The K makes it look really sloppy.
I like Jacob better. Jakob looks surreal.
Also Estonian:
Swedish Pronunciation: YA-kob.
Also an archaic Polish variant of Jakub:
Both spellings are beautiful. Jacob has a more timeless and meaningful mark while Jakob is not kre8tv but modern and looks really handsome with a K.
The K spelling just makes it look cooler.
Usage: German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Icelandic, Dutch, Slovene, Croatian, English (Modern)Pronounced: YA-kawp (German, Icelandic, Dutch), YA-kawb (Swedish), YA-gob (Danish), JAY-kəb (English)Meaning: Variant form of Jacob (or James) used in several languages.
Jakob Sveistrup is a Danish singer who represented his country in 2005 Eurovision with "Talking To You". He qualified from the semi final and cracked the Top 10.
I really love this name. Every guy I know with the spelling with a K has the kindest heart and are very handsome.
This spelling of Jacob is only girly because of the k, but it’s a traditional male name so I prefer both spellings on a boy. I like Jacobine for a girl. Hypothetically, if I named a girl Jacob or Jakob, I would give her a more feminine middle name. I prefer the spelling Jacob, but Jakob is still an okay spelling.
Jakob is an awesome name, some people just need to LOVE IT, NOT HATE IT.
Well maybe if people spelled it right then there would be more Jakobs.
Jakob is less common then Jacob.
Jakob in many European languages is used for both Jacob and James. All these names are the same as Yaacov, used in the Bible for the patriarch Jacob but also for the two apostles named James.
Jakob is the name of a character from Fire Emblem: Fates. He is Corrin's butler. He joins the player's party early if Corrin is female and later if Corrin is male.
Jakob (1483-1566) was the son of King Hans of Denmark and his wife Christina.
It appears childish and "kre8tiv" in spelling. Beware.
Like Jacob, I adore this name. Where Jacob is very old (yet still timeless, I believe), Jakob is a more modern twist; especially in the English-speaking world. I think this spelling should be wider used.
This name is also used in Croatia. [noted -ed]
Jakob Dylan--lead singer of the Wallflowers and Bob Dylan's son.
This name can also be pronounced the American way: Jay-cub.
I do NOT like this as a girls' name. Take the surnames, but leave the classic male names alone. Would that the boys could borrow girl names as easily.
I think this is a cute girl name.
I personally prefer this spelling to Jacob very much, although it seems more ethnic, like you'd have to pronounce it the German way or something.
My younger brother is named Jakob. Most of the time we pronounce it as Jacob, but when he's in trouble my father pronounces it YAH-kob. I think it's a very good name for him.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Jakob here:
I named my second son Jakob, it's a very masculine name, and spelled with the k it puts a new modern spin on it. Also Billy Joe Armstrong's (lead singer for Green Day) second son is named Jakob Danger, which we thought was pretty cool.
I prefer the spelling Jacob.
German pronunciation: YAH-kob.
In Norway we pronounce it Yakk-op. In Norwegian, James Potter is Jakob Potter. It's weird, especially since my dad also has that name. ;)
This is a great name! I know a very cute boy named Jakob, pronounced Ya-kob.
One of the Brothers Grimm, best known for their German fairy tales, was named Jakob Ludwig Karl Grimm.
Jakob captures the heart of Jacob, but with this (legitimate) spelling it goes beyond the ordinary & gives an old classic a new start.

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