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Cool name!
I love it. It's so beautiful, elegant, strong, classic and very unique.
What about the Key and Peele pronunciation?
Sophisticated and retro!
Very pretty name!
It's a beautiful, classy name. Shame it has so many awful variants. It also may look a little strange at first glance, but I have grown to like this name. Would recommend.
A famous bearer is Jacqueline "Jac" Schaeffer, AKA the goddess who created Wandavision.
Amazing name! It looks feminine, sounds great, just a classic and beautiful name! In these days it's pretty rare, not much used. Jacqueline has class!
Jacqueline is my name and I'm in love with it! I'm okay with Jak-lin or Jak-leen pronunciations but I don't like it when people read my name as Jak-wə-leen. Except for formal places nobody's using my whole name, they use "Jackie" instead. I love the French pronunciation too:)
It's a little strange-looking, but by no means is it bad. I like it, it's okay.
Very pretty.
Variant English Pronunciations: JAK-lin, JAK-leen.
Looks weird.
Variant English Pronunciation: JAK-wə-leen.
Beautiful, classy, and retro.
I used this name in my novel. It is pretty and I like it too when I use it like “Jackie”.
Sounds a bit stuck-up.
Too dated for me.
Also rhymes with Sakhalin, which is a Russian island.
My cousin has this name, she spells is "Jacklyn." Although I think this name was ruined by Key and Peele, we even call her "Jay Quellin" from time to time.
A famous bearer of this name is Jacqueline White from the TV show "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" played by Jane Krakowski. The character's birth name is actually Jackie Lynn.
I prefer the French pronunciation, it sounds better to me.
I have the name Jacqueline and the short form I like to use for it is Jacquie.
One of my favorite French names of all time. Jacqueline has a certain flair that ignites the senses with a regal air that is not readily overwhelming and allows the bearer to bask in a timeless display of elegance. Another upside to this name is the how well it shall age as the decades continue for the one bearing this refined forename.
Jacqueline is one of the more beautiful female names! This name just flows so smoothly when you say it. I once worked with a Jackie and she was so bubbly and friendly. You can't go wrong choosing Jacqueline!
Jacqueline is a classy, elegant name. It’s great nobody thinks it’s a forced feminization of a male name. It’s a great feminine form of Jacques or something. I also love Jackie as a nickname, and Jack for the tomboyish girls.
Rhymes with craquelin, a type of French cake.
A lot of incorrect information about Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis in this thread. Her first name was pronounced zhahk-LEEN. She famously insisted on it. She was named after her father, John Vernou "Black Jack" Bouvier III.
In 2018, 46 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Jacqueline who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 127th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
I like both pronunciations but I like the Jack-Lean pronunciation more.
Also looks quite royal, because of some letters making the word queen. Makes it stand out a bit.
Jacqueline is a really classy name, and I like Jackie as a nickname.
Jacqueline “Jackie” Loughery was the very first Miss USA, winning in 1952. She went on to be an actress.
I love Jacqueline, but I don't like the nickname Jackie. Jack is a boy's name only.
My name is Jacquelyn and I love it! My favorite aunt named me.
Pretty and elegant, but still a little heavy sounding.
My name is Jacqueline and I go by Jackie though for some odd reason a few call me Ackie. I personally have a mixed opinion about my name. I hate it due to the reason I'm always called Jackie-Chan which makes me sad to have people see me as "this person" even though I'm a separate person myself. I'm glad so many like this name which makes me happy.
Jacqueline Charlotte Dufresnoy, better known by her stage name Coccinelle, was a French actress and entertainer. She was transsexual, and was the first widely publicized post-war sexual reassignment case in Europe, where she was an international celebrity and a renowned club singer.
Jacqueline Ingrid "Jackie" Bouvier is the mother of Patty, Selma and Marge on The Simpsons.
Jacqueline Bonnell Marteau Emerson, also simply known as Jacqueline, is an American actress and singer. She rose to prominence after she portrayed Foxface in the film The Hunger Games. She is a former member of the teenage pop band Devo 2.0. She appeared in the Video ETA's list of ten up and coming stars predicted to be A-listers by 2015, along with fellow Hunger Games cast member Willow Shields. In 2011, she recorded her first single "Peter Pan", and in 2012, her song "Catch Me If You Can" was released on YouTube.
I really like my name and pronounce it JACK-LEAN (which I assume is a rarer way of pronouncing it?). I've never thought of it as masculine. The uniqueness in my name gives me a sense of identity and I really love it. As somebody who will only be on this Earth temporarily I would love to share my advice: You should probably name your kid this. I get complements on my name all the time and there's a lot of different nicknames to play around with.
