I thought it was a girl's name...
I love love love the association with Saint Isidore the Farmer.
While I like Isabel and Isadora for girls, I can't say I'm fond of Isidore - it sounds too much like an old mans' name to me, although the nicknames Izzy and Dory might make it more usable for a child.
I think this would make a great middle name. Izzy is a cute nickname. It sounds a bit feminine, so people may mistake your son for a woman on job applications and that kind of thing. That shouldn't throw you off if you like it, though.
Cute name! Unfortunately it is not so common these days. It has a bit of a feminine sound to it but I don't mind.
In 1997, Pope John Paul II declared Isidore of Seville the patron saint of the internet.

St. Isidore the Farmer (not of Seville) is the patron of farmers and day laborers.
Isidore is a very handsome name. Classy, cute and perfect. :-)
Despite being associated with Jews in the English-speaking world, Isidore is very much a Christian name in France. Isidore Ducasse, the famous French poet known as the Comte de Lautreamont, was not Jewish.
Hurricane Isidore devastated the Yucatan in September 2002.
Name of the Day - October 20, 2012.
Isidore (or Isadore) was a common name among Jewish Americans in the early 20th century, who used it as an Americanised form of the names Israel and Isaac. Other such names were Irving and Ira. Though Isidore means "gift of Isis", Isis being an Egyptian goddess, this was not a reason for the Jewish usage of the name. (Nor was it a reason for its usage among Christians, who were naming their sons in honour of Saint Isidore of Seville). Names beginning with "I" such as Isaac, Israel and Isaiah are common in Jewish tradition. But there were slimmer pickings when it came to secular American "I" names in the 1900's. So Jewish immigrants named their sons Irving and Isidore in order to Americanise the names but still follow the old tradition of naming a child after a deceased relative (but only the first letter of the name needs to be the same). But because Isidore was already uncommon among the American Christian population, the number of Jewish people using it greatly outnumbered its general popularity in the US and it acquired the connotation of being a Jewish name. Nowadays it is rather uncommon for young people. [noted -ed]
Man I love this name. When I pronounce it with the Norwegian word for ice ('is', pronounced with a really soft 's' like in 'hiss'.) and if I mix that with the last part of the French pronunciation, it sounds really cool. So its like 'is-a-DORE'. I think pronouncing it that way makes the name seem really strong~.
Aaarg, I have a really strange way of pronouncing things.. ignore me /blushes.
Very cool name. I can't imagine it on a baby/child though but Isidore is a very grand name!
I just discovered this name the other day while reading Charlotte Bronte's novel Villette, and I am totally in love with it. It is a highly sexy name.
One more thing: Although I think both the English and French pronunciations are beautiful, the French makes it sound sort of like "easy door." Still a great name, though.
At first I didn't like it to much, but after a while I started to like it more! This is a very CUTE name for a little boy!
Isidore is also used in Georgia. There, the name is written as: ისიდორე . [noted -ed]
I don't care for this spelling. I prefer the foreign forms Isidor and Isidoro. I also don't like the English pronunciation. The French pronunciation sounds so much better.
I adore Isidore! It is my second favorite name for a boy. It is strong and soft at the same time. Perhaps a bit pretentious but that makes me like it even more. I have problems deciding if I like Isidore or Isidor the best.

Isidore is not a name for a girl in my opinion. Use Isadora (which I think is lovely too) instead.
One of the best (albeit lesser-used) boy names out there. *swoons*
I really like Isidora (or Isadora) for a girl, but leave just Isidore for the guys.

I have heared that Isidore is Greek means "gift of Isis" who is an Egyptian goddess. But I like "gifted with many ideas" much better (and it fits with one of the famous bearers quite well!)

There are two Saint Isidores.

Saint Isidore the Farmer: Born in Madrid Spain in the 12th century. It is said that angels helped him work the fields. Patron Saint of Farmers

Saint Isidore of Seville: A bishop of Seville in the early 600s. Wrote and encyclepedia of knowledge known as the Etymologies that was popular for 9 centuries. Helped establish a seminary in every diocese in Spain where he made sure they learned every branch of knowledge including art and medicine. Doctor of the Church.
Gosh this is a sexy name.
Isidore is actually Russian.
It's SUCH a beautiful name for a boy. I love it.
In Charlotte Bronte's last novel "Villette", Ginevra Fanshawe referred to Dr. John (Graham) as Isidore.
I've seen both Isidore and Isidora used for girls.
Isidore is the middle name of American 20th century architect Louis I Kahn.
I don't know if I'm right, but I think this name is pronounced IZIDORE.
This name also means "gifted with many ideas", that's brilliant.

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