Cute name! It's nice on girls and boys.
HATE IT. Way too many people with this name. It’s so boring and it reminds me of Jaden Smith and the Power Rangers. Everyone I’ve met with this name or any variant of it has been childish or rude.
I only like this name because of the hottest man in the world... Jaden Hossler.
My mom had a goddaughter named Jaden who died of an asthma attack when she was a toddler - before I was born. Mom still comes to tears when she talks about Jay Jay. I've seen photos of her, and she is an adorable, happy little girl. I really like the name, as it reminds me of my mother and an optimistic girl who believes she can achieve anything.
Jaden Hossler is a musician, and TikTok star.
I like Jaden for a girl, I prefer Jaiden and Jaden to Jayden for a girl. Jaden looks cleaner, much more natural in my opinion.
Heh, my mother wanted to name me either Emily Rose or Jaden (with no middle name). That being said, I don't like this name at all. It's extremely trendy and immature. I mean what happens when you're in your 40's and your name's Jaden? There's so many nicer, more mature names out there. I'm very glad my mother didn't follow through with that decision, though I didn't get much of a better deal with my current name.
Jaden Hossler is a TikTok Star and musician. He is a member of the Sway House and has 8 million followers as of September 2020.
Cool name! I have a friend named Jaden, and they go by Jade. :)
First of all holy wow all of you acting like the majority of people pick their own name? "Hollers 'I'm trash!'" Are you serious? Looking at some of these comments they have GOT to be trolls, right? If not, what on earth... Just the strangest thing to be so negative about.
And all the dates as to when this name was supposedly popular... wrong. I'm a WOMAN, born in 1992, named Jaden. *huge gasp* My parents were not "living off welfare" or whatever other garbage you people are spewing - my mom was working at a big stock brokerage company at the time and my dad was a software developer for Neopets. I'm not really a fan of my name per se, not because it's Jaden, but because I just don't feel it suits my personality. But damn, it's still my name, why on earth do you all feel the need to trash it? Get a damn hobby.
I named someone this beautiful name when I wasn't even clear of the meaning, but I lost him in the end of 2019. As the meaning says so the Lord God has heard me. May his soul rest in peace, my one Jaden Junior.
Variant of Jadon.
I don't care for the name at all but this is a great song. The Jaden in question is female.

Waiting For Jaden:
People hating on this name because they consider it a made up name are ridiculous. Literally all names are made up names.
Jaden is a cute name and I don’t find these kind of names trashy at all! They’re just inventive names. I respect Jaden, and all its variants.
Hi, my name is Jaden Smith. If you say my name is bad then you're dumb. It is a biblical name you dummies. Do your research.
My sister’s name is Jaden and I think it is pretty and adorable. We call her J or JJ and you guys should all stop hating on this name. To the person that said this name is only known for people who were born between 1996 and 2010, my sister was born in 2015.
I don't like the name Jaden. It's way too modern and trendy for me, plus it sounds very childish. I like it better for a girl though.
It's a made up name. No wonder. I'm not bashing made up names, some can be nice, like Vanessa. But this name is not.
I personally like this name the best out of Jayden, Jaiden, Jaedon, Jaidyn, etc.. Because it's closest to the biblical name Jadon. I really want to name my child something biblical.
Jaden is my nephew's name. When I think of him, I think of fun and happiness, so this name brings me much joy. We call him Jadey Bug. He might make us stop that when he's older.
I honestly do not understand why there is so much hate for this name. It is a name. It is not a reason to hate somebody before they are even born, or to judge their character before you even know them. It is only a name, and judging a person by only their name is, frankly, wrong. Personally, I don't care where a name comes from or if it's trendy and popular. I care about the people bearing that name. And, before somebody hates this comment, just realize that this needed to be said. Just take one second to think logically instead of jumping onto the bandwagon that is idiocy.
I find this name cool on any boy. On a girl, it's just weird.
I don't get all the hate on this name, it might just be because my name is Jadon. But I'm 18 years old, and back in 1999 the name Jadon was not trendy. My parents named me Jadon because they were religious and the meaning of the name fit the situation because they had been praying for months that the miscarriages would stop. After 12 miscarriages I was born, and the name means god has heard, and well I guess God heard my parents prayers because I was born.
It is not a bad name. I've heard worse names than Jaden, give me a break.
I didn't know this was a unisex name. I definitely wouldn't name a girl Jaden. I dislike this name because it's overused and juvenile.
This name screams "just because my momma is a 17 year old, chain smoking high school dropout on welfare who don't really know who my daddy is don't mean she can't give me a creative name. I'm Jaden and I rock!"

One of the worst names of all time. Any woman that gives their child this name should be horsewhipped mercilessly.
I prefer Jade for a girl, and Jadon for a boy. Jadon is the traditional spelling, and Jade is prettier. Plus you can always call them Jaden if they like it.
The name Jaden was given to 80 girls born in the US in 2015.
It's ugly and immature sounding on any gender. I can stomach it a bit more on boys and masculine girls, but for a girly girl it sounds just plain bad. Please, pick something like Jay or Jade instead.
I like this name and I know several Jadens who are growing into fine young men.
Wow! Some people here are really haters! I loved the name Jaden when I heard it in 2000 when I was pregnant. Every baby name book at the time said it was Hebrew and the meaning was "God has heard." Lovely! It was always listed as a boy's name and that is fine, but I already had a boy's name picked out, so I didn't use it with my son. If he had been a girl, I believe I would have used it. As it turns out, I'm glad I had a boy.