My name is Jacqueline. I really love my name, it may sound tomboyish but it isn't. The history behind this name is wonderful. I love my name and I wouldn't change it for another name. In Brazil (my country) it is spelled Jaqueline and pronounced jak-e-lin.
My name is Jacqueline. This name is so elegant, I honestly love this name...
My Mom said Dad had given me this name because he admired Jacqueline Kennedy. And I sincerely, with my whole heart, love this name. Jacqueline is a beautiful elegant name, Jacqueline is a perfect name for women with great willpower. I especially love the fact that this name's pet form is Jackie. It's a really sweet sounding name. Jacqueline is a sweet-sounding name!
This name is so elegant! I love it so much. I think Jacqui/Jackie is really cute although I prefer people to call me Jacqueline because it sounds much more girly and elegant, but overall this name is so pretty and cute!
While modern usage of Jacqueline as a popular English name probably goes back to the 19th century, in the spelling we might think the only proper one, it was previously used in England up until the late 16th and early 17th century when it died out (many older names stopped being used around that time due to the influence of the Reformation). And it was often spelled in surprisingly "kre8tive" ways, but actually just closer to English pronunciation than the essentially French Jacqueline, such as Jacolyn and Jacolin. But the truly interesting ones are Jacomyn or Jackamyn, which seem peculiarly English and have a certain medieval charm.
It can be pronounced any way you can spell it. Another thing people should keep in mind is depending upon origin and what dialect of French used it will sound different.
My middle name is Jacqueline and I like it. Another meaning is protector.
Jackie used as short for Jacqueline, the female form of Jacob and James, shows how the nickname "Jack" is in origin linked to Jacques and all his cognates around the world; the "Jankin's" theory says that Jack is only a nickname for the "Johns" but it's clear that it doesn't work at all. So, if one of the "Jacobs" would like use "Jack" or "Jacky" as a short forms for his name he can do that without problems. Tradition and etymology are different in this case. Another evidence: In French, Jacky or Jackie, are used as a pet forms for both Jacques and Jacqueline from the Jacob's family.
Jacqueline Charlotte Dufresnoy, better known by her stage name Coccinelle, was a French actress and entertainer.
Great name! My friend, of whom I'm very fond, has the name Jacqueline, and she goes by Jacquie instead of Jackie or Jaki or whatever. I think it flows well in both forms. The aforementioned friend is of French Canadian descent, so her full name has a great Frankic flow.
What an ugly, outdated name, and who would want to share a name with that misogynistic, sociopathic pillbox hat-wearing snob Jackie Kennedy?
I have a friend from Belgium that uses the nickname Jacque, rather than the more common Jackie. I think that in Belgium and other Flemish/Dutch-speaking countries, Jacque is the common abbreviation of Jacqueline. She also pronounces her name "ZHACK-leen."
This was my Grandmother's name. I'm from Belgium and she was a bit of a Flemish nationalist so she wanted this to be written as "Jaklien" instead of "Jacqueline" (even though her passport said "Jacqueline"). That being said, I don't know how I feel about this name. I associate it with my late Grandmother, which is good - the only thing we used to disagree on was said Flemish nationalism - but for some reason I do not really like the name. In my opinion, it sounds old-fashioned and snobbish. If anything, I prefer it being written as "Jaklien" instead, to make it look more modern. But I don't think that's an adjustment you can easily make in the English- or French speaking world.
This is my name. I have always felt the name was beautiful. Jacqueline is lyrical, cultured, feminine and French. Thanks to our famous former first lady, there were many "Jacque-lines" born in 1961. Personally, I am glad my name is rarer today.
I honestly love this name...
My dad had given me this name because he admired Jacqueline Kennedy. And I sincerely, with my whole heart, love this name. Though my dad has passed away, this name will always stay with me. Jacqueline is a perfect name for women with great willpower.
No idea why, but this name reminds me of sweetcorn.
Love this name, will definitely use it for my daughter. I love how it's not popular, but not unheard of. I plan on calling my girl something shorter, like Jay, while she's young, and when she's older she can go by either her full name or nickname. Another reason I like this is because my grandmother's name is Jackie (just Jackie, not Jacqueline) and this will be derived from that.
I've always said Jacqueline as jack-leen.
Jacqueline Jossa is an English actress.
