Jaxon is so bad, it’s basically the Paisley of boy names.
Trash name. Total ghetto.
I believe in linguistic descriptivism and the beauty in the ways humans interpret and develop language but this is an absolute joke.
A Jaxon can be annoying but sometimes fun to hang around with.
Sounds like Jason with x instead of s.
I picture a rough riding older dude with long hair roaring down the highway on a Harley.
Just use Jackson please...
This name doesn’t leave a good impression. It not only honors the man whose policies destroyed the lives and culture of Indigenous people, I can’t think of a nicer way to describe the spelling beyond trashy.
Just awful. I don't like Jackson as a first name but this is 10x worse. Just no.
Wow, so many haters! I really like the name Jaxon. Jackson is honestly kinda boring, but Jaxon looks so edgy! I think Jaxon would be a cool and edgy name for a girl as well, but I might spelll it Jacksyn or Jaxynne instead! And to all the haters, have fun naming your children boring names like Ann or John!
Good news KarenB! I have a friend named Jaxon, called Jaxie or Jax, and she is a girl.
Awful spelling.
Super modern and trendy looking.
It’s okay. Not any better/worse than Jackson. Somewhat equal.
I'm 72 years old and my mother used the spelling Jaxon just to be different from the Jack's son that is the origin. My sisters are Candy (she's sweet) Joy (a joy to the family) Amy (because she was born on Lincoln's birthday and my mother wanted an A name) my brother is Keane (smart). We're Japanese and after 2 girls friends asked my mother where Jack's son was. Jack's son was a really terrible first name (I agree) so it was shortened to Jaxon (an X through the cks's part of the name). Sorry you think it's a silly name.
Jaxon is not the worst thing to be named ever, it is spelled how it sounds and would fit with popular names being used today. Jax is an alright nickname, too. Jackson looks a lot better to me because of the surname even though it is more popular.I prefer Jacqueline as a girl name to Jackson or a variant of it, though.
I don't hate it. It's modern and all that but I can't particularly see it on an adult. It's not childish per se but I only can see it on people under 29. However I do really dislike Jaxson. I guess I'm not fond of Jackson and its variants anyway.
Name your kid Jackson, not this atrocity. Jaxxon is even worse.
Man I wish this name was more popular.
So to the one person that said the name was childish... and could you imagine as an adult or something, being an engineer being called Jaxon... (something like that) how is that? It doesn't sounds different than Jackson - a very classic name - they sound just as strong and confident to me. The world has Sean, Shawn, etc.) My Jaxon was born in 2002 and to me he is amazing, he has played football, baseball, and now he races motocross. He is strong and great kid and certainly not childish! My other son is Casey and he does all the same things as Jaxon - they are both handsome - would you like to poke fun at HIS name? I can't believe I just responded to these negative comments but I had to, we have had to live through the year with the Cindi's with an i, Aymbur's etc. But this bothers you?
Usage: English (Modern), Swedish (Modern), Danish (Modern), Norwegian (Modern), Dutch (Modern), German (Modern), French (Modern)Pronounced: JAK-sən (English), YAK-sawn (Swedish, Dutch), YAG-son (Danish), YA-ksawn (German), ZHA-KSAW (French)Meaning: Form of Jackson used in several languages.
Pronounced as YAK-sawn in the Scandinavian languages e.g. Swedish, ZHA-KSAW in French, and YA-ksawn in German. It's if any of you can prove it.
I have a friend named Jaxon, we usually make a joke and call him Jaxoff.
The name Jaxon sounds like metal scraping metal- it hurts my ears. It really hurts to hear this name every time it is said.
In 2018, 3 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Jaxon who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 21, 747th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Jaxon who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 1, 521st most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
My mom named me Jaxon and I have a nickname of Jackie Chan.
