Just use Jacob, please! It's like using Jaymes as a name (see Jaymes).
I am Jaycob with a Y and I am proud of the way it is spelled and yes it is kinda annoying when people write down my name the wrong way like Jacob, but yeah I like It.
The "y" looks so tacky and out of place.
I'm a Jaycob, my mother and father liked this spelling as to them that's how the names sounds so she added the y. Yes I must admit I am not a big fan of my name being spelt wrong. So I became Jaycob Riley and I find my name unique as it's an uncommon and unique spelling.
This spelling is pointless because everyone will spell it the correct way, Jacob.
This is too ugly for words.
I prefer the evergreen name Jacob, written in the right way. Jaycob is too modern. I like traditions, after all.
I feel that the y is gratuitous and silly.
The extra 'y' looks weird and incorrect. It is best spelt as "Jacob".
Well, this is an interesting name. I hate the name Jacob, but I'm all about different, modern spellings! So, I guess I like it. Kinda.

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