theatral company, "I Gelosi" (the Jealous People). Her son Giambattista Andreini was an actor and playwright.
Isabella is a little too pretentious and obvious-sounding to me. When I hear the name Isabella, I think of someone who is a little prissy and a bit pompous. Not to say I expect someone to be exactly like that, but that is what I think of when I hear the name. It seems to be an extremely popular baby name these days, right up there with another prissy name, Madison.
Boring, boring, boring. And soooo prissy. *pukes*
It's quite pretty, I mean when I think of the word Bella, I think of someone who is beautiful.
Isabella I of Castile was the Queen Regnant of Castile and Leon. Queen Consort of Aragon, Majorca, Naples and Valencia, Countess Consort of Barcelona. Her mariage to Ferdinand of Aragon, unified Spain. She was also called 'Isabella La Catholica' and made the Spanish Inquisition powerful.I really like Queen Isabella, despite her scary Inquisition. She strikes me as a very powerful woman.
I used to like the name because of Queen Isabella I of Castile, but I can't stand it now thanks to Stephanie Meyer who ruined it for me. And the nickname 'Bella' makes my stomach churn. I prefer Isabelle or Isobelle - it's less annoying.
I think this is a beautiful name. I'm surprised it's so popular, considering how moronic my countrymen are. I'd have to rethink naming my daughter Isabella now.
I love the name Isabella and would definitely give my daughter this name in the future. The only thing that could put me of this name is the nickname Bella which I really don't like. And Isabella is not too popular, there are no Isabellas at my school and I have only ever met one Isabella in my life.
On the t.v. show Scrubs, Chris Turk and Carla Espanoza named their daughter Isabella. They call her Izzy for short.
The new addition to the Danish royal family: HRH Princess Isabella Henrietta Ingrid Margrethe.
Isabella is Jamie Kelly's best friend in the Dear Dumb Diary books. She's somewhat crazy and possibly homicidal. So I probably won't name my child this because whenever I hear her name I'll think of a homicidal crazy person.
Isabella is gorgeous name. :) I like the nickname Ella especially. I'd definitely use this for a future daughter!
Princess Isabella of Denmark is the daughter of Crown Prince Frederick and Crown Princess Mary. She is 3rd in line to the Danish throne.
Okay, so I love this name! Even if it does mean toilet waste, I don't think it does, Who really knows that stuff?! I think it sounds very medieval, which I love! I plan on naming my daughter's middle name this whenever I have children. I love it with the name Lyrial. Which is not listed! Lyrial Isabella. Pretty huh?
My daughter is named Isabella, but unfortunately I started hearing this name too often. I wish it wasn't that common.
Drew Lachey's daugther is named Isabella.
This is a gorgeous name. I plan on naming my second daughter this.
Isabella of Portugal was the wife of Emperor Charles V.
I think Isabella is a really beautiful name. Also I'm not sure why everyone thinks it's popular, I've never met any Isabellas and have only heard of the name in books. I also think Bella is pretty, but it sounds more like a pet's name than a human's. I would call a cat Bella, personally.
It's popular NOW, is what it is. Look at the popularity statistics; it's been in the top ten or so for newborn girls for a while now, but a generation ago it didn't even make the top 1000. Which is why you may know no Isabellas, but if you had a daughter born about now she would undoubtedly come to know quite a few of them.
Too popular, but really beautiful. Generally, though, I think I prefer Isabel(le). This version makes me think of Queen Isabella, and I'm not a fan.
I like the name a lot, and the nickname Bella too, but I think it is getting too popular. Everyone seems to be naming their baby girls Isabella these days.
Famous bearer is Isabella Rossellini. Isabella is the Spanish form for Elizabeth. Beautiful, elegant name.
Isabella is not Spanish for Elizabeth, but Italian. Isabel is the Spanish form.
I like the name Isabella a lot, especially since it is my name. People who know me call me Izzy for short. =) It's been my nickname since childhood.
I wish this name wasn't so popular! It is beautiful, but I don't think I could bring myself to give my daughter such a common name.
In the books Twilight and New Moon, the main heroine in the book is named Isabella Swan, nicknamed Bella.
Queen ISABELLA of France married EDWARD II in the 14th century. Coincidence? Bella and Edward since the 14th Century!
Isabella Linton was a character in Wuthering Heights; she was married to Heathcliff, and also the younger sister of Edgar Linton.
This name is butt ugly. It is a bad name trying to act like a good one.
Far too popular! In my school there are five Isabella's!
ISABELLA Jane Mapother is actors Kidman and Cruise´s daughter.
My daughter's name is Isabella and she loves it, so does anyone who comes in contact with her plus it means "the beautiful one" (in Italian) and she definitely fits the description. All those nasty comments, please not only do you need to get a life but get an education. It doesn't mean any of those bad things. Ok, anyway choose this name and your daughter will love you for it, trust me!
Isabella was Emma's sister in Jane Austen's novel 'Emma.'
Although I love this name, in Arabic it means The Thrash Can.
Isabella Swan is the main character of Twilight by Stephenie Meyer.
Matt Damon's newborn daughter is named Isabella.
Isabella is such a beautiful elegant name. I know of one lady who named her daughter Isabeaux (Is-ah-bow). I am not crazy over that one and prefer Isabella.
While this name is pretty and feminine I do find it a bad prissy sounding. It's also getting a tad too ubiquitous on baby girls nowadays. I prefer Isabel/Isabelle.
There is a county in Michigan named Isabella.
Isabella is a form of Isabelle which means Ba'al. Ba'al was a god that was worshipped by the Canaanites who were not the best people. Despite that, I still like the name.
This is such a beautiful elegant name. I love the nickname Bella.
I like this name because it's nice, and 'bella' in Italian means beautiful. It's nice AND beautiful ... ha!
I think that Isabella is a gorgeous and elegant name, and it pairs well with Francesca. (My parents named me Francesca Dominique and my sister Isabella Margaux, so we are both named after Italian queens and have French middle names)
I like it as it is my name and I think it is very pretty.
I love this name. It is very pretty, and I love it paired with the not-so-poular Lavender.
Isabella Rosselini is a famous actress/model who has appeared in many movies including David Lynch's Blue Velvet. She is the daughter of Ingrid Bergman and Roberto Rossellini.
The daughter of prince Bernhard and princess Anette of Orange-Nassau is a bearer of this name: Isabella Lily Juliana van Vollenhoven. Her father is still in the line of the Dutch throne.
According to my research, Isabella's meaning is Hebrew for "God is my satisfaction" or "God's hope."
Isabella is not a very positive name at all; it comes from Jezebel which means "where is the toilet waste" in Hebrew.
Isabella does not, and never will, mean “where is the toilet waste”. It’s such a sweet name. It means “consecrated to God” for crying out loud! :)“Where is the toilet waste”. Geez!
The pronunciation of "where is the" is, after what I've read (I don't speak Hebrew), something like "i-sa-be-la", but that's all. The Hebrew word for sh*t apparently doesn't sound like "Isabella".
I'm not being rude but Isabella is a pretty name, and it does not mean waste in the toilet in Hebrew. I don't know were you got that at.
ISABELLA was the given name of Sojourner Truth.

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