The shocking rudeness of some of the posters here over the spelling of a baby's name tells much more about them than the parents who choose the name and spelling of Jaxon or the people named that. The main thing it reveals about these commenters is their complete lack of critical/intelligent thinking skills as they have not advanced above the simple "Don't judge a book by its cover" or "A rose by any other name smells just as sweet." Yet ironically, they call people choosing or having the name as the unintelligent ones!Also, these posters constantly cite that only "Jackson" is the correct spelling to use and "Jaxon" or "Jaxson" is a misspelled name. Well let me introduce myself. My name is Sheri with that exact spelling. To educate these people, there are many different possible spellings of names. There are at least 4 or 5 for Sherry alone of which I am one and have lived 57 years with that name with the worst thing being people singing "Sherry Baby" the Frankie Valli song badly to me! Yes, many have had trouble with the alternate spelling but that shows badly on their part not the person with the alternate name spelling. When you're an actual parent yourself you'll find that the name and spelling that suits your child will come to you in feeling right from the heart. There are always going to be people who can't think critically or welcome new ideas but really these people don't matter when it comes to living and being the best parent and best person with any name you're given in life!So in actual fact, Jaxon is not at all a "misspelling" of Jackson but an alternate spelling and it's whatever the parents feel is the right name. Maybe Jackson is a generational family name so that spelling is more suitable than Jaxon or a city named Jackson has a special meaning to the parents. Or maybe they just prefer Jackson to Jaxon. But Jaxon can also be favored in its own right or fit well when parents choose a name. The nickname Jax is just one consideration here, and there are more, like how that spelling will fit in with siblings' names. For example, what a poster here shared: that her son Jaxon and daughter Alexandria each have an x in their names and then also have the nicknames Jax and Alex which both end in x. So these are carefully chosen names and not at all picked on a whim or something. We may not care for a name and/or the spelling of it, but still need to understand it's what the parents decide, plus it's their right to decide it. We need to especially grasp that the name doesn't determine a person's outcome in life even if narrow-minded or mean-spirited people say it does! Finally, along with referring to Jaxon as a "trendy" name when actually it's been growing in popularity for over 20 years now, the rude posters are completely missing the point of the name's meaning "God has been gracious" for being a reason many parents want this name at whatever spelling they choose. Several posters here have mentioned that meaning being important and in my case it's significant also. My daughter recently gave birth to premature identical twin boys who had medical problems and almost didn't make it but for the Grace of God they survived so yes, the meaning fits. The spelling Jaxon also fits perfectly as the other twin boy's name also contains an X in the exact middle and has a similar name meaning. Plus, the nicknames also end in x and are cute together.So have your preferences in names, but not to the rudeness of insulting name choices and spellings as THAT is in actuality what is trashy and unintelligent.PS -- As for people in power having a first name like Jaxon and it not being considered suitable that is hogwash of course. I'm from Canada and many non-critical thinkers have even trouble with the first name of our Prime Minister which is Justin. It wasn't too many decades ago that Justin would be considered in the same name boat as Jaxon is now. It's time to grow up and grow a brain people!
Why use this spelling (or any other absurd spelling) when most, if not all people will spell it Jackson? (The CORRECT way.)
Why spell it this way? Jackson is a good name that works well for someone of any age. Jaxon seems extremely childish to me, perpetually 2 years old. Can you imagine a 40-year-old engineer named Jaxon? How about a 65-year-old Supreme Court Justice? I don’t think so.
I love the spelling of Jaxon. I think it’s a better choice for those who do not want their child to have the nickname Jack from Jackson or the word son in the name. We named our son Jaxon Alexander and receive a ton of compliments.
Oh, please. This spelling isn't cool enough! I much prefer Jaxxxon. It's different and unique and this is all that matters, right? You can, of course, use this name for a girl as well.
I like and admire this name. However, this spelling along with Jaxson is just OBNOXIOUS to say the least. Stick to Jackson.
I love the name Jackson & the nickname Jax. When looking up baby names I came across Jaxon & I loved it because it was different & I could call him Jax for short. You people are crazy. It's 2016. There are worse names out there that people are naming their children. A Jaxon could become president- how do you know? It's not about the name, it's about the person. If you are judging somebody on what their name is then that is really sad & you need serious help. Because Jaxon is a great name. Let's grow up a little, people.