Jacqueline -- nickname, Jackie -- after my Uncle Jack, is my name and I hate it. I just hate, hate, hate it! (not that I wasn't fond of my uncle) I have read in more than one place that Jackie Kennedy disliked her name, as well. Here's an example: when she was working as an editor, she sighed and told a new author to call her "Jackie," and then felt the need to add that it was an awful name. For someone with Jackie O's evident self esteem, that says a great deal. The nickname lacks dignity and the American pronunciation -- JACK-a-lyn -- is not beautiful. Ah... let me not hold back. It's dreadful. The French pronunciation is all right, but she was an American and so am I. The country in which one lives matters a great deal when parents are considering names, mostly because of the pronunciation factor. Do your daughter a favor and name her something else!
Jacqueline Hill played First Doctor companion Barbara Wright, a history teacher.
I love this name pronounced JACK-LEEN. I can't stand the nickname Jackie though and it's because of the nickname that I'd never use this name.
The name Jacqueline was very popular in France from about 1920 to 1950, with its height of popularity being 1946. It was the 8th most popular name given to girls born in the 20th century. It is now extremely uncommon among French babies.
Jacqueline Bouvier (not to be confused with John F. Kennedy's wife) is the mother of Marge, Patty, and Selma on The Simpsons.
This is my sisters name but we call her Jaxie. She has met heaps of other Jaclyn's, Jacqueline's and Jaclin's though most of them go by Jacqui and its variants. She is named after my great-grandad Jack and my grandma's maiden name Jackson.
My mother's name is Jacqueline (Jackie for short) and I have honestly never heard it pronounced any way besides the way hers is pronounced (JACK-kwuh-lin, where the ck and kw sounds merge to be almost the same sound) and the French two-syllable way. No offense to anyone who likes the JACK-lin pronunciation, but to me it sounds like a child's abbreviated version of the name when they don't quite have the verbal skills to pronounce the full thing. The two pronunciations I'm used to are both very lovely and, to me, it seems a shame to alter either of them beyond giving nicknames.
Jacqueline "Jackie" Rush was a main character on the 80s American TV series "Too Close for Comfort". Jackie was the oldest child of Henry and Muriel and the sister of Sara and Andrew.
Jacqueline is also pronounced: JAK-qwa-lin.This is the way my name is pronounced and a few other famous ladies whose name is spelled identically: Jacqueline Bissett, Jacqueline Kennedy.
I named my daughter Jacqueline Elizabeth and adore the name. Though I must say, it is frustrating that most people shorten the pronunciation to sound like "JACK-lyn" instead of the way the name looks "Ja-QWA-lyn". I correct people all the time and they say I'm being pretentious... no, they are just being lazy in their language usage. Anyway, we call her "Jacq" for short... my sister came up with it and everyone thinks it's especially unique for a girl :-)
Obviously it's close to Jaques, but I kind of like it. Its most redeeming quality is its association with Jackie O.
My name is Jaclyn and I like this spelling better. I would even consider legally changing it but I'm afraid it would insult my parents too much. To all those people who say that Jaclyn is trashy, it's not. It's a slightly different pronunciation and an alternative spelling. There's nothing wrong with it.
Here in Australia we tend to pronounce the name JAH-QUEH-LYN. I prefer this way of pronouncing it way above the "Jaclyn" way of saying it!
This is my sister's name, although she goes by Jacqui usually. It's also my boyfriend's mother's name, but she goes by Jackie. This is my favourite spelling of the name and I HATE the way people normally say it ("Jac-lyn" or "Ja-keh-lyn") because it sounds so harsh to my ears. The way we say it in Australia (see my comment above) is better in my opinion.
Jacqueline is a lovely name! This is the middle name of both my mother and my sister. Jackie and Jac makes nice nicknames, too! :3
I know a girl whose name is Jacqueline. I find the name rather lovely, but she absolutely hates it, so she goes by her middle name. Personally, I think Jacqueline is a much better name.
I am Jacqueline Lovely. Famous. Up-and-coming. I am a singer songwriter. You can google me if you've never heard of me. I believe the name Jacqueline has given me strength and character. I was named after the iconic Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, and I believe that by embracing my namesake and learning about her, I have become more than I ever thought possible. A name can have great significance to the bearer, if she chooses.
I love this name, the nickname Jackie is cute. Plus, it's pretty uncommon nowadays.