No offense to anyone, but I absolutely HATE made up names. But I do think the name Jaden is from Hebrew. It is usually defined as follows:

"The name Jaden comes from the Hebrew origin. In Hebrew The meaning of the name Jaden is: Jehovah has heard. A Biblical name."

Just because some haven't heard of the name doesn't mean it is made up by adding an "N" to Jade or changing the "C" in Caden to a "J". That's like saying the name Sara was made up by changing the " L" in Lara to an "S". That is silly. Both names have their own origins and meanings and one is not "made up" by changing a letter from the other.

That being said, I'm happy that my son was a boy and I didn't use the name. I still think it sounds lovely and has a great meaning, but there are too many other similar sounding names such as Jalyn, etc., in addition to uses like Britney Spears' Jayden James Federline that have taken away from the name Jaden. JMO! :)
I would just like to state that my little boy is called Jaden. I am not a 'chav' nor am I trashy and when I named him (March 2013) I had never heard of the name before. Made up or not it's a beautiful name so please don't leave negative comments!
Like others have mentioned before, Jaden is likely derived from Jadon and/or Jade, so I'm not entirely sure why some of you are reacting as if it's totally unheard of or out in left-field. Furthermore, you guys need to take a step back and drop the pretense; the sheer level of snobbery and classism that is being displayed is quite ugly.
Garbage in its purest form. Invented, meaningless, classless trash like this makes me angry. I'm not even one of those snobby people who only likes "classical" names, this is just an abomination that deserves no respect. To those considering naming their child this, please choose otherwise, for the sake of your child. Jason or Jordan are good alternatives.
There's nobody famous who has this name and there never will be, because they'll shed this ugly name long before they become famous.
I think the name Jaden is trashy and ugly.
The name has grown on me. I no longer think this name is bad. It's a handsome name for a guy. I think it's the popularity that annoyed me. I used to think this name wouldn't age very well but my view has changed. Anyway, apologies for my previous comment. ^-^
This name actually isn't that bad. It's definitely better than the spelling Jayden.
It is not just Jade with an "n" at the end.

I've been using Jaden since before it was even considered a name in the US and its root is from Jadon, which is Hebrew and means "God has heard".

I've gone by Jaden since 93' long before any of the 'famous' people started naming their children Jaden... I believe the first was the dude from Buffy the Vampire Slayer that played Angel.
It is a biblical idea, though not a name you will find in the Bible. The "Ja" is a shortened version of "Jehovah" or the personal name of GOD, commonly said "Yahweh." The next part of the name, "den" is based off of the Hebrew word for grateful or thankful, "yadeh." It can carry a range of meanings, including "God is my judge" (though this is associated with the spelling "Jadon," a wall builder in Nehemiah) and "God has heard." When we searched for a name for our son, we looked for a name that meant "Grateful to God." Jaden was it! When we picked Jaden, it was not even in the top 500 names. The year he was born, it had been discovered by many people and it shot up into the top 10. My son even had another Jaden in his class the last two years, so it will be around for a while!
In case you are dumb, the meaning of the name is God has heard. So it has an important meaning. I do not blame you anyway, since you do not know God. For those of us that have a child named Jaden, Jayden or Jadon, they are for signs and wonders. They will not fail, they will not falter, neither would their eyes see corruption and they will, in Jesus' Mighty name, not become a RAPIST or A GANGSTAR, like someone said here. How can you say somebody else's child will become such, just because of his name? I guess you don't have one. If you have one, you will know how precious they are.
I personally like this name. One of my favourites I would definitely call a kid Jaden.
In response to jadesmom

It's completely legitimate to state that the origin of this name is the Hebrew bible. Hebrew is written without vowels, and the consonants don't always equate 1:1 to English consonants, so it's completely reasonable that ידון from the Hebrew scriptures could be rendered in English as Jadon, Yadon, Yadaan, Jaden, or many other variations.
I have yet to have to ever say this name and I hope I never will. There are some benefits to being old after all.
Jaden is a way better spelling of Jayden. Jaden is cool and lots of people know this!
I am 7 mnths pregnant and we decided on the name Jaden when we first got together over 15 yrs ago (1996), because my husband's name is James and mine is Denise: JA from James + DEN from Denise = JADEN. That is the meaning of the name for us. Girl or boy, it's what we love and regardless if it has become popular or not, or what biblical background it may or may not have derived from, we're sticking with it. If we're to set examples for our little ones, why not start with not giving in to peer pressure and simply sticking to your convictions. If it's what you want, don't let anyone's comments stand in your way. :o)
I picture a kid rapping and acting gangsta.
No offense to anyone named Jaden, I'm sure you're a lovely person, but I hate this name. It's vomitous, it has no special meaning, and only someone who slavishly follows celebrities or is trying too hard to be creative would use it to name their kid.
I laugh at those parents who think this silly name is Biblical. Jadon would be a Biblical name. Jaden is just a made up name that's trendy at the moment. If you want your son to truly stand out, give him a classic name like Robert or William while other parents are flocking to this made up junk.