It's a name and some of you are acting like the name personally attacked a loved one or something, lol.No joke, my little sister has a friend who gave his son the middle name "Pop-Tart".
So chill. It could always be REALLY awful.I really like this alternative and it's in the top 5 for my lil' man that's cookin'.
This is a great name. It's the cool spelling of Jackson. And with the spelling Jaxon comes the nickname Jax which I like a lot more than Jack. As for the spelling Jaxson... well the s is completely pointless because of the x. So I don't like that spelling, it doesn't look right to me, but that's just my opinion. Sorry if I offended anyone.
Jackson, Jaxson or Jaxon (or however you would like to spell it. Since there are different origins and suffixes of the name like with all names)
This name does not only mean "son of Jaxson", it means "God has been gracious". Which in my opinion is an awesome meaning if you wanted your name to mean anything. This meaning is the best and highest it gets.
I named my son Jaxon nearly 13 years ago, way before it became popular. It means God has been gracious, which in our situation was absolutely true. He is also the 4th generation of John and John variations in our family, so it has significance from that perspective. Yes he gets called Jax too which is very cool and everyone I know loves his name and its meaning. It may occasionally be spelt wrong, but that would be due to people not having an extensive vocabulary, or of that person making the error than the one with the actual name!
I personally adore the name Jaxon and feel that if you want to call your child 'Jax' as a nick name, a name spelled Jaxon is more appropriate than Jackson. But hey... it's a free country and you can name your child whatever the hell you want and spell it however the hell you want! There is no wrong or right way. Jaxon is my son's name and he is a beautiful, wonderful child who will grow into a beautiful wonderful adult and his name will have nothing to do with that.
Yus wat is wnrg wiv allturn8iv spelyngxx, u stewpid hatarz. Wurd'z shd b speld EnniWae u lyke. Mai nayme iz Jaxxxon and ayM a haiygh caurt Judd'ge &nnd thuh Emperoar ov Jappan n iff mai pearentzz hud call'd miy jest boreing 'Jack' ths woodent hurve hapend, because maye kree8tivitty wood haav been KRUSHD.
It's a white trash name that's getting too common. I have a 5-year-old nephew with this name, and his mom (my older sister) was 16 when she had him. That definitely doesn't help the name's image.
Jaxon is my son's name. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Just remember every name started somewhere. Some very common names sound quite ridiculous. To each their own. 30 years from now there will be a Jaxon sitting in a place of power. Mark my words.
Worst name ever.
The US makes things much more simpler. I'm used to complex stuff. This name is weird, but not as weird as "Richmal", and "Kyler."
Good name, trashy spelling. Jackson should be the only spelling used. Upvote if you agree (:
Jaxon is derived from Jaques. The name meaning for Jaxon is God has been gracious. In my opinion that's a beautiful meaning for a persons name. I really like the name Jaxon, my partner and I named our son Jaxon and he is perfect. Oh and I have a degree in mental health and my partner has a HND just for those judgmental losers out there ;). Hating on baby names is childish.
Beautiful name :)
I think Jaxon and Jackson are both nice. Most names have multiple spellings these days, so even if you name your son Jackson he will still have to spell his name. Spelling your name is not that tough, so I do not understand why people get so angry about alternative spellings. My last name is spelled differently than it sounds, so I always automatically spell my name for people. As long as you can tell how to pronounce the name I think it is okay.
I feel really offended by all of these comments. "Jaxon" and "Jaxson" are really amazing names for a person. I was named Jaxson, and I'm an honor band student, I took high school algebra and geometry in middle school, I'm a first place award-winning writer for my current school, and I play many sports. Just because the name sounds trashy to you, doesn't mean that the person named that is going to be trashy as well. Names aren't that important. It's the people who own the names that make it nice.