This is my name spelt in the traditional fashion (thank you Mum and Dad). The name is from the Hebrew Jacques meaning "supplanter". Because of my name I actually became a linguist because I was sick of everyone telling me it was French and I am a snob in rural Australia. I think it doesn’t matter what you name your children as long as you teach them to be proud of their name and spell it correctly (none of this adding and subtracting letters in it). And I was named after my grandfather Jack (salt of the earth farmer) and Jacqueline Bisset who my Dad though was classy, independent and intelligent; everything a girl should be. I pronounce it JAC QUE LIN.
"Scene queen" Jacqueline "Jac" Vanek has this name. She pronounces it Jac-Leen which I think is nicer and more feminine than Jac-lyn.
Jacqueline du Pre great English cellist subject of the movie 'Hilary and Jacquie'.
This name fits almost any type of girl very snugly. Yet it's also very competent.
Love it. I like the nicknames Jackie and Jack! So cute it's really pretty.
I don't know whether this is true or not, but one of the meanings I was told for this name is 'follower.'
A famous bearer of the name is writer Jacqueline Susann (1918-1974), noted for her novel "Valley of the Dolls".
I have a friend whose name is Jacqueline. Her nickname is Jacky though. It's different and I like it. I do not think that one's personality can be judged by their name, however.
I love this name, and it used to be one of my favorites until I heard that in Germany it's looked upon as a trashy name, the same way many people in the US look upon Destiny and Trinity.
This is the name of a song by the Coral.
My name is Jacqueline. I force everyone to call me Jakki. I'm a tomboy, and not keen on this 'Elegant, feminine name.' It has landed me with plenty of embarrassing nicknames! I mean, I guess it IS pretty, but. It's girly, unlike me. At least it can be shortened to 'Jackie', which is like the boy's name Jack. I quite like 'Kobi.' (See the comment on the Hebrew equivalent).
This is a very pretty, elegant and classy name. Any girl with this name would most likely garner great respect.
Certainly elegant, but bland, somehow. Just feels very emotionless. It does roll off the tongue very nicely, though.
This is my name and I think it's just lovely. I pronounce it Jah-que-lyn although my name is actually pronounced Jah-que-leen. Anyway, I like that it's very long and formal. Jackie is cute for a nickname too. I'm sorry to the person who posted before me, but I just hate the modern versions of Jacqueline.
While I appreciate the fact that this name exists, I like my spelling better. ;)
This is my name. I pronounce it Jah-keh-lyn, but sometimes I get lazy and pronounce it Jack-lyn. A lot of people call me Jackie, although I prefer my full name. Even those I just meet start calling me Jackie, which I find rude. Anyway, I think this is a lovely name.
P.S. My mother is Cuban and sometimes calls me Jacoba, which someone else mentioned. Spanish speakers know this is a French name and it's read Jah-keh-leen is Spanish. Once again, as others have mentioned.
The Hebrew equivalent of Jacqueline would be Yaakova or Ya'akova. (Pronounced Yah-ah-koh-vah.) Nicknames can be Yaki or Kobi.
Yaakova and Ya'akova would both be Yah-koh-va. Take it from an Israeli.
The Spanish equivalent would be Jacoba, but I've never come across anyone with this name. I've met my fair share of Jacqueline's, latin Jacqueline's too. I guess that in Latin America although Spanish names are the norm, names in French, English and Italian are growing in popularity. I know a Mexican named Isabella, pronounced EE-sah-beh-lah, not the Spanish pronunciation of EE-sah-beh-yah.
I despise this name! It reminds of a jack-a-lantern! It is too boyish! If you are considering this name you must be crazy!
The name is certainly sophisticated, classy, and mature, but you can get the cute nickname Jackie out of it. On the other hand, it sounds a bit like something snobby and stuck up people would have chosen for their daughters between the 50s and 70s. At least you'll make a good impression with the name alone in job interviews.
Jacqueline is also used in Spanish and is pronounced Jah-keh-leen.
My mother is called Jacqueline, although she gets called Jackie by everyone because most people mispronounce her name. She pronounces it Jak-e-leen.
It's a gorgeous name, but in French, it is NOT pronounced zhah-kuh-LEEN. It's zhak-LEEN.
The French pronunciation is Zhak-LEEN, not zha-ku-LEEN.
My mother's name is Jacqueline, so obviously, I love it! She pronounces it JAK-wa-lin, although my father insists that the correct way is JAK-lin (to corrospond to the French ZHAK-leen). She goes by the nickname Jackie. I think the name is beautiful, elegant and unusual.
I believe that the French pronounce it zhak-kleen like how it was pronounced in the movie Ever After.
This is in fact, a really pretty name to me. I might consider using it on one of my daughters, if I have children. And Jacqueline Rose is such a cool combination (it shouldn't take you long to guess the connection. Jack and Rose.)