This name is even worse on a girl. I pity any girl with it as she's going to have to so much trouble with people misspelling it, and a lot of people will assume she's a boy.
This is a trashy name with no history and no class whatsoever. It makes me think of a particularly butchy thirteen-year-old girl.
This name IS a trashy name. I have a feeling that anyone with this name smells a bit like porn sex.
I agree with everybody else.

'Tis a shame these ugly/babyish -aden names weren't popular when George Carlin did his rant on goofy boys' names.
I can't figure out why so many people like this name. It has no meaning, no history, no substance, and no standard spelling. It sounds incredibly childish and would sound ridiculous on anyone over the age of 8. It came from a StarTrek TV show. The only reason it's popular is because it rhymes with Aiden, Tayden, Brayden, Hayden, Kaidyn, Paeden, Veydyn, Zaden, et al. If you think this name is creative or unique, it isn't. It's incredibly overused. It's also a fad name, and in twenty years will be as dated as leg warmers and Members Only jackets. Everyone can tell a Jaden was born between 1995 and 2010. Please, please find a better name for your child.
I used to really love it but then it became quite common and it just sounds silly. It's the best spelling though and I prefer it on a boy. I like the fact it can have the nickname Jay too.
This name sounds real boyish, as in it's not going to look cute and start to sound silly after age ten.
Ditto the previous person although I will take it step further and say it feels like the type of name a mediocre at best sci-fi writer would use for the male protagonist.

It's dull and it's all over the place.
Jaden strikes me as a plastic name I might have made up at the age of eight or nine.
The meaning of Jaden is GOD has heard.
I love the variant Jadien for a boy. I find this name cool and masculine. Jaden is a very nice name for a boy.
I believe that Jaden means "precious stone" and is a variant of the name Jade.
Sure it does. It's Jade with an 'n'. That's it.
I hate this name. What's up with Jaden, Caden, Brayden, and Aiden anyway? Why do people like these names ending in -aden? They're really ugly and childish. When the kid's five, it ceases to be cutesy and looks ridiculous.
At least for me, it has a nice ring when I first hear it. But then I start imagining it on a boy and it sounds terrible! Way too dry and superficial. It sounds like a girls name. I still think it's cute, though.
Allow me to revise your comment:

I love the name for a girl but hate it for a guy.

Better? :)

I personally prefer it for a male though ):
I wish it would just die, already. Ten years and still going strong in my country. I really can't think of a more downmarket and bogan name.
In defense of the people who like this name, it's not nearly as horrible as some make it out to be. It sounds perfectly normal to me. I think it's more of an elaboration of Jade than a modified Biblical name. However, kind of like the feminine name Brianna, this name seems lazily constructed and dull, and it's so common that growing up with it must be a major pain in the ass, as so many other kids have the same name. Not to even mention how many names rhyme with this name. And all the various spellings. Plus, the name seems to have the connotation of trash to people. All in all, it's not the best choice.
Hollers "I'm trash!"
I prefer the spelling Jayden, and I like this name. I think it has a nice sound. I also think it sounds very feminine.
I think Jaden sounds more like a boy name than a girl name. It has a masculine sound to it.
Go back to the sewers Jaden! You suck!
Jaden Yuuki, whose real name is Judai Yuuki, is the main character of the anime Yu-Gi-Oh! GX.
I agree that this name is silly and vapid. Not a fan of trendy made-up names.
I'm sorry, but this name is getting freakishly annoying.
It really is one of the worst trendy names. It just seems so vapid. The bogans/chavs love this one.
Utter trite. Deadly boring. Please pass your use by date and quickly!
I don't like this name. I know someone who named their son Caleb Jaden. I like Caleb but Jaden just isn't a good name to me. Sorry! I like Aidan but Jaden sounds trendy and almost made up.
Nice name but I prefer the biblical spelling Jadon.
Just what the world needs, another uber trendy -aden name!
My son's name is Jaden. It is biblical, and means 'God has heard'. (At times I have seen it documented as 'Jehovah has heard')
The name Jadon is in the Bible (Nehemiah 3:7). Jaden is not. However the definition of Jaden on this website says that it could be a form or Jadon. I personally believe that it is a form of Jade.
Jaden is *not* Biblical; it is simply Jade with an N slapped on the end of it. This is one of those uber-trendy names that is enjoying its 15 minutes of kiddie fame before it goes the way of Tiffany and Heather. It can also be spelt with a randomly inserted Y.
The name of the White Witch in the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.
The White Witch in "The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe" was named Jadis, not Jadon/Jayden/Jaiden/etc.
Will Smith and Jada Pinkett have a son named Jaden Christopher Syre.
The famous tennis players Steffi Graf and André Agassi have named their son "Jaden Gil".

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