I would love to know the names of all the people hating on Jaxon. It's funny, I can almost guarantee their names are super "trendy" and their parents were squares! Feel free to have no imagination and be a total downer! I'm so glad we don't all have to name our kids with them in the room. And to be quite honest, when does spelling really matter but on your homework and on government documents? OMFG JAXON is misspelled! Watch out for the spelling police! Grow up lame-o's I can't spell and I have horrible grammar and I have a very high IQ and am very intelligent. It comes down to what feels right as a parent and if spelling mattered they would definitely have some way for you to check it before you named your child forever! But they DON'T! Hurray for misspellings and being different :)
I named my son jaxson, my daughters name is Alexandria and we call them Alex and jax. My daughter is never confused for a boy and both of these names have been used for years. I'm a little confused why anyone would think jaxson is a trendy name with no substance. Our last name starts with a J so we wanted a first name with a J, and that name suited him. I never thought it was trendy nor do I now. We live in a pretty big city and neither of our kids have had a "jaxson" or any variation of that name in their classes or grade, they're 4&5. I think it's pretty insulting that anyone would come on here and say such rude comments. If you don't like a name then don't name your child that. You'd think it was some made up name like "star" or something. Which I actually have met parents who have named their children six, rage, and star as a middle name. All different children. But I would never make fun of these people or say their children wouldn't go far in life because of these names. All of the parents who have named their children what you would call trendy are all very educated people. I think they probably just feel their children are special, as everyone does, and want to give them a name that reflects that. I'm pretty shocked you guys would actually say any of these negative comments about a name like jaxson and wish you the best of luck naming your own children, hopefully it will be something they're as proud of as my kids are.
Okay, guys. Time to stop acting like five-year-olds with this "let's diss the alternate spelling" stuff. Jaxon is a name worth as much as all the other names out there, and I believe "Jax" is a great nickname.Yes, people will misspell this name. But considering it hit #46 under male names in the US in 2013, I'm thinking there won't be an outrageous number of misspellings. Besides, my name is misspelled (often) and I have half a dozen friends with common enough names that constantly get misspelled. Misspelled names aren't the end of the world, unless your world hinges on souvenir shop merchandise with the little names on it.Nothing wrong with a unique spelling. Nothing wrong with this name.
Ewwwwww! This is popular?
You can still call him Jax if you name him Jackson, my god! The name sounds exactly the same no matter how you spell it! Now for some odd reason this name is just as trendy as the spelling Jackson, and when you call out for Jaxon on the playground, all the little Jackson's, Jaxons, Jacksyns, Jaksons, Jaxins, and Jaxxynnne's are gonna come running too.
I named my son Jaxon. I didn't do it because of the new trend of spelling names different. I did it because it is a name. I call my son Jax which is not the same as Jack. I don't believe someone's first name defines their intelligence or character. Some of the people who have commented on this are rude and bit nuts if that's what they think.
This is my name and I'm 51 years old, so it's not a new name, and the comments about loathing the new spelling? Mine is spelled Jaxon and I was born in 1961.
So get off my name people, if you don't like it don't wear it! Should I say Sue or Bill is a stupid name? Who am I to make such an opinion of worthlessness?
I hold a doctorate degree, and a Bachelor of science. I am highly respected in my community and my "folks" as you say were very educated. You have no idea of what you speak as your mouth over runs your intelligence, It would be better to stay silent and thought of as slow, than loud and proved you're a fool! LOL Keep talking, I think you're just jealous your folks weren't intelligent enough to give you the coolest name in history. : )
Oh, and I am the CEO of a corporate firm. I am constantly complimented on my name by both male and female, I even had people say they wish they had a cool name like mine, that their name was stupid. Of course I tell them different as a matter of respect and manners, something none of you name bashers have. No class, no style, no manners, no importance!
Wow, there are a lot of haters here! We've named our son Jaxon and he's a beautiful, bright little boy. I'm a professional and I know quite a few judges and other professionals with different names - I don't treat them differently or would say they're not intellectual because their name is different. Your name shouldn't determine what type of person you'll become. Get real people!
I like this name either as Jackson or Jaxon. My great grandpa's name was Jackson, and my husband and I thought we might name our son after him, but we are more fond of the spelling of Jaxon. As far as it making the kid... look at what some of these celebs name their kids. A kid is going to be what he wants to be the name is not going to hurt, besides I have known a lot of people with interesting names and they are doing great in life. I followed my dreams and am doing ok... and my name is considered a nickname. So I think you should go with your heart on naming your child.
