I found this while typing in Iscariot! Iscah is really pretty and unique.
noisynora  12/18/2020
Incredibly pretty! I might name my daughter this if I have one.
Theatrenamelover  4/20/2019
Izzy or Issy could be a nickname.
Theatrenamelover  4/20/2019
Researching my name and understanding biblical text, names were given according to circumstances eg. Moses meaning He Who Draws Out Of The Waters, or He Who Extracts. Also with Hebrew word, context and subject are often put in the one eg. A descriptive sentence like First born of Issac and Rebekah who is red and hairy and a mighty hunter. In English could be written or said with a just one or two words if said in hebrew.

From my research...
Jessica the Feminine name is from the Hebrew Iscah or Yiskah who is Abraham's niece, Lot's sister (Genesis 11:29) and has the meaning 'she will look out' or 'she will see'.

Jesse, the masculine name from the from the Hebrew Îyshay or Yishai who is The root of Jesse father of King David (Ruth 2, 1Samuel 24, 2Samuel, 1Kings 1, 1 Chronicles 5, 2 Chronicles 2, Psalms 1, Isaiah 2) and has the meaning 'God exists, I possess' which can be interpreted to gift or wealth.

I'm not sure about this next one hopefully someone might be able to confirm it?
Jesiah (1 Chronicles 5, Ezra 1) the Hebrew name is Yishshı̂yâh and seem to be the two names Josiah and Jesse put together in one name. I have found 3 different meanings for Jesiah 'Yahweh Gives', 'sprinkling of the lord' or “Jehovah will lend”.
Jessld  9/7/2018
Very interesting. I love the sound of it, but since it is a Biblical name I can't use it.
― Anonymous User  5/5/2018
This name is really pretty. It's a shame that it isn't used more often.
Buneary  8/5/2016
A - albeit rare - German form of this name is Jiska (pronounced YIS-kah).
― Anonymous User  3/4/2010
I would like to see more of this, though the biblical association doesn't appeal much for me.
lucyskydiamonds  1/17/2010
A great alternative to Jessica. I personally don't like it though because it's religious.
Kerules  8/8/2009
An wonderful alternative to Jessica.
MoonAgeDaydreamer  8/1/2009
Pronounced IS-cah.
cole64989  7/2/2009

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