Kind of old lady... I much prefer Isolde, as this is old, and not kind, happy, sweet, and shy etc like Isolde.
Dad: "what did you sell?" Child: "I sold a..." Dad: " a what?" Child: "Dad shut up, I'm talking to my friend!" Dad "Fine I'll go inside" *goes inside*. Guys, I'm kidding, but that's what it is spaced out.
I prefer Isolde.
What did you sell?
I sold a...?
Also occasionally used in Czech: -- mention Isolda as a variant (including stats)
This name is really beautiful. It's much more unique than the popular name Isabella.
Isolda is also the Spanish form of Isolde.
Also the Portuguese form, pronounced ee-ZOL-da (zol like 'soul' but with a z).
It´s also the Czech form. Nameday: 15th June.

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