Jayna is a very pretty name.
The name Jayna was given to 54 girls in the US in 2017.
I combined my husband's name, JAY and my name DANA = JAYNA.
I thought I was being original but then I found out about the girl twin of the Wonder Twins. Pretty cool.
Wonder Twins, (Super Friends Justice League 1977)
Zan (male) and JAYNA (female).
Jayna (or Jaynagul), is a Kazakh name, but I am not sure what it means. I think that it sounds beautiful, whoever names their daughter it deserves a lot of compliments. :)
I'm obviously a huge Star Wars fan, so I think it would be cool to use a variation of this name name, Jaina, as Jaina Solo is the name of Han Solo and Leia Organa Solo's daughter in the books, but it does not blatantly scream "Star Wars" to non-fans.
This is an interesting name. My name is Jaynie, so this is similar to mine. I have never heard of this name until now.
I personally decided to name my daughter Jayna using my Father's name Jay and putting the na at the end to make it feminine. When I came up with the name I did not realize I had heard it before. I thought I was coming up with something new. I have since realized the the Girl in Marvel Comics Hall of Justice Wonder Twins was named Jayna. I was eight when I watched this show.

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