Very pretty name! Love it!
A famous bearer is Jackie Burkhardt from That 70's Show.
Jacqueline Kodetová is a daughter of Czech painter Kristián Kodet.
I love the name Jacqueline, it's so cool. Mainly because it's my name but I would still like it if it wasn't my name.
I love my name! You can make so many nicknames out of it to fit different personalities.
I really like Jacqueline, but the phoentic spellings like Jaclyn always look tacky to me.
Such a beautiful, feminine name!
I LOVE the name Jacqueline. I have always thought of it as such a beautiful name. It reminds me so much of my grandmother, because she was going to name my aunt Jacqueline, and my parents were going to name me Jacqueline, I wish that they would have. I especially love the name because of the famous bearer Jacqueline Kennedy - she was such a beautiful, intelligent, and classy woman. Someday I will name my daughter Jacqueline Charity. It has such a ring and a nice meaning to it because of what it reminds me of.
My name is Jacqueline, I love it and wouldn't trade it for any name. I pronounce it ZHAK-LEEN like the French even though my mother named me after "miss Jackie" as she called Jacqueline Kennedy. She thought I would have black hair like her and "miss Jackie" but I have red curly hair.
I have this name and I happen to not like it. I also have a very long last name so it takes a while to write out my name. I would only recomend giving your child this name if your last name is super short. Although it seems sleek and elegant it won't be after writing it over and over again. Also it will take a while for them to learn how to spell their name.
This is my name, and I really love it! Although I go by Jackie, a couple people call me Jacqueline. I think I have only had my name misspelled once, and pronounced wrong once (I pronounce my name JAC-ul-in), so it is common enough that people know it, but not so common that there are way too many Jacquelines. I only know one other Jacqueline (and I don't know she spells her name). This is a fantastic name!
I think Jacqueline is a sweet-sounding name. Especially with the fact that the nickname is Jackie. Really nice.
This is one of the most beautiful names out there. I don't know why some people dislike it. It's really stupid of people just to post up a message saying 'This name is ugly' or 'This name is one of the most horrible names I have ever seen'. All the Jacqueline's out there have feelings too you know. So think twice before you post something up. Just wanted to say that. To THOSE people out there.
Jacqueline was used more in the 1960's.
What do you exactly mean by 'this name was more commonly used in the 60's'. Calling it an old fashion name are you now. What, is it too old for your taste? Well I'm too sorry then. In MY opinion this is one of the most magnificent names ever. I actually know a Jacqueline who is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. So I imagine you think she's a 1960's lady right. Well you're wrong. Not all Jacqueline's are all 1960 women. I especially love the fact that this name's pet form is Jackie. It's a really sweet sounding name.
I was just saying it was used a lot in the 60's, I didn't say it was old fashioned and no it is not too old for my taste, I actually love this name and gave it a 10. It was a simple obversation I made so don't get so overparinoid and upset. I wasn't saying anything bad about it all, it is a beautiful name.
I'm sorry if I was acting silly over the whole 1960's commonly use thing. I did not mean to offend anyone. I thought it was a nice name and thought some one was calling it old. Again I'm sorry. I agree with you the name deserves a 10!
Camille Coduri plays Jacqueline Tyler in Doctor Who (well did till they got stuck in a parallel universe (see last episode)) who was more commonly known as Jackie.
Nice name.
Jacqueline Wilson is a famous writer in England.
Jacqueline is a beautiful elegant name.
I think Jacqueline, nickname Jackie, is a beautiful and wonderful name. I think I might name one of my future daughters that.
I think this is a very pretty name, much better than the variations like Jacklyn. It's nice because it can either be used as a tomboyish name, Jackie, or as a very sophisticated full name.
A very lovely name!
I am surprised this name hasn't increased in popularity due to the boys name Jack being so popular. Especially with the nickname for Jacqueline being Jackie. I think this is a very nice name.
Famous bearer is Jacqueline Bisset, a British actress.
Jacqueline Kennedy said that the correct pronunciation of her name was jockleen.
Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy Onassis was the wife of American President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. She was known as "Jackie O." later in life.
I chose this name because it sounds a bit like a tomboy, not really feminine. It suits me because I'm career lady. And this name Jacqueline in Chinese means chocolate (Chu Ku Lek). I like to eat chocolate, which is why I chose this name.
This is one of my sister's names, and yes--she goes by Jackie. However, she's not a tomboy at all. In fact, she's the opposite. A true femme fatale.

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