I don't care for the name, but I don't hate it due a likeable character in the Dragonrider of Pern series. Jaxson for a girl though? That is hideous. I'd pity any girl with a name like that. She's in for a lifetime of confusion and people assuming and mistaking her for a boy.
Jackson is a last name. Jaxon is a misspelled, trendy, vapid, childish name that looks uneducated and will sound silly on anyone over the age of 8. Can you imagine a president or prime minister named Jaxon? How about a corporate CEO? Insurance salesman? No -- because this name is not serious enough for grown adults.
Well I have read the comments regarding naming your child Jaxon, and they are ridiculous. My daughter's name is Jaxson and it’s the perfect name for her. Name your child what you feel. My husband and I knew we were naming our daughter Jaxson, before she was even conceived. We didn’t even consider it for a boy’s name. No one can tell you what to name you child; it’s just something you feel. My daughter is 2 and she already owns her name. She is smart, independent, fun loving and if I must say beautiful. And yes she is all this at the age of 2.
Perfect for the illiterate and the chronic texter.
I agree that Jax is kind of cool as a nickname, Jaxon is nothing but an uber-trendy, misspelt surname.
I loathe this new 'creative' spelling. I do like the name JACKSON. I guess some parents spell it this way to get the nickname Jax out of it instead of Jack. If you don't want your kid to be called Jack, don't name him Jackson, no matter how you spell it, it sounds the same.
There are so many names (most of them last names) that sound like "Someone's Son". Like Stevenson, Harrison, Robinson, and Jackson. I like it spelled Jaxon because it's more like a name than a title, although I love it spelled Jackson, too.
Jaxon is not a horrible name. I want to name my son Jaxon. I want it spelled that way so people don't call him Jack. Jax is a cute nickname. Stop dissing names that are spelled different. That's saying one way is the only right way. There are several different ways of spelling every name. Even simple names like Ava could be spelled Ayvah.
Awful. Reminds me of "Saxon", which is what you'd call an Englishman to make him contemplate his German roots. Hun also works, apparently. (Nothing personal, but the English aren't exactly the most liked people in Ireland, Scotland or Wales). This is even worse than Saxon, which I'd imagine is the name of one of those pretentious, bluest-blood-in-England types whom nobody else likes. "Jaxon" is trashy beyond belief.
Wow, this name looks ridiculous misspelled like this.
A festering boil on the buttocks of society, Jaxon epitomises everything crass, uneducated, trendy and thoughtless about naming children today. Can you imagine a judge of the High Court named Jaxon? No! Then don't give the name to your child! You are declaring your low aspirations for them to the world and limiting their opportunities in life. Names do matter!
This is merely a kreatyv spylyng of Jackson, which is a dumb name because it's the last name of Wacko Jacko. There are plenty of other nice names out there!
How could Jaxon possibly be appropriate for a girl? It literally means, "son of Jack", misspelling aside.
This is an asinine spelling of a bad name. Uneducated parents who are far too young choose this infantile spelling because they think it's cool. Too bad the spelling won't make the son look very intelligent either.
Hate Jaxon. Misspelled, surname, so trendy right notw and only right now. What does that mean? Jaxon will be Jaxon A. for his entire schooling and in thirty years it will be completely dated.
I like the nickname Jax, but I don't like the way Jaxon looks. I think a lot of people would spell it wrong too, which could get pretty annoying for the bearer.
I like Jax and I think it would suit both girls (a namesake for Jacqueline) and boys (a namesake for Jack and John).I prefer Jackson to Jaxon, though (with Jax as the nickname), just so a child given this name could escape the inevitable misspellings he'd get throughout his life. I think a set of twins named Jasmine (f) and Jackson (m) would be fun: Jazz and Jax!
My friend spells her son's name Jaxson with the nickname Jax.
I think Jaxon is a really cool name for a guy. Jax is a cute nickname.

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